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[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGCF /
2013-04-29 miweberreverting accidental changes in BF macro (MW)
2013-04-29 miweberminor changes for DiHadronPID code (Misha Veldhoen...
2013-04-29 akisielNew train for Kch pair cut analysis
2013-04-29 fnoferincoverity fix
2013-04-28 dgangadhr3 interpolation fix (kt bins)
2013-04-26 jgrosseoupdate to use centrality in all steps
2013-04-26 miwebermodifications to obtain the BF from CF also for differe...
2013-04-25 pchristaGetting the bf from correlation functions
2013-04-25 miweberupdate addtask macros for dptdpt correlation (Prabhat...
2013-04-25 akisielNew kaon train configuration
2013-04-25 jgrosseorejecting events with vertex exactly on the bin edge
2013-04-25 miwebertask update to have more wagons in Lego train and extra...
2013-04-24 majanikAliFemtoTrack update (fix)
2013-04-24 akisielNew config
2013-04-23 dgangadhAdded Chi2/NDF and TPCncls cut options
2013-04-23 dgangadhAdded Chi2/NDF and TPCncls cut options
2013-04-23 lgraczykAdding support for momentum resolution studies in HBT...
2013-04-22 miweberupdate dptdpt task (Prabhat Ranjan Pujahari <p.pujahari...
2013-04-22 lgraczykBug fix in HBT code: AliFemtoPairCutRadialDistance...
2013-04-22 akisielNew Kch train
2013-04-22 fnoferinadded few methods to draw results
2013-04-22 fnoferinadded few methods to draw results
2013-04-22 jgrosseo2PC PID analysis (Leonardo)
2013-04-20 miwebercoverity fixes (Misha Veldhoen <Misha.Veldhoen@cern...
2013-04-20 dgangadhAnalysis code update (Matt Steinpreis)
2013-04-19 jgrosseopt,a < pt,t condition optional
2013-04-19 miweberadding full path to config macro (MW)
2013-04-19 fnoferincoverity fix
2013-04-19 fnoferinadded few methods to draw results
2013-04-18 loizidesfrom Hanseul
2013-04-18 fnoferinupdate integrated v2 vs. pt range
2013-04-18 miwebermajor update in LRC code (Igor Altsybeev <Igor.Altsybee...
2013-04-18 dgangadhBug fix for generateSignal case
2013-04-18 majanikconfig files for train, DEtaDPhi
2013-04-17 pchristaUpdated hydro macro
2013-04-17 pchristaBug fix for toy model (mixing)
2013-04-17 miwebernormalizing EventMixing to 1 at (0,0) before dividing...
2013-04-17 miweberprojection also for smaller ranges than the full axis...
2013-04-17 mkrzewicfrom Redmer Bertens:
2013-04-17 fnoferinadded integrated v2 extrapolation from BW fit
2013-04-17 pchristaFixing the event mixing for the toy model
2013-04-17 majanikconfig for DEtaDPhi train
2013-04-17 jgrosseomistake in previous commit fixed
2013-04-17 jgrosseoupdate from Emilia
2013-04-17 jgrosseooptimizations for MC mode
2013-04-16 fnoferinupdate in integrated v2 macro
2013-04-16 miwebercoverity fix (Nirbhay Kumar Behera <nirbhay.kumar.beher...
2013-04-16 jgrosseocode optimization of AliTHn and AliUEHistograms::FillCo...
2013-04-15 miweberDiHadronPID patch (Misha Veldhoen <Misha.Veldhoen@cern...
2013-04-15 dgangadhFix for TabulatePairs case
2013-04-15 fnoferinadd draw BW fit macro
2013-04-15 akisielUpdated train configs
2013-04-15 fnoferinadd setting of old TPC PID response
2013-04-15 miweberMinor changes in AliEbyEParticleRatioFluctuationTask...
2013-04-15 miweberbugfix (spotted by Chiara Oppedisano <Chiara.Oppedisano...
2013-04-15 miwebercorrect scaling of higher moments for error calculation...
2013-04-15 miweberOutput files are now in one single folder. Efficiency...
2013-04-13 loizidesenable possibility to set whether trigger match for...
2013-04-13 miweberchanges in Projections macro for mass processing (MW)
2013-04-12 fnoferinAdded drawBWfit method to draw blastwave fit
2013-04-12 fnoferinupdate on integrated v2 macro
2013-04-12 fnoferinupdate of integrated flow macro
2013-04-12 fnoferinupdate on integrated flow macro
2013-04-12 miwebernew codes for ParticleRatio Fluctuations (Satyajit...
2013-04-12 miwebersmall bug fix in AddTask macro (MW)
2013-04-11 akisielUpdated train config
2013-04-11 jgrosseoupdate from Misha
2013-04-11 majanikConfig for the DEtaDPhi analysis for pp train
2013-04-11 pchristaAdding the option to analyze events vs multiplicity...
2013-04-11 pchristaAdding the option to analyze events vs multiplicity...
2013-04-11 loizidesdhc update from tim to use isassociated and istrigger...
2013-04-11 dgangadhMRC method change. Now done in mixed-events without...
2013-04-11 miweberminor changes for BF projection macro (MW)
2013-04-10 fnoferinupdate of integrated flow macro
2013-04-10 mkrzewicFrom You Zhou:
2013-04-09 jgrosseousing correct eta axis for efficiency
2013-04-08 loizidesupdate from tim
2013-04-08 jgrosseooutput folder configurable
2013-04-08 dgangadhChange name of 1 parameter
2013-04-08 dgangadhInclude EW kappas, switch to GRS for Momentum resolutio...
2013-04-08 miweberDiHadronPID task update (Misha.Veldhoen@cern.ch)
2013-04-08 miweberModifications for proper scaling to bin width, Event...
2013-04-05 fnoferinupdate in the macro for integrated v2 (fix)
2013-04-05 fnoferinupdate in the macro for integrated v2 (fix)
2013-04-05 fnoferinupdate in the macro for integrated v2
2013-04-04 mkrzewicfrom You Zhou:
2013-04-04 dgangadhUse quadlinear interpolation for r3
2013-04-04 fnoferincomputation of syst errors for integrated v2: added
2013-04-03 loizidesfrom hanseul
2013-04-03 fnoferinAdded a macro to perform blastwave fit and to extract...
2013-04-03 fnoferinAdd pkg and link def to create library for blastwave fit
2013-04-03 fnoferinfix to the classes to prevent compilation error/warning...
2013-04-03 fnoferinAdd new classes to perform blastwave fit
2013-04-02 dgangadhLower MCarray size limit
2013-04-02 miwebercoverity fixes (MW)
2013-04-01 dgangadhRemove //! from some histograms in .h file
2013-04-01 miweberSumw2() added to efficiency THnSparse. (Nirbhay Kumar...
2013-03-30 dgangadhMCWeight3D changes (shift R bin by 3 and keep constant...
2013-03-29 miweberremoving SetPlotStyle macro
2013-03-29 dgangadhK0s AddTask update (Matt Steinpreis)