add OCDB for truncated mean (Xianguo)
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGCF /
2012-03-26 miweberchanges in AddAnalysisTaskPIDFluctuation.C for only...
2012-03-24 miweberUpdate of macro used for extracting Balance Function...
2012-03-23 esickingCoverity fix
2012-03-22 miweberAdded analysis task for * Event by event PID fluctuati...
2012-03-22 jgrosseofiner binning around 0, 0
2012-03-22 esickingPrototype for data driven strangeness correction
2012-03-21 aadareedit to output container arg list from Claude
2012-03-19 jgrosseoupdated analysis (Jason Ulery)
2012-03-19 jgrosseoudpated fitting macros
2012-03-16 aadarecoverity 19616
2012-03-15 aadareaddress coverity CID 19665
2012-03-14 aadarecoverity fixes
2012-03-14 aadareClaude Pruneau's AddTask macro
2012-03-14 aadareaddress Coverity mem leak warning
2012-03-14 aadaredon't link or compile AliPool now
2012-03-13 jgrosseonew task for QA, update to PID flow classes (Francesco...
2012-03-12 aadareClaude Pruneau's task
2012-03-12 aadareadding tasks for Claude Pruneau
2012-03-09 iselioujFrom Francesco: Updated AddTaskVZERO macro
2012-03-09 fcaCoverity
2012-03-08 jgrosseoadding eta ordering
2012-03-07 iselioujFrom Francesco: Updated AliFlowVZERO task
2012-03-07 snellingupdated phi flow analysis
2012-03-07 jgrosseomixed event statistics histogram as fct of centrality
2012-03-07 jgrosseocuts on resonances and conversions
2012-03-07 hristovRemoving duplicated header files
2012-03-05 jgrosseofix in processing MC AODs
2012-03-05 aadareCoverity patches - adding vars to member init list
2012-03-04 iselioujFrom Mikolaj: Updated AddTaskFlowCentralityPID macros
2012-03-02 snellingupdates Francesco for warnings sprintf
2012-03-02 aadaredeleting duplicate files
2012-03-02 aadaredeleting
2012-03-02 aadareswitch from aclic compiled libs to libPWGCFCorrelations...
2012-03-02 aadareadding AliPool and AliDhcTask
2012-03-02 aadareadding AliEvtPool and AliDhcTask classes
2012-03-02 aadareoutput histos instead of THnSparse
2012-03-02 aadarelightweight event mixing classes (AliEvtPool and AliEvt...
2012-03-02 aadareoutput histos instead of THnSparse
2012-03-02 aadareupdates in ranges and verbosity
2012-03-02 aadareno change other than revision date
2012-03-02 aadareturned off verbosity
2012-03-02 iselioujFrom Francesco: Added AliFlowVZEROResults, PID-VZERO...
2012-02-27 iselioujFrom Francesco: Added AliAnalysisTaskVnV0 and macros
2012-02-27 miweberCorrect phi creation and initialization of gRandom...
2012-02-24 hristovChanges for #90303: Fix PROOF-INF/SETUP.C to create...
2012-02-24 aadareupdates from Misha
2012-02-23 hristovRestored PAR file functionallity: make test-par-all...
2012-02-22 fcaCoverity 19425
2012-02-22 fcaCoverity 19490
2012-02-22 miweberPossibility to use MB + Central triggers in AddTaskBala...
2012-02-22 jgrosseomc mixed event optional
2012-02-21 jgrosseoadding mixed event for MC
2012-02-21 jgrosseostart event mixing from 5 events in the pool
2012-02-21 pchristProper usage of the bayesian approach (Alis Rodriguez...
2012-02-21 jgrosseoprotection
2012-02-17 jgrosseoadding Misha's task
2012-02-16 pchristFixing the PID part (Alis Rodriguez Manso)
2012-02-16 rpreghenunwanted commit, reverted to previous rev.
2012-02-15 rpreghenPWGUD/dNdPt -> PWGLF/SPECTRA/ChargedHadrons/dNdPt
2012-02-13 jgrosseoadding setter to restrivt eta region of trigger particle
2012-02-12 pchristCoverity fix for the PID
2012-02-10 pchristFirst version of the pid code for the balance function...
2012-02-08 esickingfix for fake tracks
2012-02-08 esickingchanges in bins for multi-dim histogram used in correct...
2012-02-03 aadareto produce histos for FourierPlus
2012-02-03 hristovCoverity 18818
2012-02-02 aadareanalysis code for harmonic decomposition paper
2012-02-02 snellingpackage for phi meson flow analysis
2012-02-01 hristovLast modifictaions for PWG2 -> PWGCF
2012-02-01 hristovUNICOR becomes part of FEMTOSCOPY
2012-02-01 hristovTransition PWG2/UNICOR ->PWGCF/UNICOR
2012-02-01 miweberMigration from PWG2 to PWGCF/PWG completed
2012-01-31 iselioujMoving/split PWG2/FLOW to PWGCF/FLOW, PWG/FLOW/Base...
2012-01-31 hristovCommenting obsolete installation target
2012-01-31 miweberMigration of PWG2/AOD to PWGCF/FEMTOSCOPYAOD
2012-01-30 akisielMigration of PWG2/FEMTOSCOPY to PWGCF/FEMTOSCOPY
2012-01-26 jgrosseomoving jcorran macros (Jason)
2012-01-26 jgrosseorenaming PWG/Base to PWG/Tools
2012-01-25 jgrosseomoving AliAnalysisTaskDiHadron (Jason) to PWGCF
2012-01-25 esickingmove minijet add-task from PWG4/macros to PWGCF/Correla...
2012-01-24 miweberAdded optional Acceptance correction for Balance Functi...
2012-01-24 miweberCode Migration PWG2/EBYE to PWGCF/EBYE + Creation of...
2012-01-24 miweberCode Migration PWG2/EBYE to PWGCF/EBYE + Creation of...
2012-01-20 jgrosseomoving addtask macros to PWGCF
2012-01-18 jgrosseomoving files from PWG4 to PWGCF
2012-01-11 hristovNew analysis modules