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2014-09-22 dgangadhUpdates to Balance function code (Michael Weber)
2014-09-22 dgangadhUpdates to ESE femto code (Alice Ohlson)
2014-09-22 dgangadhUpdates to ESE femto code (Alice Ohlson)
2014-09-22 dgangadhInclude Reading of EAs
2014-09-22 dgangadhModify Reading of EAs
2014-09-22 maszymanupdated macros for Kaon Femto train
2014-09-22 sjenaUpdate from PR Analysis: drathee
2014-09-19 sjenaUpdate from PR : drathee
2014-09-19 lmilanochanged default binning
2014-09-19 dgangadhInsert numerical exchange amplitudes from c3 fits
2014-09-19 maszymanFixing memory leaks in AliFemtoV0 analysis
2014-09-18 sjenaUpdate PR : drathee
2014-09-18 sjenaUpdate from PR: drathee
2014-09-18 maszymanupdated macro for V0 femtoscopy
2014-09-17 sjenaUpdate PR task : drathee
2014-09-16 sjenaUpdate PR: drathee
2014-09-16 agrigoraFix for pow() for SLC5 gcc 4.2.1
2014-09-16 agrigoraRevert "Revert git "Femto ESE code updates (Alice Ohlson)""
2014-09-15 rbertens use tchain of files in example macro
2014-09-15 agrigoraRevert "Femto ESE code updates (Alice Ohlson)"
2014-09-15 dgangadhFemto ESE code updates (Alice Ohlson)
2014-09-15 rbertens fix for minor mistake in macro
2014-09-15 rbertens add example macro to run flow package ttree filter...
2014-09-15 rbertens remove redundant check from run macro
2014-09-14 sjenaUpdate for PR: drathee
2014-09-14 dgangadhInclude 3 collision types
2014-09-14 dgangadhInclude EAs from offline c3 fits
2014-09-13 sjenaUpdate EbyEPR: drathee
2014-09-12 sjenaUpdate PRTask: drathee
2014-09-12 sjenaUpdate to add PidRatio: sjena
2014-09-12 sjenaParticleRatio Class: Deepika
2014-09-12 maszymanFixes for memory leaks
2014-09-12 sjenaUpdate NetParticle: sjena
2014-09-11 sjenaUpdate NetParticle: sjena
2014-09-11 sjenaUpdate NetParticle: sjena
2014-09-11 dgangadhInclude 3D histos to calculate c3(q12,q13,q23)
2014-09-10 sjenaFixing bug in NetParticle
2014-09-10 lmilanoupdate from markus
2014-09-03 dgangadhAdd ESE AddTask macro
2014-09-03 dgangadhAdd Event-Shape-Engineering code for Femtoscopy
2014-09-03 dgangadhAdd Event-Shape-Engineering code for Femtoscopy
2014-09-03 dgangadhAdd Event-Shape-Engineering code for Femtoscopy
2014-09-02 dgangadhUpdates to allow pp and pPb analysis
2014-09-01 sjenaCoverity fix:8443
2014-09-01 lmilanomult seelction in pp according to AnalysisUtils
2014-08-29 sjenaAdding QA to NetParticle: sjena
2014-08-29 sjenaupdate in hm addtask: satya
2014-08-28 hristovCompilation with Root6: TH1::GetXaxis returns now const...
2014-08-26 jthaederadd linkDef
2014-08-26 jthaederFix protection
2014-08-26 jthaederupdate CMake file
2014-08-26 jthaederupdate
2014-08-26 jthaederMajor update of NetParticle Analysis
2014-08-25 sjenaUpdates on Dpt Dpt corr : prabhat
2014-08-25 lmilanocoverity fix PWGCF/Correlations/DPhi/PhiEffMC/AliAnalys...
2014-08-23 dgangadhAdd pt weights for MRC. Revert to 5% EM bins. Add...
2014-08-20 tschustesorting out the trigger classes
2014-08-20 tschustewhere does the good go ...
2014-08-18 maszymanupdated macro for ProtonLambda femtoscopic analysis...
2014-08-15 maszymancorrected TOF pid for V0 daughters
2014-08-14 maszymancorrection of the naming
2014-08-14 maszymancorrected naming of DCA histogram
2014-08-14 lmilanoadding fTrackPhiCutEvPlMin and fTrackPhiCutEvPlMax...
2014-08-13 maszymanadded DecayLength cut and QA monitors
2014-08-13 maszymanadding possibility to set different values of min dca...
2014-08-08 tschustesorting out the trigger classes
2014-08-08 tschustewhere does the good go ...
2014-08-08 sjenaUpdate in Dpt-Dpt Corr: Prabhat
2014-08-06 dgangadhfix MbinMixing bug
2014-08-04 sjenaUpdate Dpt Dpt Corr: Prabhat
2014-08-01 miweberadding shared cluster cut for dptdpt analysis
2014-08-01 lmilanoAdded Eventplane Dependence in dPhi Correlations code
2014-08-01 sjenaUpdate in Dpt Dpt corr: Prabhat
2014-07-31 rbertens reverted commit 092db0d78a7a4058bb5893bf8110127f6fa3bfe1
2014-07-31 rbertens suppress unmergeable output to run jet v2 mc task...
2014-07-31 dgangadhdecrease width of event mixing bins
2014-07-30 dkeijdenAdded Event Plane dependence in PhiCorrelations code...
2014-07-30 miweberadding extra cut on TPC shared clusters (only in AOD...
2014-07-30 lmilanoupdate from Markus
2014-07-28 majanikUntriggered DEtaDPhi: config for Kinematics train ...
2014-07-25 lmilanorestoring commit 7faa7a53ee0334a320574f5d8a656219caa3c0...
2014-07-25 majanikUntriggered DEtaDPhi: corrected PtsumDist + update...
2014-07-24 lmilanoupdate from marco
2014-07-23 dgangadhApply pT cuts only to correlation part of analysis...
2014-07-22 dgangadhAddTask fix
2014-07-21 rbertens class namechange
2014-07-21 dgangadhmove arguments
2014-07-20 hristovAdding missing argument
2014-07-20 majanikUntirggered DEtaDPhi: modifications to the ExclusivePID...
2014-07-19 dgangadhinclude kT interp exception for narrower pT intervals
2014-07-19 majanikConfig for the train (one more).
2014-07-19 majanikUntriggered DEtaDPhi: New Configs for the train
2014-07-18 majanikUntriggered DEtaDPhi: new PID methods for analysis...
2014-07-18 agrigoraFixing new line ending
2014-07-17 dgangadhAdd plotting macros
2014-07-17 dgangadhAdd min/max pT opions, mixed-charge TTC option, KT...
2014-07-17 dgangadhAdd min/max pT opions, mixed-charge TTC option, KT...
2014-07-17 majanikUntriggered DEtaDPhi: possibility to use pT (not p...
2014-07-17 rbertens roll back to a phi flow task identical to the one...
2014-07-16 rbertens addtask update from naghmeh