Fixed includes and scope of a string
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGCF /
2013-03-28 miweberadding projections in 2D BF drawing macro
2013-03-28 miwebervertexZ option also for 2D balance function
2013-03-28 miweberUpdate dptdpt correlation task (Prabhat Ranjan Pujahari...
2013-03-28 miweberTask modified to do efficiency check both for charged...
2013-03-27 pchristaUpdating the hydro macro
2013-03-27 miweberMajor changes in the task. Shift from TH2D to THnSparse...
2013-03-27 dgangadhAddTask fix
2013-03-27 dgangadhr3 extrapolation added
2013-03-27 akisielAdd charged kaon macros for the Train
2013-03-27 lgraczykadding support for different centrality estimators...
2013-03-27 pchristaFirst incomplete version of the steering macro to read...
2013-03-26 mkrzewicfrom Redmer Bertens:
2013-03-26 majanikNew centrality estimators (TRK, CND) in FemtoReaders
2013-03-25 majanikSmall corrections to FemtoEventReaders (centrality...
2013-03-25 miwebercoverity fix (MW)
2013-03-25 miweberchanged event mixing centrality bins, added vertex...
2013-03-25 miweberremoving obsolete printouts (MW)
2013-03-25 dgangadhAddition of Systematic variation options
2013-03-25 dgangadhAddition of Systematic variation options
2013-03-25 loizidesh-mu
2013-03-25 loizidesfix from Tim to properly calculate inv mass
2013-03-24 lgraczykadding support for ZNA and CL1 cent. estimators in...
2013-03-24 miweberUnified ESD and AOD usage (AliVParticle) / Some Minor...
2013-03-21 akisielModify Proton selection settings
2013-03-21 miweberchanging q cut from momentum difference to pT differenc...
2013-03-21 cvetanRemoved muon chi2 cut. Added two control histos. Change...
2013-03-21 loizidesfrom hanseul
2013-03-21 loizidescorrection for single muons plots (Tim)
2013-03-19 miweberautomatic vertexZ/centrality binning loops for drawing...
2013-03-18 miweberupdate config macro (Vera R. Loggins <veraloggins@wayne...
2013-03-18 miweberupdate on Netparticle analysis (Jochen Thaeder <jochen...
2013-03-18 pchristaCoverity
2013-03-18 miwebercoverity fixes (MW)
2013-03-18 loizidesfix
2013-03-16 loizidesadjust eta settings
2013-03-15 mkrzewicfrom Redmer Bertens:
2013-03-14 loizidesfix
2013-03-14 loizidesgeneralize
2013-03-14 loizidesadded charge for correction
2013-03-14 miweberupdate Config file for train (Vera R. Loggins <veralogg...
2013-03-14 loizidesfix
2013-03-13 jgrosseocheck on mother PDG optional (Leonardo)
2013-03-13 miweberupdate on AddTaskDptDpt macros (Prabhat Ranjan Pujahari...
2013-03-13 loizidesset to kAny
2013-03-13 loizidesUse aliutil plus a bit of cleanup
2013-03-13 akisielNew proton configs for the train
2013-03-12 miwebercalculating moments only on near side for dphi
2013-03-12 pchristaCorrecting with mixed events based on different vz...
2013-03-12 miwebercreating macro folder for dptdpt correlations, adding...
2013-03-12 loizidesmoved macros on request from JFGO
2013-03-11 miweberadding momentum difference cut (suppression of HBT...
2013-03-11 miwebercorrect calculation of higher moments, errors with...
2013-03-11 dgangadhK2 averaging in MC fix
2013-03-11 miweberupdated config macro (Vera R. Loggins <veraloggins...
2013-03-11 loizidesremove h corr for iana 4
2013-03-11 majanikCorrected warning in AliFemtoKKTrackCut
2013-03-11 jgrosseochanges to run minijet task on pA (Emilia)
2013-03-11 akisielNew train config
2013-03-10 pchristaDrawing macro modification (Alis)
2013-03-09 pchristaAnother set of mods (acceptance)
2013-03-09 pchristaAnother set of mods (acceptance)
2013-03-09 pchristaSimulating detector effects (more later)
2013-03-09 pchristaUpdated toy model studies
2013-03-08 dgangadhK3 interpolation added
2013-03-08 miweberupdated config macro - smaller wagon for train (Vera...
2013-03-07 cvetanTypo corrected
2013-03-07 cvetanProper filling of correlation function
2013-03-07 loizidesfrom Hanseul
2013-03-07 cvetanProper histo ranges
2013-03-07 cvetanBug fix
2013-03-07 cvetanAdd macro updated
2013-03-07 cvetanLike and unlike sign selection
2013-03-07 miweberResonance cut only for unlike sign pairs
2013-03-07 cvetanPlaceholder for like and unlike sign selection
2013-03-07 cvetanProper event and vertex selections
2013-03-07 miweberQA histograms for resonance cuts
2013-03-07 cvetanUpdate event mixing
2013-03-07 jgrosseo2 more steps in efficiency container for PID efficiency
2013-03-07 cvetanAdding muon-muon correlations task (Antonio)
2013-03-07 loizidesmass, event cuts
2013-03-07 pchristaAdding cuts for resonances
2013-03-06 pchristaChanging the fitting of the 2d function
2013-03-06 lgraczykconfig files for unlike-sign pion HBT analysis + title...
2013-03-06 jgrosseoextract efficiency depending on particle species (Leonardo)
2013-03-06 lgraczykupdated config files for pion HBT analysis in pA
2013-03-06 miweberadding security checks for binMin smaller than binMax
2013-03-06 miweberupdate for dptdpt correlations (Prabhat Ranjan Pujahari...
2013-03-06 loizidesfill same event right-away if requested
2013-03-06 miweberadding z vertex axis to AliTHn output (switch for using...
2013-03-05 loizidesfix
2013-03-05 majanikCorrection to PID Monitor, FilterMask added to AODEvent...
2013-03-05 majanikAliFemtoKKTrackCut added for Kaon HBT analysis
2013-03-04 mkrzewicfrom Carlos Perez Lara:
2013-03-04 loizidesremove spurious cout
2013-03-04 loizidesdo not save the tformula in output
2013-03-04 miwebermodified configuration macro for azimuthal HBT (Vera...
2013-03-04 dgangadhr3 binning change, insert Pad-row cut again
2013-03-04 jgrosseoallowing to select charge for MC corrections
2013-03-04 loizidesminor fix
2013-03-04 akisielAdd min DCA to ESD track cut