st^Cic functions for p-value: cleanup and add all code that was used for approval
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGCF /
2014-05-16 maszymannew directory for Lego Train from Natalia
2014-05-14 rbertens minor typo: change V0 to VZERO in unused track cut...
2014-05-14 miwebermodified code for MCtruth only running (centrality...
2014-05-14 miweberupdates for charge independent analysis per-trigger...
2014-05-13 majanikCorrected warning from coverity notifications in AliFemto
2014-05-08 dgangadhAddTask macro commit for 4-pion femto
2014-05-08 dgangadhAdd compile line
2014-05-08 dgangadhUpdate compile code for 4-pion analysis
2014-05-08 dgangadhUpdate compile code for 4-pion analysis
2014-05-08 dgangadhAdd 4-pion femto analysis code
2014-05-08 lmilanophi trklets between 0 and 2Pi
2014-05-08 lmilanoupdate from Prabhat
2014-05-07 dgangadhAshutosh analysis update
2014-05-06 majanikAdding cuts on vertex contributors (for pA and PileUp...
2014-05-06 miweberadd PostData in UserCreateOutputObjects
2014-05-05 maszymanupdates from Ashutosh for pion femtoscopy analysis
2014-05-05 miweberchanges to be able to run on train:
2014-05-03 hristovAdding ANALYSIS
2014-05-03 hristovChanges to compile with Root6 on macosx64
2014-05-03 rbertens moved some files, added generator function to addtask...
2014-05-03 lmilanoupdate from Prabhat
2014-05-03 miwebernew code: Chiral Magnetic Wave analysis (from Ron Belmont)
2014-05-02 rbertens moved files
2014-04-30 lmilanophi correction from Evgeny
2014-04-30 hristovFixes for wrong use of const causing PW.CAST_TO_QUALIFI...
2014-04-30 hristovFixes for wrong use of const causing PW.CAST_TO_QUALIFI...
2014-04-29 jgrosseomerge function (Markus)
2014-04-29 majanikResolving some warnings from AliFemtoUser package
2014-04-28 jgrosseobug fix (markus)
2014-04-28 majanikCorrection to AliFemtoESDTrackCut.cxx, absolute value...
2014-04-28 lmilanoupdate from Sandun
2014-04-28 maszymannew macros for kaon femto in pPb
2014-04-27 miweberuse per-trigger averaging (before per-evt averaging)
2014-04-25 jgrosseo2+1 correlation analysis (Markus)
2014-04-25 lmilanoupdate from Sudipan
2014-04-25 majanikAdding Pile-up rejection from AliAnalysisUtils to AliFe...
2014-04-25 rbertens from carlos: Adding selection variables, QA, PTmerger...
2014-04-25 maszymanfix the macro code for Kaon Femto analysis in Train
2014-04-23 rbertens addtask updates from naghmeh
2014-04-23 majanikChanges to the AliFemto code for DEtaDPhi angular analy...
2014-04-22 jgrosseoreject MC events with no tracks
2014-04-22 hristovCorrected warning (clang)
2014-04-22 dgangadhK0s analysis update
2014-04-22 maszymannew macros for Kaon Femto in pPb
2014-04-17 hristovCorrected compilation options
2014-04-17 sjenaUpdates on V0 correlation
2014-04-16 dgangadhK0s analysis update (Matt Steinpreis)
2014-04-15 rbertens addtask changes from naghmeh
2014-04-15 maszymanpreventing (commenting out) the division of the TH3D...
2014-04-15 lmilanoDphi as pseudo pt for tracklets + matching cut on muons
2014-04-14 sjenaUpdate: AddTask for LRC
2014-04-14 maszymanfilling the Qout Qside Qlong histogram with Qinv weights
2014-04-14 rbertens new addtask macros from naghmeh
2014-04-14 maszymanadded macros for Kaon Femto train in pPb MC
2014-04-11 maszymanupdated macro for Kaon femto analysis
2014-04-11 maszymanupdated macro for Kaon femto analysis
2014-04-10 sjenaUpdate From Debojit
2014-04-10 dgangadhK0s analysis update (Matt Steinpreis)
2014-04-10 dgangadhK0s analysis update (Matt Steinpreis)
2014-04-09 agrigoraRemoving effectiveCorrection.root for final cleanup
2014-04-08 sjenaUpdates from Debojit - PIDCorr
2014-04-07 rbertensaddtask updates from naghmeh
2014-04-04 sjenaUpdate from Sandun
2014-04-04 sjenaUpdate from Sandun
2014-04-03 rbertens addtask updates from naghmeh
2014-04-03 dgangadh3-pion radii macro updates
2014-04-03 lmilanoforward muon selection added
2014-04-02 rbertens updates to addtask from naghmeh
2014-04-02 miweberModifications for integral studies in Toy model
2014-04-01 rbertens new AddTask macro from Naghmeh
2014-04-01 maszymanupdates in Kaon Femto train
2014-03-31 ekryshenCoverity fixes: 22684-86,22691-93
2014-03-31 ekryshenAdded cut on tracklet dphi
2014-03-29 ekryshenAdded possibility to store tracklets and muons in MC...
2014-03-28 lmilanosmall fix
2014-03-28 lmilanocut on Dphi for tracklets
2014-03-28 lmilanocorrelation from SPD tracklets added + possibility...
2014-03-27 sjena Update in LHC code
2014-03-27 maszymanupdate in kaon femto train
2014-03-27 sjenaUpdates from Sandun
2014-03-27 rbertens from naghmeh: disabling dedx cut on aod by setting...
2014-03-27 dgangadhRevert back to previous Norm intervals
2014-03-27 ekryshenPID info added
2014-03-27 jgrosseominor fixes for nAODs
2014-03-27 maszymanupdate in Kaon Femto train
2014-03-27 dgangadhChange Norm region, Add extra Mult histo, Add explicit...
2014-03-27 miwebercoverity fix
2014-03-27 ekryshenAdded inheritance from TArrayF to store arbitrary numbe...
2014-03-27 ekryshenFix for coverity
2014-03-27 jgrosseocatch interpreter errors
2014-03-27 maszymanupdate in Kaon Femto train directory
2014-03-27 jgrosseocentrality for nanoAOD fix
2014-03-27 miweberchanges to run on nano AODs (temporary)
2014-03-27 miweberfirst changes to run on nano AODs (temporary)
2014-03-27 rbertens update AddTask macro from Naghmeh
2014-03-27 maszymanupdate for momentum resolution study
2014-03-27 ekryshenProtection against missing MC header
2014-03-27 ekryshenModified input parameters
2014-03-27 sjenaUpdates from Prabhat
2014-03-27 ekryshenAdded possibility to store muon tracks and SPD tracklets