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2012-06-27 miweberinclude HBT/conversion cuts in Event Mixing
2012-06-26 jgrosseoupdate to fitting macros
2012-06-26 snellingadding the muons
2012-06-25 akisielNew train macro
2012-06-25 akisielFix after move to global DCA
2012-06-22 aadareinit function-scope vars for coverity
2012-06-21 miweberinclude check for centrality == 0
2012-06-21 hristovCompatibility with the Root trunk
2012-06-21 miweberadd QA histograms for HBT/conversion cuts
2012-06-19 aadarefor AliAnalysisTask3PCorrelations
2012-06-19 aadare3 particle task from Claude Pruneau
2012-06-19 aadareadded 3 particle task from Claude
2012-06-19 iselioujFigure macros for the high pT flow paper
2012-06-18 miwebercoverity fix + Adding PID for output container name...
2012-06-14 miweberBalanceFunction analysis in 1D: Update of conversion...
2012-06-11 aadareupdates from Claude
2012-06-11 aadareupdates from Claude
2012-06-07 snellingextra qa
2012-06-07 snellingextra cuts
2012-06-07 pchristchanges for the AOD pid for the TPC tracks (Alis)
2012-06-06 iselioujFrom Francesco: Updated Bayesian PID code
2012-06-04 snellingdca cuts
2012-05-31 pchristRemoving the centrality from the AliTHn + adding only...
2012-05-31 snellingpid + train
2012-05-31 snellingfor next trai runs
2012-05-30 miweberModifications for running Event Mixing on the analysis...
2012-05-29 aadareupdates from Claude
2012-05-28 snellingadded K0 and lambda analysis for use in train
2012-05-27 miweberModifiactions for running Event Mixing on the analysis...
2012-05-24 akisielFix function call and constant
2012-05-24 akisielFix function call
2012-05-24 pchristreducing the bins and the dimensions
2012-05-23 miwebercoverity fixes
2012-05-22 aadareupdate from Claude
2012-05-21 miweberCorrect Delta Phi calculation in AliBalanceTriggered...
2012-05-21 snellingreduce memory usage
2012-05-20 pchristAdding the pt trigger and associated bins in the Psi...
2012-05-16 akisielAdd TPC entrance separation to V0 cuts
2012-05-16 akisielUse DCA from global tracks for TPC-only
2012-05-16 akisielUpdates for the V0 analysis
2012-05-16 akisielMacro for the kaon train
2012-05-15 miweberCoverity Fixes for AliAnalysisTaskTriggeredBF
2012-05-15 jgrosseoPWGCFCorrelationsBase,PWGCFCorrelationsDPhi: proof...
2012-05-14 miweberEvent Mixing for Triggered BF analysis
2012-05-13 miweberIncluded Event Pool for Event Mixing for triggered...
2012-05-13 miweberIntroduced HBT and conversion cuts for standard BF...
2012-05-11 jgrosseosmall optimization
2012-05-10 jgrosseoput vtx to 0 in case only MC is processed
2012-05-10 aadareupdates from Jason
2012-05-10 pchristphi-Psi now between 0 and 180
2012-05-09 pchristMoving to AliTHn
2012-05-09 miweberCorrect Delta Phi Calculation in Triggered Balance...
2012-05-09 miweberAdd Shuffled Event Analysis to Triggered BF analysis
2012-05-08 pchristAdding some more QA plots + trying to fix the delta...
2012-05-07 jgrosseocharge selection on trigger particle
2012-05-03 jgrosseoreverting 56154 and 56161 - does not compile
2012-05-03 jgrosseoupdate of Mish's analysis
2012-05-03 jgrosseoupdated fitting
2012-05-02 aadarereverting to previous version - task does not compile
2012-05-02 aadareupdates from dongjo kim
2012-05-02 miweberAvoid double counting in Triggered BF analysis (2nd...
2012-05-02 miweberadd HBT like cut in Balance Function analysis (default...
2012-05-01 miwebercoverity fixes + changed to full loop over second particle
2012-04-30 jgrosseochanging binning of TTR control plots
2012-04-30 miweberTriggered Balance Function analysis (multidimensions)
2012-04-30 miweberTriggered Balance Function analysis (multidimensions)
2012-04-29 jgrosseoadditional control histograms
2012-04-28 miweberLoading libEventMixing in macros
2012-04-25 jgrosseotwo track cut also for MC
2012-04-25 jgrosseocorrelation function calculation uses averages of ratio...
2012-04-24 miwebercoverity fix (AliAnalysisTaskEventMixingBF)
2012-04-23 miweberEvent Mixing for Balance Function Analysis
2012-04-20 akisielMinor fix
2012-04-19 jgrosseoallowing separate study for eta sides
2012-04-16 miweberretrieve Balance Function integrals in readBalance...
2012-04-15 jgrosseorewriting of objects (binning change)
2012-04-12 aadarechanges from Misha
2012-04-12 aadarechanges from Misha
2012-04-10 jgrosseoallowing to skip filling of steps
2012-04-10 akisielFix Coverity
2012-04-10 akisielFix Coverity
2012-04-10 akisielFix Coverity
2012-04-10 akisielFix Coverity
2012-04-10 jgrosseoupdated fitting macros
2012-04-09 iselioujFrom Zhong-Bao Yin: Added AliAnalysisTaskFlowEPCascade
2012-04-06 miweberchange in AddTaskBalancePsi for running in analysis...
2012-04-05 hristovUse unsigned long instead of non-existing ulong
2012-04-05 akisielFix centrality
2012-04-05 akisielAdding V0 femtoscopy analysis
2012-04-05 pchristUpdated code for the pid + coverity (Alis)
2012-04-04 pchristFixing the angles for the phi-dphi analysis
2012-04-04 pchristFixing the angles for the phi-dphi analysis
2012-04-04 pchristFixing the angles for the phi-dphi analysis
2012-04-04 jgrosseocontainer & taskname as argument
2012-04-04 pchristFixing the angles for the phi-dphi analysis
2012-04-04 jgrosseooptimization and bug fix in two track cut
2012-04-04 pchristfixing psi in MC from the header
2012-04-03 pchristAdding the code for the bf analysis wrt Psi
2012-04-03 aadareupdates to JCORRAN from DongJo Kim
2012-04-02 snellingnew selections for LHC11h