update to include FSI corrections for peripheral bins
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGCF /
2013-01-04 dgangadhupdate to include FSI corrections for peripheral bins
2013-01-02 dgangadhadjusted MC histograms
2012-12-26 miweberchanges in AliChaoticity (Dhevan Raja Gangadharan ...
2012-12-23 snellingk* patch
2012-12-20 miwebercoverity fixes
2012-12-18 miwebercoverity fixes + adding HM toy model in CMakelibPWGCFeb...
2012-12-17 snellingcentrality selection
2012-12-14 jgrosseomacro updates
2012-12-14 miweberuse particle charge in AOD analysis instead of PDG...
2012-12-14 akisielFix warnings
2012-12-14 miweberUpdate in AddTask macro (Nirbhay Kumar Behera <nirbhay...
2012-12-13 miweberfix for GRID running (activate ROOT automatic streamer...
2012-12-13 miweberadding away side subtraction for 2D correlation functions
2012-12-13 miweberCoverity fixes + adding QA histograms for positive...
2012-12-13 miweberToy model task for higher moments (Nirbhay Kumar Behera...
2012-12-12 akisielAdd ReactionPland dependent analysis code
2012-12-12 akisielAdd modifications for Proton analysis
2012-12-12 miweberQA histogram added
2012-12-12 jgrosseopid dependent correlations
2012-12-12 miweberdo correction in 2dimensions for 1D analysis for cross...
2012-12-12 miweberdo correction in 2dimensions for 1D analysis for cross...
2012-12-10 jgrosseochanges for PID dependent corr functions (Michele)
2012-12-10 jgrosseoplotting update
2012-12-09 dgangadhhistogram declaration change for LEGO
2012-12-01 jgrosseoupdated macros
2012-12-01 miwebercoverity fix
2012-12-01 miweberCorrecting the event mixing correction for 1D balance...
2012-11-29 snellingextra classes for on the fly
2012-11-29 miweberUpdate on LRC (Christoph Mayer <Christoph.Mayer@cern...
2012-11-28 miweber1) correcting the normalization for per-trigger-yield...
2012-11-28 dgangadhfix for AddTaskChaoticity function calls
2012-11-28 dgangadhfix for AddTaskChaoticity function calls
2012-11-27 miweberFix from comparison (Constantin Loizides, Tim Schuster)
2012-11-26 miweberupdate NetParticle analysis (Jochen Thaeder)
2012-11-26 miweberupdate NetParticle analysis (Jochen Thaeder)
2012-11-23 jgrosseoupdate
2012-11-22 dgangadhr3 projection change
2012-11-22 miweberadding some drawing macros for balance functions
2012-11-22 miweberadding charge independent correlation output (for compa...
2012-11-22 miweberadding possibility for per trigger normalization (Jan...
2012-11-22 miweberadding possibility for per trigger normalization (Jan...
2012-11-21 snellingadded higher harmonics
2012-11-21 jgrosseoupdate from Constantin
2012-11-20 jgrosseoweighting of trigger particle
2012-11-19 jgrosseoupdate from Constantin
2012-11-19 akisielNext version of train config
2012-11-19 jgrosseoper event weighting
2012-11-15 pchristUpdate for the systematics
2012-11-15 jgrosseooption to skip fast cluster
2012-11-15 miweberUpdate LRC task (Christoph Mayer)
2012-11-14 jgrosseoapplying trigger eff optionally
2012-11-14 miweberupdated 2D drawing macros
2012-11-13 miweberUpdate Long range correlations (Christoph Mayer)
2012-11-12 esickingRejection of corrupted chunks based on comparison of...
2012-11-12 esickingadd histogram for event statistics, add flag which...
2012-11-12 miweberchanges in AliLeadingV0Correlation (Jayarathna Sandun...
2012-11-08 miwebernew task for higher moments efficiency and contaminatio...
2012-11-08 jgrosseooption to remove duplicates
2012-11-08 jgrosseo2011 cuts for global tracks
2012-11-07 jgrosseocontrol histogram for resonance removal
2012-11-07 akisielNew config for the train
2012-11-07 miweberchanging macro for mass production (first step towards...
2012-11-07 jgrosseofinite bin correction
2012-11-07 miweberchanging macro for mass production (first step towards...
2012-11-07 miweberFirst version of Long Range Correlations in the Correla...
2012-11-06 pchristAdding the 2d fit for the correlation function
2012-11-05 miwebermodified Multi BF drawing macros (AliTHn::FillParent...
2012-11-05 miweberAdding Correlation analysis for Leading V0 particle...
2012-11-02 jgrosseomc zvtx binning
2012-11-01 jgrosseobinning
2012-11-01 jgrosseovariable bin handling
2012-10-31 jgrosseohybrid track cuts
2012-10-31 jgrosseoz-vtx binnning for MC
2012-10-30 jgrosseobug fix for double delete
2012-10-29 jgrosseosmall fix
2012-10-29 akisielNew macro for the Train for proton analysis
2012-10-29 akisielUpdate NonId function. Change proton PID cuts
2012-10-29 miweberfor all Balance Function tasks in UserCreateOutputObjec...
2012-10-27 jgrosseoon the fly efficiency corrections
2012-10-26 jgrosseoincreasing vertex binning
2012-10-26 miweberBug fixes for GRID operation (TStreamer)
2012-10-25 esickingCorrection: Bin matching
2012-10-25 miweberHard coded proton names, titles, ... changed
2012-10-25 akisielNew macros for the kaon train
2012-10-25 akisielUpdate kaon selections
2012-10-25 akisielUpdates for the V0 and deta/dphi analysis
2012-10-25 esickingAdd three particle correlation loop for correction...
2012-10-25 jgrosseofiner ZNA centrality
2012-10-24 jgrosseomixed event normalization
2012-10-24 jgrosseoadding course centrality binning
2012-10-24 snellingupdates from Redmer to protect redoFinish from classes...
2012-10-24 jgrosseoZNA centr selection & bug fix
2012-10-23 miweberadding correction file for protons
2012-10-23 dgangadhChaoticity code update
2012-10-23 dgangadhChaoticity code update
2012-10-22 snellingbethe-bloch parameterization for 2011
2012-10-21 pchristDrawing the correlation functions
2012-10-21 miweberadding possibility to correct with Event Mixing for...
2012-10-19 miweber1) include NetParticle classes in PWGCFebyeLinkDef...
2012-10-18 miweberincluding Eta and Pt cuts for AOD analysis (for ESDs...