don't sort clusters after local reco, do this in AliITSUTrackerGlo
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGCF /
2014-12-02 miweberrevert commit 40e2a6d47710b0e36d8711fe85bab9f9043ecb9c
2014-12-02 miweberChange for Lego train subwagons:
2014-11-29 sjenaBug Fix in PR task: sjena
2014-11-28 lmilanopatch to use subwagons in the LEGO train
2014-11-27 lmilanoupdate from DongJo
2014-11-24 sjenaUpdate in Two Particle PID corr: debojit
2014-11-24 lmilanopatch from Markus for 2+1 analysis
2014-11-22 sjenaAdding pxpx Task: prabhat
2014-11-21 rbertens fix for streamer and reading of external file
2014-11-21 maszymanmake binning more coarse
2014-11-19 rbertens use PID contour database file (naghmeh)
2014-11-19 lmilanoAdd event rejection in Filter task as well to avoid...
2014-11-18 sjenabug fixing in pr task : sjena
2014-11-18 sjenafixing memory leak in pr task : sjena
2014-11-18 sjenabug fix in pr task : sjena
2014-11-18 sjenaUpdate in pr task : sjena
2014-11-17 rbertens remove orphaned addtask macro
2014-11-17 rbertens cleanup of deprecated code
2014-11-17 dgangadhUpdates for many plotting macros
2014-11-17 sjenaUpdate in pr task:sjena
2014-11-17 sjenaBug fix in pr eff-cont class: sjena
2014-11-16 sjenaUpdate PR task:sjena
2014-11-14 sjenanew add task for DptDpt corr PbPb: Prabhat
2014-11-14 sjenaUpdate in DPhi class: Prabhat and Debojit
2014-11-13 maszymanmore bins in proton 3D correlation function
2014-11-12 tschusteAdd possibility to use AliMuonTrackCuts. Improve event...
2014-11-12 rbertens change default input filenames to correspond to defaul...
2014-11-11 miweberAdding Sphericity/Spherocity cuts for femtoscopy analys...
2014-11-10 aohlsonchange to finer binning in FemtoESE task (A. Ohlson)
2014-11-10 maszymanadded initialization of AliFemtoSimpleAnalysis::fPerfor...
2014-11-09 sjenaFixing bins in PR task: sjena
2014-11-07 sjenaUpdate Dpt Dpt and PID Corr: prabhat and debojit
2014-11-07 miweberNew Analysis task for mini jets in Pythia (Emilia Leogr...
2014-11-07 maszymanreplacing kTOFpid by kTOFout && kTIME as requested...
2014-11-06 tschusteAdd option to only run on events that have a muon,...
2014-11-06 miweberChange in drawing macro:
2014-11-06 rbertens add task updates from naghmeh
2014-11-06 dgangadhFemto ESE update (Alice Ohlson)
2014-11-06 sjenaFix in casting int to double: drathee
2014-11-06 dgangadhInclude intermediate radii for Rcoh, include all partia...
2014-11-06 maszymancorrection in V0 shared daughter cut
2014-11-05 dgangadhInclude intermediate radii for Rcoh, include all partia...
2014-11-05 maszymancorrection in V0 shared daughter cut
2014-11-04 maszymanupdates for 3D analyis in PRF and macros for proton...
2014-11-04 sjenaAdding QA task for AMPT checks: sjena
2014-11-04 sjenaUpdate in pr task : drathee
2014-11-04 maszymanimplementation of the shared daughter cut in AliFemto...
2014-11-04 miweberBugfix:
2014-11-04 miweberCoverity Fix:
2014-11-04 miweberCoverity Fixes:
2014-11-03 miweberCoverity fix (
2014-11-03 miweberCoverity Fix CID 22307:
2014-11-03 maszymancoverity fix
2014-11-01 sjenaUpdate OnFly Pid Corr:debojit
2014-10-31 miweberRefined fitting function for range determination:
2014-10-31 sjenaUpdate in Two Particle Corr: debojit
2014-10-31 sjenaAdding class for pr OnFly Task: sjena
2014-10-31 sjenaAdding class for pr OnFly Task: sjena
2014-10-30 rbertens from nagmeh: addtask for pid config task and updates...
2014-10-30 dgangadhUpdate to femto ESE code (Alice Ohlson)
2014-10-30 lmilano2+1 update from Markus
2014-10-29 miweberUpdate drawing macro:
2014-10-29 sjenaUpdate in Trigger PID Corr: Debojit
2014-10-28 maszymanincluding possibility of selecting negatively charged...
2014-10-28 alibitsMoving required CMake version from 2.8.4 to 2.8.8
2014-10-28 maszymanincluding possibility of selecting negatively charged...
2014-10-28 alibitsMoving required CMake version from 2.8.4 to 2.8.8
2014-10-27 hristovAdding using std::...
2014-10-27 miweberBugfix for empty event mixing histograms
2014-10-27 rbertens removed unnecessary include path
2014-10-27 mflorisFixing compilation issues after merging
2014-10-27 mflorisAdded dynamic_cast to AliAnalysisTaskFemtoESE.cxx ...
2014-10-27 mflorisCompleted changes needed because of previous commit
2014-10-27 mflorisAliAODEvent::GetHeader() returns AliVHeader
2014-10-27 mflorisCorrected getters after renaming
2014-10-27 mflorisUndoing some unwanted method renames
2014-10-27 afestantFixed issue in PWGCF/Correlations/DPhi/AliAnalysisTaskD...
2014-10-27 afestantAdding PWGCF/Correlations/DPhi/AliAnalysisTaskDptDptQA.cxx
2014-10-27 afestantAliAODTrack::GetNtracks()->AliAODTrack::GetNumberOfTracks()
2014-10-27 rirussochanges for Vertex and Tracks classes
2014-10-27 afestantAdded commet to explain AliAODTrack::fType, AliAODTrack...
2014-10-27 afestantAliAODEvent::GetNTracks() changed with AliAODEvent...
2014-10-23 maszymanupdates in macros for Femto QA in train
2014-10-23 miweberChange output filename for Lego Train running
2014-10-22 maszymanmacros for Femto QA in train
2014-10-21 sjenaAdding onfly task for PIDCorr: Subikash
2014-10-21 sjenaUpdate on Two Particle Pid Corr: Debojit
2014-10-21 sjenaUpdate on DptDpt Corr: prabhat
2014-10-20 maszymannew class for momentum resolution study in kaon analysis
2014-10-20 maszymanimproved comments in V0 origin analysis
2014-10-17 miweberChanges in drawing macros:
2014-10-16 maszymanadded extraction of V0s origin
2014-10-16 lmilanoinvariant mass histograms for like and unlike sign...
2014-10-16 dgangadhAdd a Config macro (Ashutosh)
2014-10-15 sjenaFix compilation error on C++11 in EbyEPidRatio : sjena
2014-10-15 sjenaFix compilation error on C++11 in NetPartile : sjena
2014-10-15 sjenaC++11 error fixing PR task: sjena
2014-10-14 miweberCoverity Fix: variable 'nrPairs' set but not used
2014-10-14 miweberCoverity fixes:
2014-10-14 maszymannew macro for Pion Source Imaging