Fix for coverity defects
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGCF /
2014-03-10 ekryshenNew task to produce lightweight events for correlation...
2014-03-10 sjenaAdded DptDpt QA Task
2014-03-10 sjenaAdded DptDpt QA Task
2014-03-10 sjenaAdded DptDpt QA Task
2014-03-10 sjenaUpdate from Prabhat and Debojit
2014-03-10 miwebervarious coverity fixes
2014-03-07 miweberbugfix: add kSPECIES for GetIntegratedTime
2014-03-07 miwebernormalization of event mixing only between 2/3pi and...
2014-03-07 maszymannew files for Kch HBT train
2014-03-06 sjenaupdate from sandun
2014-03-06 sjenaUpdate from sandun: V0Correlation
2014-03-06 sjenaTriggerPID: Updates from Debojit
2014-03-06 sjenaUpadates from Debojit: TriggerPID
2014-03-06 lmilanoupdate from Prabhat
2014-03-05 maszymanadding possibility to select only primary protons for...
2014-03-04 miweberbugfix: Use FindBin for correction matrix (otherwise...
2014-03-03 maszymancommenting the printouts
2014-03-03 maszymanfix in reading TPC signal in MC analysis (AliFemtoEvent...
2014-03-03 maszymanupdated config file for Kaon Femto train
2014-03-03 miweberbugfix (phi range for correction map, was done in deg...
2014-03-03 maszymanupdate to use DCA from global tracks on TPC-only
2014-03-03 maszymanupdate for using DCA from global tracks on TPC-only...
2014-03-03 maszymanNew train files for Ashutosh's analysis
2014-03-01 lmilanoupdate from Prabhat
2014-02-27 miweberupdating correction maps (asymmetric pT bins) for pPb...
2014-02-27 sjenaFix from Debojit: Container Name
2014-02-27 lmilanoupdate from Prabhat
2014-02-27 maszymanupdate in ProtonFemto train
2014-02-27 maszymanKch train: DCA vs PropagateToDCA study
2014-02-26 miweberupdating correction maps (asymmetric pT bins) for PbPb...
2014-02-26 miweber- adding customization for FilterBitQA task (centrality...
2014-02-24 maszymanupdates in esd chain kine reader; added function to...
2014-02-24 dgangadhNew train files for Ashutosh's analysis
2014-02-24 sjenaTriggerPID: Updates from Debojit
2014-02-20 miwebervariable width for LCC
2014-02-20 sjenaPID Higher Moemnt from Nirbhay
2014-02-19 lmilanoupdate from Prabhat
2014-02-18 miweberadding electron rejection to eff cont task (same way...
2014-02-18 maszymanupdate in Proton Femto train
2014-02-18 maszymanusing DCA() and ZAtDca() instead of PropagateToDca
2014-02-17 sjenaUpdates from Debojit: PID Corr
2014-02-16 lmilanoupdate from Prabhat
2014-02-16 lmilanoupdate from Prabhat
2014-02-14 miweberget correct bins for event stats averaging
2014-02-14 miwebermodification of DCA histograms
2014-02-14 lmilanoupdate from Prabhat
2014-02-13 rbertens PWGCF/FLOW/macros/AddTaskFlowStrange.C
2014-02-13 lmilanoupdate from Alice
2014-02-12 miwebernew task for AOD filter bit QA
2014-02-12 lmilanoupdate from Alice
2014-02-10 lmilanoupdate from ALICE
2014-02-10 sjenaUpdates in Two particle PID corr
2014-02-10 rbertens fix for unsafe propagation of dca (moved to doing...
2014-02-10 rbertensadding internal check and more options for flow
2014-02-10 dgangadhEmploy MV pile-up cut for pp. Add more Nch histograms...
2014-02-08 miweberFix: Cloning tracks before PropagateToDCA (track paramt...
2014-02-05 sjenaFix for common output file
2014-02-05 miwebermodify way of averaging over different centrality and...
2014-02-05 sjenasuppressing std-ouputs
2014-02-05 hristovAdd using std::
2014-02-04 rbertens change file permissions, expand systematic check and...
2014-02-03 miweberadding local charge conservation model and efficiency...
2014-02-03 dgangadhUpdate for 3-pion radii macros. Used for paper draft v2.
2014-02-03 dgangadhUpdate for plotting macros including muon corrections
2014-02-03 sjenaFix for user input file
2014-02-02 shahoian1)Substituted persistent AliAODTrack::fPID array by...
2014-01-31 loizideschmod 644
2014-01-31 sjenaFix to the missing entry AliPidPidCorrelationReducedTrack
2014-01-31 Mikolaj Krzewickiinitial checkin of the new flow development - from...
2014-01-30 sjenasuppressing std-ouputs
2014-01-30 lmilanoAliAnalysisTaskPhiEffMc added to CFDPhi lib
2014-01-30 sjenaHM - included pT bin-wise Np and Nm
2014-01-30 lmilanoAliAnalysisTaskPhiEffMc added
2014-01-29 rbertens removed unused code to attic
2014-01-29 sjenaUpdates in V0Correlation to run in 2011 data
2014-01-29 sjenaPID-PID Correlations Task added
2014-01-29 fnoferinfix for spectra in TGraphErrors
2014-01-29 sjenaPID-PID Task included
2014-01-29 sjenaFix to access the efficiency map file
2014-01-28 loizideshave macros here
2014-01-28 loizidesadded qparts
2014-01-27 jgrosseoadding cuts on crossed rows and found cluster fraction
2014-01-27 sjenaCoverity Fix for the DptDpt Code
2014-01-26 rbertens [ST] flow package documentation updates
2014-01-26 dgangadhundo asymmetric dE/dx cut
2014-01-25 Michael Weberbugfix for per-trigger yield with efficiency correction
2014-01-23 rbertens from naghmeh: adding AOD outlier cut for 2010 and...
2014-01-22 Jan Fiete Grosse... centrality weighting
2014-01-22 maszymanupdates in Proton Femto train
2014-01-22 sjenaAdded V1
2014-01-20 rbertens from carlos: Possibility to remove daughters with...
2014-01-20 Michael Weberchanges from Prabhat Ranjan Pujahari <>
2014-01-20 Michael Weberchanges for per-trigger yield and correct integrals...
2014-01-20 rbertens coverity fixes to strange flow task (from carlos)...
2014-01-17 agrigoraend-of-line normalization
2014-01-17 agrigoraend-of-line normalization
2014-01-15 hristovFix for end-of-line style
2014-01-15 hristovCorrected end-of-line behavior
2014-01-13 rbertens flow package documentation cleanup, dphi-dpt unfolding...
2014-01-13 dgangadhK0s analysis update (Matt Steinpreis)