Change Mult binning scheme
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGDQ / dielectron / AliDielectronHF.h
2013-04-29 jbook-reavert committs by Christoph
2013-04-26 cbaumann* additional variables forAsako
2013-04-23 cbaumannremoving commit, compile error
2013-04-23 cbaumannupdate of dielectron package, fixes division by zero...
2013-04-18 jbook-importent update for histos
2013-04-18 jbook-add new features to the histoarray
2013-03-21 jbook- HF can take now all kind of histograms
2012-10-10 jbook- add V0 qvector variables
2012-08-08 jbook-updates on the configs and HF incl.helper
2012-07-26 jbook-updates on HF for mc
2012-07-19 jbook-update on HF
2012-07-18 jbook-forgot to add the classes