Change Mult binning scheme
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGDQ / dielectron / AliDielectronVarManager.h
2013-08-14 jbook- add on-the-fly leg and pair efficiency calculation...
2013-06-13 jbook-update HFhelper for newly merged arrays
2013-06-03 jbook-documentation updates
2013-05-15 cbaumannupdates from Asako and Julian
2013-04-29 cbaumann* remove unused var
2013-04-29 jbook-reavert committs by Christoph
2013-04-26 cbaumann* additional variables forAsako
2013-04-23 cbaumannpartially port of current dielectron package, containin...
2013-04-23 cbaumannremoving commit, compile error
2013-04-23 cbaumannupdate of dielectron package, fixes division by zero...
2013-04-19 jbook-add nanoAOD support for TPC event plane
2013-04-04 jbook-add nsigma electron PID corrections
2013-03-28 jbook- tpc and vzero event plane angles are in [0,+pi],...
2013-03-21 jbook-new variables
2013-03-21 jbook- HF can take now all kind of histograms
2013-03-12 jbook- update on the aod filtering (fiorella)
2013-02-21 cbaumann* changed PID-status evaluation
2013-02-18 jbook-add PID default cuts to V0cuts
2013-02-15 jbook- setevent again at the beginnning otherwise prefilter...
2013-02-12 jbook- add non-linear binning to multidimensional objects
2013-01-29 jbook- updates on the filter (fiorella)
2013-01-28 jbook- add V0 cut class
2013-01-22 svnbitsAlways delete TObjArrays created by TString::Tokenize...
2013-01-22 jbook- add new variable NvtxContribTPC
2013-01-16 jbook-add qvectors magnitude, highest pt tracks phi to event...
2012-12-17 jbook- add more ep variables
2012-12-17 jbook- coverity fixes
2012-12-13 jbook-fix warnings for var-array
2012-12-12 jbook- add labels and units to vars/histos
2012-11-15 jbook-add trd chi2 for aods
2012-11-08 jbook-add variables HasCocktailMother,HasCocktailGrandMother...
2012-11-06 jbook-rm duplicate of cross rows variable
2012-11-06 jbookync gsi and aliroot trunk
2012-11-06 jbook- add var NcrossRowsTPC
2012-10-26 jbook- exclude TRD 2D pid variables (fix crash on grid)
2012-10-25 jbook- add trd and bit variables
2012-10-15 jbook- fill corrected tpc EP values
2012-10-11 cbaumannbugfix
2012-10-11 cbaumannmerge in changes from GSI repository
2012-10-10 jbook- add V0 qvector variables
2012-10-10 cbaumannfill variables for AODs
2012-09-10 wiechulao updates (Ionut)
2012-08-13 wiechulao updates
2012-08-09 jbook-add variables
2012-07-09 cbaumannUpadte from Taku
2012-07-05 jbook-its trk cut (julian)
2012-06-28 wiechulao add Delta vars for flow (Julian)
2012-06-27 wiechulao small fixes and coding violation corrections
2012-06-21 wiechulao updats (Julian)
2012-06-20 wiechulasmall change in the FillVarMCParticle2() function to...
2012-06-18 wiechulao updates for AOD MC (Julian)
2012-06-14 wiechulao catch null pointer
2012-06-04 wiechulao updates
2012-05-21 wiechulao add variables
2012-05-14 wiechulao fixes (Christoph Baumann)
2012-05-13 wiechulao small fix in mixing handler (bin finding)
2012-05-07 wiechulao update package
2012-04-26 wiechulao coverity fixes for bugs: 19933, 19963
2012-04-24 wiechulao update dielectron package
2012-04-08 wiechulao small bug fixed
2012-04-05 wiechulao update dielectron package
2012-01-23 hristovTransition PWG3/dielectron --> PWGDQ/dielectron