-> Changes to triggering scheme for p-Pb
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2013-01-22 jbook- add new variable NvtxContribTPC
2013-01-16 svnbitsFixed cmake files (Constantin)
2013-01-16 jbook-add qvectors magnitude, highest pt tracks phi to event...
2013-01-15 jbook-coverity fixes by Ionut
2013-01-10 wiechulao updates for nanoAODs (Fiorella)
2013-01-07 jbook- user updates
2013-01-03 jbook-beam energy setter
2013-01-03 jbook-fix beam energy issue for polarization parameters
2012-12-21 wiechulao updates (Fiorella)
2012-12-17 jbook-update of v2 task
2012-12-17 jbook- add more ep variables
2012-12-17 jbook- coverity fixes
2012-12-13 cbaumannchanges to AOD task
2012-12-13 jbook-fix warnings for var-array
2012-12-12 jbook- add labels and units to vars/histos
2012-12-11 jbook-updates of marcel
2012-12-10 cbaumannAdd Mahmut's pp task
2012-12-10 cbaumannreplace old ESD tasks with more flexible ones
2012-11-29 cbaumannAdd Analysis task used for pp Preliminary
2012-11-29 jbook- Fix problem with event mixing (TRef annoing stuff...
2012-11-29 cbaumannswitch off KF
2012-11-22 cbaumanncurrent AOD macros
2012-11-19 jbook-update
2012-11-15 jbook-add trd chi2 for aods
2012-11-13 jbook-user task updates
2012-11-12 cbaumannMB only task
2012-11-09 cbaumannupdate macros
2012-11-08 jbook-updates on user addtasks
2012-11-08 jbook-add variables HasCocktailMother,HasCocktailGrandMother...
2012-11-06 jbook-rm duplicate of cross rows variable
2012-11-06 jbookync gsi and aliroot trunk
2012-11-06 jbook- add var NcrossRowsTPC
2012-11-05 cbaumannswitch vertex selection
2012-11-05 cbaumannfix track selection
2012-11-05 wiechulao catch NULL pointer
2012-11-02 cbaumannchanges to macro
2012-11-02 jbook-fix for no signals
2012-11-01 jbook-updated user config
2012-11-01 jbook-add setter for mc inv.mass spectrum
2012-11-01 jbook-rm obsolete fit functionality
2012-11-01 jbook-add TPC vertex for AOD event cuts
2012-11-01 jbook-now you can fill track and pair variables of mc signal...
2012-11-01 cbaumannNcrossedRows cut adjusted
2012-11-01 cbaumannchange vertex definition
2012-10-30 cbaumannadjust analysis
2012-10-29 jbook-update jpsi QA task
2012-10-26 jbook- fix data container naming issues
2012-10-26 jbook- exclude TRD 2D pid variables (fix crash on grid)
2012-10-25 jbook-add new Raa QA task
2012-10-25 jbook- add trd and bit variables
2012-10-24 cbaumannfix alien loader
2012-10-22 jbook- fix for MC
2012-10-22 jbook-updates Julian
2012-10-18 jbook-updates by marcel
2012-10-18 cbaumannupdates, AOD fixes
2012-10-15 jbook- trigger selection+histos
2012-10-15 jbook- fill corrected tpc EP values
2012-10-15 jbook- user task updates
2012-10-11 cbaumannchange Config name
2012-10-11 jbook- output per trigger classes
2012-10-11 cbaumannbugfix
2012-10-11 cbaumannmerge in changes from GSI repository
2012-10-10 jbook- add V0 qvector variables
2012-10-10 cbaumannchange variables for AOD analysis
2012-10-10 cbaumannadd switch to macros
2012-10-10 cbaumannfill variables for AODs
2012-10-10 cbaumannAdd CrossedRows over Findable Cut
2012-10-08 wiechulao update files
2012-10-08 wiechulao remove constraint of local analysis
2012-10-08 cbaumannadd ITS Cut
2012-10-08 cbaumannmacro update
2012-10-04 jbook- updates for AN67
2012-10-01 jbook-updates
2012-09-27 jbook- update user task
2012-09-26 jbook- add new TRD pid
2012-09-17 cbaumannupdate macros
2012-09-15 wiechulao fix
2012-09-13 wiechulao remove printout
2012-09-13 wiechulao add possibility to distinguish between radiative...
2012-09-10 wiechulao updates (Ionut)
2012-08-30 wiechulao Updates (Ionut)
2012-08-29 hristovFixes for the trunk: compilation on Lion (Yves)
2012-08-28 jbook-updates marcel
2012-08-28 cbaumannUpdates to Macro
2012-08-27 wiechulao add correction for LHC11a 2.76 pass2 (Markus Fasel)
2012-08-21 wiechulao fixes for std
2012-08-20 jbook-config update (mixing)
2012-08-16 jbook- HFhelper updates
2012-08-13 wiechulao updates
2012-08-09 jbook-add variables
2012-08-09 jbook-update
2012-08-08 jbook-updates on the configs and HF incl.helper
2012-08-02 cbaumannupdate from Taku
2012-08-01 shahoianBringing CMakeLists under svn maintenance
2012-07-26 cbaumannUpdates Taku
2012-07-26 jbookupdates markus
2012-07-26 jbook-updates on HF for mc
2012-07-19 jbook-update on HF
2012-07-19 cbaumannupdate from Markus
2012-07-18 jbook-forgot to add the classes