Using a conservative 3% estimate for the K0s signal extraction systematics. Using...
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGDQ /
2012-07-12 cbaumannchange analysis macros
2012-07-09 jbook-user task update (julian)
2012-07-09 cbaumannupdate Tasks
2012-07-09 cbaumannadditional bug fix from Ionut
2012-07-09 cbaumannAdd PhiV also to .cxx, update by Ionut
2012-07-09 cbaumannUpadte from Taku
2012-07-09 cbaumannnew Tasks by Taku
2012-07-06 jbook-updates to reduced events (ionut)
2012-07-05 cbaumannupdate macros to use new mass calculation
2012-07-05 jbook-updates marcel
2012-07-05 jbook-its trk cut (julian)
2012-07-05 jbook-updates (julian)
2012-07-04 jbook- modifications for reduced trees (Ionut)
2012-07-02 jbook-change pt cut
2012-07-02 jbook-update speed up qa task
2012-07-02 cbaumannupload change for Ionut
2012-06-29 cbaumannfix separator
2012-06-29 cbaumannupdate from Taku
2012-06-28 cbaumannAdd variables
2012-06-28 jbook-updates
2012-06-28 cbaumannAdd missed macro
2012-06-28 cbaumannadd macros to run analyses more granuarly
2012-06-28 wiechulao add Delta vars for flow (Julian)
2012-06-28 wiechulao fixes
2012-06-27 wiechulao cosmetic fix
2012-06-27 wiechulao small fixes and coding violation corrections
2012-06-25 wiechulao updated AddTask (Ionut)
2012-06-25 cbaumannadding first version of Taku's task
2012-06-25 cbaumannadd flag
2012-06-22 wiechulacoverity fix 20138
2012-06-21 wiechulao add Reduced Event
2012-06-21 cbaumannAdd macros for GRID tests of new tasks
2012-06-21 jbook-add filter bit cut for aod
2012-06-21 wiechulao updats (Julian)
2012-06-21 cbaumannadd markus, bugfix
2012-06-21 cbaumannNew Macro for Taku/Efficiency, updates
2012-06-20 cbaumannAdd BAsic CF signals to pp
2012-06-20 wiechulasmall change in the FillVarMCParticle2() function to...
2012-06-20 cbaumannFix location dependent paths, enable toggle for CF...
2012-06-20 cbaumannfix namespace collision, add variable to CF
2012-06-19 cbaumannadjust path
2012-06-19 cbaumannadd robust defaults
2012-06-18 cbaumannchange cuts
2012-06-18 wiechulao updates for AOD MC (Julian)
2012-06-18 jbook-add user task of michael
2012-06-14 wiechulao catch null pointer
2012-06-14 jbook-updates marcel and julian
2012-06-14 cbaumannactivate wider tpc cut
2012-06-14 cbaumannadjust cuts
2012-06-11 cbaumannenable switch for MC
2012-06-11 jbook-binning ME
2012-06-11 jbook-update
2012-06-07 cbaumannFix Output container
2012-06-07 jbook-add aod debug level to avoid huge logfiles when testin...
2012-06-04 wiechulao updates
2012-06-04 jbook-updates by fiorella
2012-06-04 cbaumannactivate CF for MC
2012-05-31 cbaumannbug fixes
2012-05-24 cbaumannFix histograms
2012-05-24 cbaumannUpdate AOD cuts
2012-05-24 jbook-fiorellas update
2012-05-24 jbook-fix AOD cuts
2012-05-23 cbaumannswitch off or Analysis
2012-05-23 cbaumannUpdate Cuts
2012-05-23 jbookadd directory with root files for different kinds of...
2012-05-22 jbook-add fiorellas b2jpsi
2012-05-21 wiechulao add variables
2012-05-21 jbook-add mc boolean for aod analysis
2012-05-17 cbaumannAdd macros for first AOD tests
2012-05-16 wiechulao fix for coverity 20084
2012-05-14 wiechulao fixes (Christoph Baumann)
2012-05-14 cbaumannUpdate Cuts
2012-05-13 wiechulao small fix in mixing handler (bin finding)
2012-05-10 cbaumannUpdate Macros for next tag
2012-05-10 wiechulao macros and classes for Raa of 2010 data (Ionut)
2012-05-09 jbook- add v2 task for julian
2012-05-07 wiechulao update package
2012-05-07 jbook-add user task of julian
2012-05-07 jbook-add dir for jpsi macros
2012-05-07 cbaumannadd new config for pp, LMEE
2012-05-03 cbaumannmodify Includes for LEGO train
2012-05-02 cbaumannchange include line
2012-04-27 cbaumannFix paths
2012-04-26 wiechulao coverity fixes for bugs: 19933, 19963
2012-04-25 cbaumannnew set of macros for LMEE-PAG
2012-04-24 jbook- test commit
2012-04-24 wiechulao update dielectron package
2012-04-17 wiechulao fix for coverity bug 19907
2012-04-12 wiechulao small update for signal extraction
2012-04-08 wiechulao small bug fixed
2012-04-05 wiechulao update dielectron package
2012-03-23 wiechulao check
2012-02-23 hristovRestored PAR file functionallity: make test-par-all...
2012-02-08 atoiaadded runlist to be submitted with AddRunsPbPb.C
2012-02-08 atoiaadded runlist to be submitted with AddRunsPbPb.C
2012-02-08 atoiaadded runlist to be submitted with AddRunsPbPb.C
2012-02-08 atoiaupdate histo bins
2012-02-07 atoiainitial commit
2012-02-07 atoiaupdate readme
2012-02-07 jthaederadded readme file with short description (Alberica)