Updates to AddTask macro from Chris
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGDQ /
2014-01-02 Julian BookMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-01-02 Julian BookMerge branch 'workdir'
2014-01-02 Julian Book-updates
2013-12-19 Jens WiechulaUpdates Remi
2013-12-19 Julian Book-rm debug infos
2013-12-19 Julian Book-updated config (marcel)
2013-12-18 Jens WiechulaCoverity fixes 16727, 19855
2013-12-18 Julian Book-remove print statement
2013-12-18 Julian BookMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2013-12-18 Julian BookMerge branch 'workdir'
2013-12-18 Julian Book-loading of eff maps and pid corrections on grid
2013-12-18 Julian Book-updated task (marcel)
2013-12-17 hristov Fix for Coverity defect 22271
2013-12-16 Julian Book-add eff map to dielectron init
2013-12-16 Julian Book-add eff maps to dielectron init
2013-12-16 Julian Bookvarm update
2013-12-12 Julian Book-updated addtask marcel
2013-12-11 Julian Book-add ITS nsigmas in AOD
2013-12-11 Julian Book-add run selection in event cuts
2013-12-11 Julian Book-add its signal AOD
2013-12-10 Julian Book-dca pair
2013-12-06 Julian Bookupdate config
2013-12-06 Julian Book-fix rndm RP
2013-12-03 jbook-fix for weighted TH1,2,3
2013-12-02 jbook-fix asako part1
2013-11-28 jbook-change order of cuts (should speed up a little)
2013-11-27 wiechulaadded new parameter kGetPairPlaneAngle to AliDielectron...
2013-11-26 morschtypo fix
2013-11-25 jbook-add pt^2 variable
2013-11-25 jbook-coverity
2013-11-25 jbook-ownership fix
2013-11-25 jbook-add mc particles impact parameter
2013-11-21 jbook-add qa histograms
2013-11-21 jbook-add ownership for two parts of histogram list
2013-11-21 jbook-solve coverity defect
2013-11-18 jbook-add trigger mask variables
2013-11-14 tgunjiupdate from Mahmut
2013-11-14 tgunjiupdate from Mahmut
2013-11-12 jbook-small fix for pdg code of grandmothers
2013-11-08 jbook-fixes for MC pdgcodes used for cuts and plotting ...
2013-11-07 jbook-add pdg exclusion range for all open charm,beauty...
2013-11-07 jbook-add random variable
2013-11-03 wiechulao updates for PbPb analysis of B->J/psi (Fiorella)
2013-11-02 hongyanadding Mahmut's task
2013-10-31 jbook-reversed order of signals and pair types in HF
2013-10-31 jbook-modified qa task
2013-10-24 jbook-fix for new introduced stupid bug
2013-10-24 jbook-sync with gsi repository
2013-10-22 hristovCorrected EINCLUDE
2013-10-10 wiechulao Modify PairEventPlane angle calculation (Asako)
2013-10-10 wiechulao modify default macro
2013-10-06 wiechulao Add configuration for default QA task
2013-10-02 tgunjiTRD trig. analysis
2013-10-02 tgunjiTRD trig. analysis
2013-09-16 jbook- test comiit
2013-09-16 jbook-test commit
2013-09-16 hongyanAdd task macro for Patrick
2013-08-29 jbook-updates (ShinIchi)
2013-08-28 jbook- coverity and rare case MC fix
2013-08-26 jbook-iarsene: FMD includes commented out
2013-08-26 jbook-remove dependence on LF
2013-08-20 jbook-fix for Ionuts ttree stuff (thanks to markus)
2013-08-20 cbaumanncleanup of Christoph's tasks
2013-08-19 jbook-fix warnings (Ionut)
2013-08-19 jbook- updates by Ionut to the reduced tree event
2013-08-19 cbaumannupdate ShinIchi's Add Task
2013-08-15 jbook-fix for mc
2013-08-15 cbaumannchange MB trigger for pp2012
2013-08-15 cbaumannfix string
2013-08-14 jbook- add on-the-fly leg and pair efficiency calculation...
2013-08-14 jbook-change multi task to single tasks (reduced cf container)
2013-08-14 jbook-remove TOF inclusion cut
2013-08-13 cbaumannbug fixes ShinIchi & Mahmut
2013-08-09 cbaumannadd task for ShinIchi
2013-08-09 cbaumannupdate of Mahmut's tasks
2013-07-30 jbook-add protection (HF)
2013-07-11 cbaumannfix markus task
2013-07-04 cbaumannupdate from MArkus
2013-06-28 jbook- fix compiler warnings
2013-06-27 cbaumannupadte from Markus
2013-06-26 jbook-fix for pair cut qa
2013-06-25 jbook-reduce size of pairarray in HF
2013-06-25 jbook-add cut qa class
2013-06-24 jbook-update michael
2013-06-20 jbook-new user task for michael
2013-06-17 jbook- make static functions streamable
2013-06-13 jbook-update HFhelper for newly merged arrays
2013-06-10 cbaumannupdated task from Markus
2013-06-10 jbook-some more doc
2013-06-10 jbook-increase class def
2013-06-10 jbook-add v0 finder selection
2013-06-06 jbook- fix for merging, when only some of pair type arrays...
2013-06-04 jbook-correct order of classes
2013-06-04 jbook- remove printouts
2013-06-04 jbook-large update on the signal extraction classes
2013-06-03 jbook-add option to skip the first event for ME
2013-06-03 jbook-documentation updates
2013-05-24 cbaumannmore updates from Markus
2013-05-24 cbaumannupdates for Markus
2013-05-23 jbook-change of output file(michael)