Fix for ITS nsigma (Annalisa)
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGDQ /
2013-04-04 jbook-default TRD PIDs
2013-04-04 jbook-add nsigma electron PID corrections
2013-04-03 jbook-config update markus
2013-03-28 jbook- tpc and vzero event plane angles are in [0,+pi],...
2013-03-28 jbook- use cached event data in mixing handler
2013-03-27 cbaumannnew task MK
2013-03-26 jbook-V0 finder for MC same as in data
2013-03-25 jbook-forgot to increase class def of PID
2013-03-25 jbook-add new PID execution ranges by adding a varcut object...
2013-03-21 cbaumannconsistent PID for centralities
2013-03-21 jbook-add new default pids
2013-03-21 jbook-new variables
2013-03-21 jbook-user task updates
2013-03-21 jbook- HF can take now all kind of histograms
2013-03-18 wiechulao Add fitter for B -> J/psi analysis (Annalisa)
2013-03-18 jbook- updates (fiorella)
2013-03-18 cbaumannupdates Tasks Asako
2013-03-14 cbaumannupdaet pp tas
2013-03-14 cbaumannbugfix by Asako
2013-03-13 cbaumannupdate tasks Asako, split for better efficiency
2013-03-12 jbook- update on the aod filtering (fiorella)
2013-03-11 cbaumannsmall fixes to pp(CB) and Asako's task
2013-03-07 cbaumannadjust output filename for LEGO
2013-03-07 cbaumannAdd task for Asako
2013-02-28 cbaumannadjust theo's filename
2013-02-21 cbaumann* changed PID-status evaluation
2013-02-21 cbaumannmove to common filename, fix typo
2013-02-18 cbaumannUpdate tasks CB
2013-02-18 jbook- cosmetics to hist axis
2013-02-18 jbook-add PID default cuts to V0cuts
2013-02-18 cbaumannFix container name for SemiCent task
2013-02-18 cbaumannupdate task cbaumann
2013-02-15 jbook- setevent again at the beginnning otherwise prefilter...
2013-02-15 cbaumannadjust trigger string
2013-02-14 jbook-rm const in FillHistograms
2013-02-14 jbook-fix
2013-02-14 jbook-protection for overwritten event data due to mixing
2013-02-14 jbook- add a little faster cut execution
2013-02-14 cbaumannupdate tasks for PbPb analysis
2013-02-13 jbook-rm printout
2013-02-13 jbook- histos: filling with THnBase
2013-02-13 jbook- remove warnings
2013-02-12 jbook- coverity fix
2013-02-12 jbook- add non-linear binning to multidimensional objects
2013-02-11 jbook-one more user update (michael)
2013-02-11 jbook- update user tasks
2013-02-11 cbaumannupdate task Theo
2013-02-11 cbaumannupdate LMEE analyses
2013-02-08 jbook- use base class for multidimensional objects
2013-02-07 jbook- update
2013-02-07 jbook- remove overwriting
2013-02-07 jbook-add multidimensional objects to histomanager
2013-02-04 jbook- change directory for config
2013-02-04 cbaumannUpdate Mahmut's tasks
2013-02-04 jbook-remove printouts
2013-02-04 jbook- user task updates
2013-02-04 cbaumannUpdated AddTask for pPb
2013-01-31 jbook- improve V0 cuts implementation
2013-01-31 jbook- user task update (michael)
2013-01-30 jbook-add new cut class to pkg and linkdef
2013-01-29 jbook- updates on the filter (fiorella)
2013-01-29 jbook- add new and update user tasks
2013-01-28 jbook- fix init of trackfilter
2013-01-28 jbook- updates on reduced events (Ionut)
2013-01-28 cbaumannAdd Theo's task for p+Pb
2013-01-28 jbook- forgot var cuts update
2013-01-28 jbook- add V0 cut class
2013-01-22 svnbitsAlways delete TObjArrays created by TString::Tokenize...
2013-01-22 jbook- add new variable NvtxContribTPC
2013-01-16 svnbitsFixed cmake files (Constantin)
2013-01-16 jbook-add qvectors magnitude, highest pt tracks phi to event...
2013-01-15 jbook-coverity fixes by Ionut
2013-01-10 wiechulao updates for nanoAODs (Fiorella)
2013-01-07 jbook- user updates
2013-01-03 jbook-beam energy setter
2013-01-03 jbook-fix beam energy issue for polarization parameters
2012-12-21 wiechulao updates (Fiorella)
2012-12-17 jbook-update of v2 task
2012-12-17 jbook- add more ep variables
2012-12-17 jbook- coverity fixes
2012-12-13 cbaumannchanges to AOD task
2012-12-13 jbook-fix warnings for var-array
2012-12-12 jbook- add labels and units to vars/histos
2012-12-11 jbook-updates of marcel
2012-12-10 cbaumannAdd Mahmut's pp task
2012-12-10 cbaumannreplace old ESD tasks with more flexible ones
2012-11-29 cbaumannAdd Analysis task used for pp Preliminary
2012-11-29 jbook- Fix problem with event mixing (TRef annoing stuff...
2012-11-29 cbaumannswitch off KF
2012-11-22 cbaumanncurrent AOD macros
2012-11-19 jbook-update
2012-11-15 jbook-add trd chi2 for aods
2012-11-13 jbook-user task updates
2012-11-12 cbaumannMB only task
2012-11-09 cbaumannupdate macros
2012-11-08 jbook-updates on user addtasks
2012-11-08 jbook-add variables HasCocktailMother,HasCocktailGrandMother...
2012-11-06 jbook-rm duplicate of cross rows variable
2012-11-06 jbookync gsi and aliroot trunk
2012-11-06 jbook- add var NcrossRowsTPC