few changes in configuration VertexingHF for filtering pp 2010 data
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGGA / CMakelibPWGGAEMCALTasks.pkg
2014-06-26 gconesabadd new reference task for photon isolation studies
2014-06-18 mcosentiremoving the remaining class of Xiangrong's deprecated...
2014-06-18 mcosentiremoving old Xiangrong's task (unused and "coverity...
2014-04-29 fbock- added tasks by Jason Kamin to PWGGA/EMCALTasks
2014-03-28 mmarquarAdding AliAnalysisTaskEMCALIsolation to PWGGA/EMCALTasks
2013-12-16 Constantin LoizidesAdded dep on ANALYSIS/ESDfilter
2013-10-22 hristovCorrected EINCLUDE, compilation with Root6
2013-06-13 fbockchecked in Astrids Task to EMCALTasks
2013-02-09 kharlovSince PHOSTasks/PHOS_PbPb/AliPHOSEPFlattener is replaced by
2013-02-08 loizidesfix from Alina
2013-02-07 loizidespotential fix
2012-09-03 mcosentiincluding Andre Stahl's task
2012-08-05 loizidescreate general emcal task lib
2012-06-27 mcosentichanging one of user xzhu class name
2012-06-21 mcosentiincluding tasks for user xizhu
2012-06-10 loizidescleanup
2012-06-10 loizidesHanseul task
2012-06-07 mcosentiincluding task to produce final histograms on isolated...
2012-06-07 mcosentiincluding user's task fzhou
2012-06-03 loizidesadded classes
2012-05-29 loizidesadd mc track cut class
2012-05-28 loizidesmoved to jets
2012-05-09 loizidesmove to jet tasks
2012-05-07 loizidesupdates from Salvatore
2012-05-01 loizidesrename to salvatores tasks
2012-05-01 loizidesadded qa task
2012-04-24 mcosentiincluding some more changes in the Tender task (saiola)
2012-04-24 mcosentitaking out AliEmcalTenderTask from the compilation...
2012-04-23 mcosentiincluding new changes from Salvatore
2012-04-18 mcosentiincluding new Salvatore's patch
2012-04-11 mcosentiincluding Salvatore's (saiola) tasks and macros for...
2012-04-03 loizidesRename from Esd to Emcal and cleanup
2012-04-02 loizidesfactorize tasks
2012-03-15 gconesabadd OADB dependency
2012-03-13 mcosentiincluding add task macro and link/builder changes for...
2012-02-23 mcosentiincluding task to run in PWGGA train
2012-02-09 loizidesfirst supposedly working version
2012-02-07 loizidesadded compat and track matcher task
2012-02-01 gconesabChanges for 2012 data analysis
2012-01-29 loizidesadd pico track
2012-01-23 hristovTransition PWG4 --> PWGGA