parametrizing the output containers names according to trigger type
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGGA / EMCALTasks / macros / AddTaskEMCALIsoPhoton.C
2014-02-18 mcosentiparametrizing the output containers names according...
2014-02-13 mcosentiincluding QA histograms and an additional output contai...
2013-11-18 mcosentichanging the order of the newest input parameter
2013-11-18 mcosentiincluding EMCal geometry explicitly as an input parameter
2013-08-01 mcosenticov fix + some extra features on matrices import
2012-10-09 mcosentimaking the container name parameterized
2012-10-08 mcosenticompleting the change
2012-10-08 mcosentiincluding option to select files to be analysed
2012-09-13 mcosentitesting if mc before select collision candidates
2012-09-10 mcosentiincluding MC features
2012-06-19 mcosentiincluding a parameter to set the trigger bit option
2012-06-18 mcosentibugfix
2012-06-07 mcosentiincluding task to produce final histograms on isolated...