-Move cent, z axis into sparse
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGGA / GammaConv / AliAnalysisTaskPi0v2.cxx
2013-09-24 kharlovCode fixes, important for c++98, necessary for c++11...
2013-06-11 dlohnermacro for lego train + small io bugfix
2013-06-03 dlohnerbugfix
2013-04-04 fbockremoved old software from directory, fixed Addtask...
2013-03-21 fbockupdated task to make it possible to run on the grid
2013-03-12 dlohnerfix
2013-03-12 dlohnercopy constructors and fixes for streamer
2013-02-27 loizidessync with Gsi (from Martin)
2012-10-18 fbockadded material task
2012-08-13 dlohnerremove warnings
2012-08-09 dlohnerchecking pi0v2 analysis