TENDER becomes Tender, removing .so
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGGA / GammaConv / AliAnalysisTaskdPhi.cxx
2014-07-07 fbockMAYOR commit to separate Event and Conversion Cuts...
2014-02-05 slindal add track eff map
2014-01-27 slindal delete constrained tracks for all filters
2014-01-23 Svein LindalSet histogram names based on macro input
2014-01-22 Svein Lindaldelete constrained tracks for all filters
2013-12-08 Svein Lindalupdate aod track cuts
2013-11-28 slindalset magnetic field if not set
2013-11-22 slindalupdate the tracks and gammas array set up
2013-11-22 slindalRevert to previous version of dphi task
2013-11-20 slindal-update track cuts
2013-11-12 slindalconv gamma dphi task:
2013-11-07 slindal-Move cent, z axis into sparse
2013-10-14 fbockcommitted modifications by Svein
2013-09-05 fbockchanged cutnumbers, submitted sveins changes
2013-03-21 fbockupdated task to make it possible to run on the grid
2012-08-09 dlohnersync
2012-05-03 slindalSquashed commit of the following:
2012-05-03 slindaltets
2012-04-23 slindalcoverity fix + cosmetic changes
2012-04-18 slindalchanges from gsi. Using mult if no centrality. testfilt...
2012-04-18 slindalcosmetic changes
2012-04-18 slindaltesting commit
2012-04-18 slindalchanging order or z c bins
2012-02-23 slindalmoving convcorr files to gammaconv dir
2012-02-23 slindaladding a histo to track cuts
2012-02-23 slindaladding changes from gsi
2012-02-23 slindaladding track cut filter. Only add used ME tracks to ME
2012-02-23 slindalFixing run over AOD.
2012-02-04 slindalMoving ME processing to corr object
2012-01-23 hristovTransition PWG4 --> PWGGA