-Move cent, z axis into sparse
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGGA / GammaConv / AliConversionTrackCuts.cxx
2013-11-07 slindal-Move cent, z axis into sparse
2013-10-14 fbockcommitted modifications by Svein
2013-03-21 fbockupdated task to make it possible to run on the grid
2012-08-09 dlohnersync
2012-04-23 slindalcoverity fix + cosmetic changes
2012-04-18 slindalchanges from gsi. Using mult if no centrality. testfilt...
2012-04-18 slindalcosmetic changes
2012-02-29 slindalcoverity fix
2012-02-23 slindalmoving convcorr files to gammaconv dir