TENDER becomes Tender, removing .so
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGGA / GammaConv / macros / AddTask_GammaConvDalitzQAV1_pPb.C
2014-12-15 hristovTENDER becomes Tender, removing .so
2014-12-05 lleardinmodified photon cut strings in AddTasks for phi cut
2014-11-24 pgonzaleNew histogramas and new cuts for QA
2014-11-07 pgonzaleBug in: New cut for gamma efficiency
2014-10-31 pgonzaleNew cut and histograms for photon calculation efficiency
2014-10-21 pgonzaleNew function for TrueChic added and a cut with open...
2014-07-22 pgonzaleAdd cut number string to the name of electron cut histo...
2014-07-09 pgonzaleAdd task for pPb updated to run with the new class...
2014-07-03 pgonzaleNew cuts for Gamma radius
2014-07-02 pgonzaleNew cuts for psi-pair added and smearing for electrons
2014-07-01 pgonzaleMemory leak fixed, new histograms for eta, new psi...
2014-06-18 pgonzaleSmearing for the virtual photons, new e+e- histos added
2014-06-09 pgonzaleV0 Multiplicity histo and new cuts for kAny, kFirst...
2014-04-30 pgonzaleNew cut for No psipair added
2014-04-23 pgonzalekBoth + R_photon > 35 cm no weights
2014-04-22 pgonzaleNew cuts with R_photon > 35 cm added
2014-04-16 pgonzaleNew histograms to check MultiplicityVsPhotons and new...
2014-04-08 fbock- changes by pedro in addtask for dalitz
2014-04-08 fbock- changes by Pedro on Dalitz task
2014-03-27 fbock- fixed QA task to be able to run properly on MC
2014-03-27 fbock- changes in Dalitztask
2014-03-25 fbock- fixed QA task to be able to run properly on MC
2014-03-12 fbock- changes in Dalitztask
2014-03-06 fbockchanges by Pedro Gonzales
2014-03-03 fbock- dalitz code changes by Pedro Gonzales
2014-02-27 fbock- changes by pedro for dalitz
2014-02-20 fbock- changes in Dalitz code