K0s analysis update (Matt Steinpreis)
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGGA / PHOSTasks /
2013-11-29 gconesabremove idle dependencies on CaloTrackCorr classes
2013-11-25 kharlovMacros for post-processing histograms produced by AliAn...
2013-11-20 kharlov1) K0S histogram is added
2013-10-22 hristovCorrected EINCLUDE, compilation with Root6
2013-10-20 kharlovBug fix in AddTaskPHOSPi0pPb.C. Remove redundant macro...
2013-10-17 kharlovBug in pileup rejection fixed (Boris)
2013-10-13 kharlov AddTaskPHOSPi0pPb.C is reworked to provide flexibility...
2013-10-07 kharlovArray initialization corrected
2013-10-07 kharlovSetter to change centrality estimator is added
2013-09-25 kharlovCode fixes, important for c++98, necessary for c++11:
2013-09-24 kharlovCode fixes, important for c++98, necessary for c++11...
2013-09-16 kharlovCoverity fix
2013-09-13 kharlovUpdates for bunch crossing pileup, event selection...
2013-09-06 kharlovBug with histogram weight corrected (Boris)
2013-08-10 kharlovBug in weight setting is fixed (Boris Polishchuk)
2013-08-07 hqvigstain internal trigger selection, no GetTriggerMask unless...
2013-08-01 prsnkoCoverity fix
2013-07-26 prsnkoFilling secondaries enabled
2013-07-25 prsnkoProtection against crash in rapidity Y() calculation...
2013-07-25 prsnkoProcessMC() moved _after_ SelectPhotonClusters()
2013-07-17 kharlovFillSecondaries() commented out (B.Polishchuk)
2013-07-17 prsnkoAdd possibility to work with ESD; add centrality dependence
2013-07-17 prsnkoAdded possibility to work with MC data
2013-07-15 prsnkoCode for tagging analysis
2013-07-08 kharlovCompilation warning fixed
2013-07-08 kharlovCoverity fix (Boris Polishchuk)
2013-07-08 prsnkoCoverity fix
2013-07-05 prsnkoSatoshi request: fTrig and fTime
2013-07-04 kharlovCompilation error corrected
2013-07-04 kharlovAnalysis task EpRatio added to aliroot build system
2013-07-03 kharlovAnalysis task for electron E/p ratio in PHOS
2013-06-20 hqvigstaMade weights AliAnalysisTaskPi0FlowMC unit, and moved...
2013-06-20 hqvigstafix: 1 cm origin test was set to 0.12
2013-06-20 hqvigstafixed bug where MC was not proccessed If empty PHOS...
2013-06-13 hqvigstaFixed TOF cut implementation
2013-06-12 hqvigstaEnabled TOF cut for pPb add task.
2013-06-12 hqvigstaFixed integer to float conversion, fixed bug in central...
2013-06-11 hqvigstaadded internal trigger selection
2013-06-11 hqvigstaAdded AllWideTOF PID
2013-06-11 hqvigstachanged default pass of addmacro to 1
2013-06-11 hqvigstaDefined enum for event selection.
2013-06-11 hqvigstaadded dump of files not found.
2013-06-11 hqvigstacleanup
2013-06-11 hqvigstaReversed order.
2013-05-27 prsnkoCoverity fixes
2013-05-15 hqvigstaAdded possibility of setting pass in AddAODPHOSTender.C
2013-05-14 loizidesFrom Hongshen
2013-05-08 hqvigstaAdd to PHOS single-task ability to run ESD
2013-05-08 hqvigstaAdded AddTask Macro for using AliAnalysisTaskPi0FlowMC...
2013-05-06 fbocksync with GSI svn for gammaConv + changes by Hongheng...
2013-05-06 hqvigstaAddded pPb vertex and pileup rejection,
2013-05-06 hqvigstaChanged fitting ranges for pPb.
2013-05-06 hqvigstaAdded more pTbins, fixed a bug in MakeRawProductionAllp...
2013-05-01 hqvigstaAdded particle weighting to MC task.
2013-04-29 fbockupdated AddTask for Hongsheng Zhu
2013-04-27 loizidesuser task from hongshen
2013-04-25 hqvigstaAdded comparison to PWGGA and som minor fixes, includin...
2013-04-24 hqvigstaAdded functionality for combining methodes/pid.
2013-04-19 hqvigstafixed some bugs/logical errors in DrawProduction.C
2013-04-19 hqvigstaIntroduced function void FitRanges(double lowerEdge...
2013-04-19 hqvigstaChanged Input::Input() to work with AnalysisResult...
2013-04-19 hqvigstaimproved logic of DrawProduction.C
2013-04-19 hqvigstaRawProduction::Output::Output now retains the cd
2013-04-15 hqvigstaremoved centrality binning by index in output and logic...
2013-04-15 hqvigstafixes to logic of Pi0FlowMC
2013-04-12 kharlovExtending last centrality bins from 80-90% to 80-100%
2013-04-11 kharlovCentrality edges <0% and >90% checks are removed
2013-04-09 hqvigstaAdded Pi0FlowMC
2013-04-09 hqvigstaadded FillHistogram for 3d Hists with weight
2013-04-09 hqvigstaPi0Flow now sets cluster pointer in CaloPhoton.
2013-04-09 hqvigstaAdded to PHOS AliCaloPhoton.h, functionality for having...
2013-04-09 hqvigstaAdded support for MC extension of Pi0Flow Task.
2013-04-09 prsnkoCoverity fixes
2013-04-08 prsnkoExtended pt range; corrected pi0/gamma weights
2013-04-04 hqvigstaAdded "test" mode instructions to README since they...
2013-04-04 hqvigstaChanges/Additions to Pi0Flow in relation to 2013 data.
2013-04-02 hqvigstaAdded libPWGGAUtils to single-task/setupPi0Flow.C
2013-04-02 hqvigstaMinor cleanup of CountRejected.C
2013-04-02 hqvigstaChanged to normalize raw production by pt.
2013-04-02 hqvigstaChanged to PWGGA agreed upon pt binning.
2013-04-02 hqvigstaAdded macro for plotting production after MakeRawProduc...
2013-03-25 hqvigstaadded .so to all libs.
2013-03-25 hqvigstaFix: add enable/disable module to streamer.
2013-03-25 hqvigstaimprovement to fitting range.
2013-03-15 hqvigstaimproved initial fit parameters
2013-03-15 hqvigstaChanged scalar of Event Mixing to use integral from...
2013-03-15 hqvigstaadded DrawRangeVariation.C
2013-03-12 hqvigstafix: modules should be enabled by default.
2013-03-11 hqvigstafixed false OVERRUN_STATIC
2013-03-08 prsnkoCorrected Disp2 bit setting; Choose events for mixing...
2013-03-05 hqvigstaadded CountRejected.C
2013-03-05 hqvigstabug fix: deletion should happen prior to creation of...
2013-03-05 hqvigstamoved input to outer loop, improves memory consumption.
2013-03-05 hqvigstaRemoved use of "bracket initilization" of member array.
2013-03-05 hqvigstaAdded analysis of set of ranges to MakeRawProduction.C
2013-03-04 hqvigstaDisabled module 2 in AddTaskPHOSPi0pPb.C
2013-03-04 hqvigstaAdded ability to enable/disable PHOS modules from analysis.
2013-03-04 hqvigstaFixed bug where local char[] was returned by function.
2013-03-04 hqvigstaupdate for 2012-02-27 meeting.
2013-03-04 hqvigstaAdded GetCentString() to MakeRawProduction.C