Removed hardcoded AliESDs.root in AliESDInputHandler(RP)::Notify()
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGGA /
2012-05-18 mcosenticoverity fixes
2012-05-17 loizidesadded classes for background and jet modeling from...
2012-05-17 gconesab added run dependent corrections on T for calibration...
2012-05-17 loizidessync with pdsf
2012-05-17 loizidesadded
2012-05-17 loizidesupdates from Salvatore
2012-05-17 loizidesadapt to new class
2012-05-17 loizidesupdates from pdsf
2012-05-17 loizidesupdate from pdsf plus tparameter change
2012-05-17 loizidesupdate from pdsf
2012-05-17 loizidesstatic casts should be ok
2012-05-17 loizidesupdates from pdsf plus pt cuts in match loop
2012-05-17 loizidesupdates from pdsf plus pt cuts in match loop
2012-05-17 loizidesexchange aod event
2012-05-17 loizidesadd exchange container
2012-05-17 loizidesadd rho base class
2012-05-17 loizidesAdd base class
2012-05-16 mcosentiincluding energy cell distribution
2012-05-15 gconesabcoverity
2012-05-14 loizidesunified macro
2012-05-14 loizidesUpdate from Salvatore
2012-05-14 loizidesupdates from salvatore
2012-05-14 loizidesupdates from salvatore
2012-05-14 loizidesimprovements to filter-out eta/phi for emcal
2012-05-14 gconesabbackward compatibility fix
2012-05-14 gconesabremove some histograms, change order of histograms...
2012-05-11 gconesabadd minor fixes to calibration task, add time cut,...
2012-05-11 loizidessync with emcaltrain version
2012-05-10 mcosentiincluding changes from user rjreed
2012-05-10 mcosentiadding files that were forgotten in the previous commit
2012-05-10 mcosentiporting some jet code from saiola, rjreed and mconnors
2012-05-09 loizidesmove to jet tasks
2012-05-09 loizidesclass def
2012-05-09 loizidesclass def
2012-05-09 loizides geometry and class def
2012-05-09 loizidespar file fix
2012-05-09 loizidespar file fix
2012-05-08 loizidesupdate with recent tasks
2012-05-08 loizidesfix from Salvatore
2012-05-08 loizidesfix
2012-05-08 loizidesupdates from Salvatore
2012-05-08 loizidesdeal with l0/l1 fors
2012-05-08 loizidesMoved to emcal tasks macro
2012-05-08 loizidescreate macros
2012-05-08 loizidescosmetics
2012-05-08 loizidesadjust taskname
2012-05-08 loizidesmemory leak
2012-05-08 loizidesadd task macro
2012-05-08 loizidesupdates from salvatore
2012-05-08 loizidesFirst simple particle EMbedding task
2012-05-08 loizides.par files
2012-05-08 kharlovPileup histograms, asymmetry for pi0 and eta corrected.
2012-05-08 gconesab update pi0 configuration with more options; ana.C...
2012-05-08 gconesabfix task to not depend on data type for standard cases...
2012-05-08 gconesabchange the non existing MC bool to the one defined
2012-05-07 loizidesupdates from Salvatore
2012-05-06 gconesabaddapt to changes in AddTaskEMCALClusterizer.C
2012-05-06 gconesabadd option to put new list of clusters in output or...
2012-05-06 gconesabFill raw clusters histogram, from input or output event...
2012-05-05 gconesabcoverity, GetRecoUtils was not returning the pointer...
2012-05-04 morschNew base class
2012-05-04 gconesabset the delta phi-eta histograms range via the configur...
2012-05-04 gconesabcorrect way to get the towers adjacent to cell in Ecros...
2012-05-04 gconesabAdd option to constrain tracks on ESDs
2012-05-03 gconesabadd setting of geometry-oadb checker bool
2012-05-03 gconesab move OADB bad channel access from macro to task, setti...
2012-05-03 loizidesbugfix
2012-05-03 gconesabCorrect the not needed conversion of phi angle from...
2012-05-03 slindalSquashed commit of the following:
2012-05-03 slindaltets
2012-05-03 loizidesupdate from Salvatore
2012-05-03 loizidescosmetics
2012-05-03 loizidesadd phi/eta match
2012-05-03 loizideschanges from Rosi/Constantin
2012-05-02 loizidesupdates from Salvatore
2012-05-02 loizidesconsistent filename
2012-05-02 gconesabclean include dependencies, rename histogram
2012-05-02 gconesabremove AliAODPid dependency, use stored residuals inste...
2012-05-02 loizidesids plus comments, authors
2012-05-02 loizidesids plus comments, authors
2012-05-02 loizidesCoverty
2012-05-02 loizidesscale task
2012-05-02 loizidesCosmetics. Centralit and change from E to Et clusters
2012-05-02 loizidesCosmetic
2012-05-02 loizidesfix
2012-05-01 loizidescosmetic
2012-05-01 loizidesbugfix to use R as the distance criterium
2012-05-01 loizidesmacro to create aod chain.
2012-05-01 loizidesexample macro
2012-05-01 loizidesupdate on add tasks
2012-05-01 gconesabremove pass dependency on bad channels OADB
2012-05-01 loizidescleanup
2012-05-01 loizidesupdate. mostly cleanup. Consistency between track/clust...
2012-05-01 loizidesCosmetics
2012-05-01 loizidesrevert mistake
2012-05-01 loizidescosmetics
2012-05-01 loizidesupdates from Salvatore
2012-05-01 loizidesupdates from Salvatore
2012-05-01 loizidesComment
2012-05-01 loizidesmake work with AOD