adding track matching histograms
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGGA /
2013-03-22 gconesabfix warning
2013-03-22 gconesabfix proper pass name recovery
2013-03-21 loizidesFix
2013-03-21 gconesabfactorize isolation background bands code, add new...
2013-03-21 fbockupdated task to make it possible to run on the grid
2013-03-21 gconesabhistogram title correction, added possiblity to generat...
2013-03-17 gconesabadd centrality dependent histograms when checking the...
2013-03-17 loizidesfix from fengchu
2013-03-15 hqvigstaimproved initial fit parameters
2013-03-15 hqvigstaChanged scalar of Event Mixing to use integral from...
2013-03-15 hqvigstaadded DrawRangeVariation.C
2013-03-12 dlohnerfix
2013-03-12 dlohnercopy constructors and fixes for streamer
2013-03-12 gconesabfixes for embedding analysis
2013-03-12 hqvigstafix: modules should be enabled by default.
2013-03-11 gconesabadd histograms for track matched clusters after cuts
2013-03-11 hqvigstafixed false OVERRUN_STATIC
2013-03-09 loizidesset container
2013-03-08 prsnkoCorrected Disp2 bit setting; Choose events for mixing...
2013-03-05 hqvigstaadded CountRejected.C
2013-03-05 hqvigstabug fix: deletion should happen prior to creation of...
2013-03-05 hqvigstamoved input to outer loop, improves memory consumption.
2013-03-05 hqvigstaRemoved use of "bracket initilization" of member array.
2013-03-05 hqvigstaAdded analysis of set of ranges to MakeRawProduction.C
2013-03-04 hqvigstaDisabled module 2 in AddTaskPHOSPi0pPb.C
2013-03-04 hqvigstaAdded ability to enable/disable PHOS modules from analysis.
2013-03-04 hqvigstaFixed bug where local char[] was returned by function.
2013-03-04 hqvigstaupdate for 2012-02-27 meeting.
2013-03-04 hqvigstaAdded GetCentString() to MakeRawProduction.C
2013-03-02 gconesabadd centrality and event plane histos per analysis
2013-03-01 gconesabadd opening angle versus energy asymmetry histogram
2013-03-01 gconesabadd histo with opening angle for eta particles
2013-02-27 gconesabadd new MC origin type, pi0 where one of the photons...
2013-02-27 loizidessync with Gsi (from Martin)
2013-02-27 loizidesfix for reader
2013-02-27 gconesabcoverity
2013-02-27 hristov#100552: EMCal MC labels overflow and re-index bug...
2013-02-26 hqvigstaAdded new cent bins for normalising integer for MakeRaw...
2013-02-26 hqvigstaadded missing centrality bins in GetHistogram of MakeRa...
2013-02-26 hqvigstaadded DrawPSBSFitParams.C
2013-02-26 hqvigstaUpdated MakeRawProductionAll for new binning in MakeRaw...
2013-02-26 hqvigstaChanged RawProduction.C to use new fine binning.
2013-02-26 loizidesfix
2013-02-26 hqvigstaAdded plotting of kCentral/pt003 to DrawMNN.C
2013-02-25 loizidesfrom Fengchu
2013-02-21 gconesabin case of assigning to the new cluster the labels...
2013-02-21 gconesabremove print
2013-02-21 gconesabadd cell amplitude as weight to calculate the cluster...
2013-02-21 gconesabAdd possibility to set the new clusters MC label in...
2013-02-20 loizidesfix from fengchu
2013-02-20 hqvigstaFixed typo introduced in r60962: hPhotBothc2ore ->...
2013-02-20 gconesabhistogram initialization forgot in previous commit
2013-02-20 gconesabadd new histograms with E/p after dedx wide cut (Mihael)
2013-02-19 gconesabAdd condition to select events with at least one track
2013-02-18 hqvigstaAdded legends to PHOS DrawMNN.C
2013-02-18 prsnkoFilling of empty histogams corrected, Disp2 is not...
2013-02-15 hqvigstaAdded macro for drawing module specific peak parameteri...
2013-02-15 hqvigstaAdded AddTaskPHOSPi0pPb.C, from P. Batzing <paul.christ...
2013-02-15 loizidesfix
2013-02-13 loizideschanges from Fengchu
2013-02-13 hqvigstaNew binning for PHOS Pi0 Flow task.
2013-02-13 hqvigstanew dir structure for MakeRawProduction.C
2013-02-13 hqvigstaadded Output::GetHistogram to MakeRawProduction.C
2013-02-13 hqvigstaAdded fitting of module peak histograms.
2013-02-13 hqvigstarenamed bin objects in MakeRawProduction.C - InputBin...
2013-02-13 hqvigstarenamed bin objects in MakeRawProduction.C
2013-02-13 prsnkoBugs in CoreEnergy, CoreLambda corrected, more histogra...
2013-02-12 prsnkoImproved primary selection
2013-02-12 prsnkoPHOSHijingEfficiency added
2013-02-11 hqvigstaChanged output file name to something more sensible...
2013-02-11 prsnkoTask for efficiency and contamination calculation with...
2013-02-10 prsnkoEvent plane bin evaluation corrected
2013-02-10 kharlovGetting rid of removed class AliPHOSEPFlattener
2013-02-09 kharlovSince PHOSTasks/PHOS_PbPb/AliPHOSEPFlattener is replaced by
2013-02-09 kharlovCommon PWGGAUtils library is added
2013-02-08 loizidesfix from Alina
2013-02-07 loizidespotential fix
2013-02-07 prsnkoCoverity fix
2013-02-07 loizidesup from Fengchu
2013-02-07 hqvigstamoved output to dir based, and added a few histograms.
2013-02-07 hqvigstaMoved to use of Output object
2013-02-07 hqvigstaAdded Output object
2013-02-04 prsnkoUpdate of Embedding classes
2013-02-04 hqvigstaAdded MakeRawProduction.C
2013-02-04 hqvigstamodified to accommodate aod115.
2013-01-31 gconesabfill histo when requested
2013-01-31 gconesabfix
2013-01-30 gconesabCorrect setting of axis title for some histograms
2013-01-24 gconesabchanging index in fhL1FOREnergy and int for number...
2013-01-23 gconesabremoving cout and updating bounds of number of patches...
2013-01-21 mcosentichanges from fzhou
2013-01-17 gconesabfix OADB
2013-01-16 gconesabcorrect typo in histo name
2013-01-15 gconesabcalculate the BC of the vertex when not available,...
2013-01-15 mcosentichanges from fzhou
2013-01-14 gconesabremoving cout
2013-01-14 gconesabpreparing trigger QA for pPb
2013-01-14 gconesabchange the logic of the mixed event analysis
2013-01-14 gconesabadd setter for dca cut parameters, initialize missing...
2013-01-11 mcosentifixing the container output name