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[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGGA /
2012-10-21 gconesabactivate time cut to reject exotics
2012-10-21 gconesabadd histograms and debug prints
2012-10-19 prsnkoFlattening algorithm corrected
2012-10-18 fbockadded material task
2012-10-18 fbockadded material task
2012-10-17 gconesabAdd histograms to check goodness of split energy vs...
2012-10-17 gconesabFix histo title axis name; fix checking of NLM in Pi0EbE
2012-10-17 gconesabadd possibility to apply a cut on NLM for neutral meson...
2012-10-17 hqvigstaAdded ploting of raw distribution
2012-10-17 hqvigstacleanup of macro
2012-10-17 hqvigstaforce directory creation
2012-10-17 kharlovTypo corrected
2012-10-16 kharlovAdapted to LegoTrain with all event types in wagons
2012-10-15 hqvigstaImproved labeling of QA histograms
2012-10-13 gconesabsimplify arguments
2012-10-13 gconesabadd a print to check the selected linearity
2012-10-13 gconesabcorrect some axis labels
2012-10-11 hqvigstaminor consistancy corrections.
2012-10-10 hqvigstamoved FillMerge macro to macro/LEGO dir.
2012-10-10 hqvigstaadded macro for copying LEGO run files from grid
2012-10-10 gconesabadd in isolation task histograms dependent on NLM
2012-10-09 gconesabAdd histograms checking the particle content in cone...
2012-10-09 gconesabAdd histograms checking the cluster energy after split
2012-10-09 mcosentimaking the container name parameterized
2012-10-09 mcosenticoverity fix
2012-10-09 gconesabcoverity, coding
2012-10-08 mcosenticoverity fix
2012-10-08 hqvigstaUpdates to PHOSPi0Flow QA macros
2012-10-08 gconesabcorrect energy cut to fill histograms
2012-10-08 gconesabcorrect filling of energy and time cluster variable
2012-10-08 gconesabcorrect compilation warning
2012-10-08 gconesabadd histograms to check pile up
2012-10-08 mcosenticompleting the change
2012-10-08 mcosentiincluding option to select files to be analysed
2012-10-07 gconesabAdd histogram NLM vs fraction E gen /reco, other fixes
2012-10-07 gconesab minor fixes for previous commit
2012-10-05 gconesabcorrect compilation warning
2012-10-05 gconesabMCUtils: Add method to get assymetry in energy of decay...
2012-10-05 gconesabAdd check on the primary getter on the goodness of...
2012-10-04 mcosentibugfix
2012-10-04 mcosentiwarning fix
2012-10-04 gconesabmake tighter time cut
2012-10-03 hqvigstaMade output-container have name based on input of AddMacro.
2012-10-03 gconesabcomment protection against pure MC data, some histogram...
2012-10-03 gconesabAdd some protections
2012-10-03 gconesab Init v0 histogram array to 0 in ctor
2012-10-01 loizidesfix
2012-10-01 loizidesupdate
2012-10-01 hqvigstamacro for merging run files to fill files
2012-10-01 hqvigstaUpdate to QA macros
2012-10-01 gconesabcorrect include to PWG/EMCAL base library
2012-10-01 gconesabadd include to PWG/EMCAL base library
2012-09-27 prsnkoBug in poisition corrected
2012-09-27 hqvigstaUpdate to QA macros
2012-09-24 kharlovBug in filling the histogram hSingleCPV_cenX is fixed
2012-09-20 hqvigstaMade vertex z cut dynamic.
2012-09-19 hqvigstaAdded the setting of 11h period through option argument...
2012-09-19 hqvigstaRevert "Fixed bug in CPV determination." Not acctuall...
2012-09-19 hqvigstaadded QA macro
2012-09-18 mcosentichanges from fzhou
2012-09-18 hqvigstaadded name argument to AddTaskPHOSPi0Flow.C
2012-09-18 hqvigstaAdded arguments to AddTaskPHOSPi0Flow.C for trigger.
2012-09-18 hqvigstaFixed bug in CPV determination.
2012-09-18 hqvigstaAdded selection step to check for photon clusters.
2012-09-17 kharlov1) Expend pt range for photons and pi0 from 30 to 40...
2012-09-17 fbockadded AddTask_GammaConvV1.C for Legotrain
2012-09-17 mcosentichanging TH1F to TH3F for mc truth kinematic variables
2012-09-17 mcosentifixing the way to retrieve the MC truth of direct photons
2012-09-17 fbockadded new conversion task (gamma, gamma & dalitz task...
2012-09-15 gconesabCorrect access to version of trigger ESD class, do...
2012-09-14 mcosentiincluding setter to enable debugging printouts
2012-09-13 mcosentichanges from fzhou
2012-09-13 mcosentitesting if mc before select collision candidates
2012-09-12 gconesabcorrect the path name
2012-09-12 gconesabupdate with new base EMCAL library
2012-09-11 mcosentibug fix
2012-09-10 mcosentiincluding MC features
2012-09-10 loizidesupdates from Fengchu
2012-09-07 prsnkoAdd Dispcore, DistToBad, remove Dispwou histograms
2012-09-07 gconesabchange loop variable to correct if statement
2012-09-06 hqvigstaMerged SetNMixedPerCentrality into SetCentralityBinning...
2012-09-06 hqvigstaAdded option for use of official LHC11h V0 EP Calc...
2012-09-05 mcosentichanging 2 axis to hold iso w/o UE subtr. and changing...
2012-09-05 gconesabfile moved to OADB
2012-09-05 gconesabchange location of geometry.root file
2012-09-05 gconesabmc track label might be also 0
2012-09-05 gconesabavoid negative MC labels or too large for tracks
2012-09-05 gconesabEMCALTask library splitting
2012-09-04 hqvigstaperformance improvement of FillHistogram, now uses...
2012-09-03 mcosentiincluding Andre Stahl's task
2012-09-03 mcosentiincluding evt multiplicity axis
2012-09-03 hqvigstaFolder location for lego train added, and update to...
2012-09-03 hqvigstafixed some issues with recompile option in Pi0SpectrumL...
2012-09-02 kharlovFill V0 reaction plane histograms before and after...
2012-08-31 kharlovBug in flattening correction is fixed
2012-08-31 kharlovCompilation of AliPHOSEPFlattener is added
2012-08-30 kharlovAliPHOSEPFlattener is added
2012-08-30 kharlov1) Flattening class and macro to fill flattening correc...
2012-08-30 kharlovCopy constructors made private. Compilation warning...
2012-08-30 hqvigstafix: order of dynamic recomplation in Pi0SpectrumLHC11h.C