tofLabel copying
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGGA /
2013-06-17 fbockmodification in addTask for AOD creation.
2013-06-17 fbockChanges by Astrid: mofication of AddTask
2013-06-17 fbockmodification in conversion Task, TProfile2D added in...
2013-06-17 fbockChanges by Astrid, fixing warning in her Task & moficat...
2013-06-17 dlohnersplit harmonics
2013-06-17 fbockmodified addTasks
2013-06-17 gconesabcoverity
2013-06-15 gconesabadd pt vs M02 histograms - A. Mas
2013-06-14 gconesabadd correlation of event BC and trigger BC, differencia...
2013-06-13 fbockfixed small bug in V0Reader for AOD creation
2013-06-13 mcosentichanges from fzhou
2013-06-13 gconesabadd a check properly the bad/exotic cluster in the...
2013-06-13 fbockchecked in Astrids Task to EMCALTasks
2013-06-13 fbockSeparated AddTasks for pp, PbPb, pPb & added root file...
2013-06-13 fbockConversion Task able to run on AOD's, added different...
2013-06-13 hqvigstaFixed TOF cut implementation
2013-06-12 gconesabnew version of trigger patch-cluster matching more...
2013-06-12 hqvigstaEnabled TOF cut for pPb add task.
2013-06-12 hqvigstaFixed integer to float conversion, fixed bug in central...
2013-06-11 hqvigstaadded internal trigger selection
2013-06-11 hqvigstaAdded AllWideTOF PID
2013-06-11 hqvigstachanged default pass of addmacro to 1
2013-06-11 hqvigstaDefined enum for event selection.
2013-06-11 hqvigstaadded dump of files not found.
2013-06-11 hqvigstacleanup
2013-06-11 hqvigstaReversed order.
2013-06-11 dlohnermacro for lego train + small io bugfix
2013-06-10 mcosentichanges from fzhou
2013-06-10 mcosentichanges from fzhou
2013-06-10 gconesabcoverity - initialize new array of histograms
2013-06-09 gconesabget the clusters list from default or re-clusterized...
2013-06-08 gconesabnew method to reject events triggered by clusters from...
2013-06-05 dlohnerbugfix
2013-06-04 gconesabadd switch for histograms
2013-06-03 dlohnerbugfix
2013-06-03 gconesabupdate for background subtraction without printouts
2013-06-03 gconesabupdate for background subtraction
2013-05-31 gconesabadd histograms to study EOverP and dEdx, add NLM cut
2013-05-27 prsnkoCoverity fixes
2013-05-25 gconesabadd pt dependent histograms where already exist energy...
2013-05-22 mcosentifixing the dEdx information for TM clusters
2013-05-22 gconesabwhen checking the pass, if non standard production...
2013-05-20 mcosentiincluding debugging printouts, reducing the output...
2013-05-18 gconesabadd few NLM dependent histograms
2013-05-16 morschPatch for AOD to keep the extrapolated pT at
2013-05-15 hqvigstaAdded possibility of setting pass in AddAODPHOSTender.C
2013-05-14 loizidesFrom Hongshen
2013-05-13 mcosenticov fix
2013-05-13 fbockmodified AddTask
2013-05-13 gconesabfix compilation warning
2013-05-13 gconesabadd couple of histograms for MC particle origin of...
2013-05-11 gconesabadd switch for track matching rejection for merged...
2013-05-09 gconesabmove EMCAL event rejection after event setting is done
2013-05-09 gconesabuncomment setting
2013-05-09 gconesabadd option to get the event from filtered output
2013-05-08 gconesabadd missing check on origin histograms
2013-05-08 hqvigstaAdd to PHOS single-task ability to run ESD
2013-05-08 hqvigstaAdded AddTask Macro for using AliAnalysisTaskPi0FlowMC...
2013-05-06 mcosenticoverity fix
2013-05-06 fbocksync with GSI svn for gammaConv + changes by Hongheng...
2013-05-06 hqvigstaAddded pPb vertex and pileup rejection,
2013-05-06 hqvigstaChanged fitting ranges for pPb.
2013-05-06 hqvigstaAdded more pTbins, fixed a bug in MakeRawProductionAllp...
2013-05-05 gconesabfix centrality bin 0 rejection, add switch to histograms
2013-05-03 mcosentifix of mc particles indexing
2013-05-01 hqvigstaAdded particle weighting to MC task.
2013-05-01 gconesabadd split cluster time difference histogram
2013-04-30 mcosenticosmetics
2013-04-30 svnbits#101318: Patch for various problems in AliROOT
2013-04-29 fbockupdated AddTask for Hongsheng Zhu
2013-04-29 gconesabadd histograms with sum of split energy or pT of split...
2013-04-29 fbocksync with GSI svn
2013-04-27 loizidesuser task from hongshen
2013-04-25 hqvigstaAdded comparison to PWGGA and som minor fixes, includin...
2013-04-24 hqvigstaAdded functionality for combining methodes/pid.
2013-04-23 gconesabcorrect initialization of object in array from VCluster...
2013-04-23 gconesabcorrecting cone exess
2013-04-23 gconesabcorrecting cone exess
2013-04-23 gconesabcorrecting cone exess
2013-04-22 fbocksync with GSI svn
2013-04-19 mcosentifixing the order of cuts in the isolation track selecti...
2013-04-19 hqvigstafixed some bugs/logical errors in DrawProduction.C
2013-04-19 hqvigstaIntroduced function void FitRanges(double lowerEdge...
2013-04-19 hqvigstaChanged Input::Input() to work with AnalysisResult...
2013-04-19 hqvigstaimproved logic of DrawProduction.C
2013-04-19 hqvigstaRawProduction::Output::Output now retains the cd
2013-04-18 fbocksync with GSI svn
2013-04-18 loizidesfrom Fengchu
2013-04-18 gconesabrevert unwanted changes
2013-04-18 gconesabfix bug and change order of histograms creation
2013-04-18 gconesabremove print
2013-04-18 gconesabadd option for linear correction of weight, add option...
2013-04-15 gconesabfix shower shape recalculation of shared clusters
2013-04-15 hqvigstaremoved centrality binning by index in output and logic...
2013-04-15 hqvigstafixes to logic of Pi0FlowMC
2013-04-15 gconesabadd histograms comparing cell maxima energy withing...
2013-04-15 gconesabadding eta:phi tracks and clusters histograms
2013-04-12 gconesabfixing some bugs and adding histograms on cells
2013-04-12 kharlovExtending last centrality bins from 80-90% to 80-100%
2013-04-12 gconesabfix wrong data member definition