Coverity fixes (Jens)
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGGA /
2012-02-24 hristovChanges for #90303: Fix PROOF-INF/SETUP.C to create...
2012-02-24 loizidescov fix
2012-02-24 loizidescoverty
2012-02-23 slindalmoving convcorr files to gammaconv dir
2012-02-23 slindalchaning track cuts
2012-02-23 slindalfixing issue with hpt histos not filled
2012-02-23 slindalAdding 2d histo to aod track cuts
2012-02-23 slindaladding a histo to track cuts
2012-02-23 slindaladding changes from gsi
2012-02-23 slindaladding track cut filter. Only add used ME tracks to ME
2012-02-23 slindalFixing run over AOD.
2012-02-23 mcosentiincluding task to run in PWGGA train
2012-02-23 hristovRestored PAR file functionallity: make test-par-all...
2012-02-22 loizidesupdated
2012-02-21 loizidesfix
2012-02-18 gconesabFix to make the analysis for multiple isolation cuts...
2012-02-17 loizidesimportant fix
2012-02-17 gconesabMove cluster splitting method from AliAnaInsideClusterI...
2012-02-13 slindalfixing rule violations
2012-02-12 gconesabcorrect filling of histogram N maxima vs N MC labels...
2012-02-12 gconesabCalculate distance to bad channel in any case
2012-02-12 gconesabPossibility of fidutial cut on the trigger particle...
2012-02-12 gconesabCut on distance of cluster to bad channel added
2012-02-12 gconesabFill histograms related to the neutral meson decay...
2012-02-10 gconesabadd filling of MC histograms forgot in previous commit
2012-02-10 gconesabmove the calculation of the invariant mass and the...
2012-02-10 kharlovPHOS trigger QA is added (B.Polishchuk)
2012-02-10 gconesabadd include to AliLog
2012-02-10 loizidesfix
2012-02-10 loizidesRemove printout
2012-02-10 loizidesproof of principle
2012-02-10 loizidesfix
2012-02-10 loizidessetters
2012-02-10 loizidesswitches for clust-to-track and vice versa. Tracks...
2012-02-09 loizidesfirst supposedly working version
2012-02-09 loizidescosmetics
2012-02-09 loizidescoverty fixes
2012-02-09 loizideshave jet task and wrapper
2012-02-09 loizideshave jet task and wrapper
2012-02-09 loizidesuse vinterface
2012-02-09 loizidestrack clus matching task
2012-02-09 loizidestrack clust distance
2012-02-08 gconesabadd new histogram with mass vs long axis for 4 energy...
2012-02-08 gconesabnew histogram with mass vs long axis
2012-02-07 loizidesadded compat and track matcher task
2012-02-07 loizidescosmetics
2012-02-07 loizidesbegin of emcal jet object
2012-02-07 gconesaboption to plot cluster contents in histograms, new...
2012-02-06 loizidesswitch to std content
2012-02-06 loizidescompat task working version
2012-02-06 loizidescheck offline trigger if it was stored
2012-02-06 loizidesclus/track match task
2012-02-06 loizidesCompat task
2012-02-06 kharlovPostData at centrality<0
2012-02-04 gconesabMove setting of ID number of new clusters before the...
2012-02-04 slindalMoving ME processing to corr object
2012-02-04 slindaldelete aodgamma array
2012-02-04 gconesabremove print
2012-02-04 gconesabAliAnaInsideClusterInvariantMass : Improved calculation...
2012-02-03 gconesabinit the pid pointer when accessing checking the track...
2012-02-03 gconesabinit the pid pointer when accessing checking the track...
2012-02-03 gconesabmoved methods to AliCalorimeterUtils which were duplica...
2012-02-03 hristovCoverity 18816
2012-02-02 gconesabremove print
2012-02-02 gconesabaddapt to new naming of task, new paths of macros and...
2012-02-02 gconesabChange the task name from AliAnalysisTaskParticleCorrel...
2012-02-01 hristovAliITSv11Hybrid is replaced by AliITSv11
2012-02-01 hristovCoverity 18474
2012-02-01 gconesabChanges for 2012 data analysis
2012-02-01 loizidesAdded 2012 geom
2012-02-01 loizidesadd off trig result
2012-01-31 loizidesreduce min pt for extrapolation
2012-01-30 gconesabLines getting the matched track moved to a method in...
2012-01-30 gconesabIncrease default size of ObjArray to avoid crash in...
2012-01-30 hristovMoving the last macros from PWG4
2012-01-30 loizidesupdated with software resp.
2012-01-29 loizidesfix to class name and removed forgotton printout
2012-01-29 loizidescleanup
2012-01-29 loizidescomment
2012-01-29 loizidessta objects
2012-01-29 loizidesadd pico track
2012-01-29 loizidesmods
2012-01-29 loizidescomment
2012-01-29 loizidescommit this version to have it. will be overwritten...
2012-01-29 gconesab-Add histograms to study effect of TRD material
2012-01-25 gconesabcoverity, move similar code in several analysis code...
2012-01-25 slindalRemoved check if mcstack is NULL
2012-01-25 slindalCoverity fixes
2012-01-24 loizidesreset cov to 1
2012-01-24 loizidesfurther refinements
2012-01-24 gconesabchange surnames ...
2012-01-24 gconesabchange library dependencies and paths to the new places...
2012-01-24 loizidesprovide info about structure of PWGGA code
2012-01-24 gconesabmove PWG4 macros to PWGGA corresponding places
2012-01-24 slindalFixing memory leak
2012-01-24 slindalcoverity fixes
2012-01-23 hristovTransition PWG4 --> PWGGA
2012-01-11 hristovNew analysis modules