[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGGA /
2012-11-23 gconesabForgot initialization of new histograms
2012-11-23 gconesabcomment out code retrieving vertex BC since not filled...
2012-11-22 gconesabforgot init new data member histogram in ctor
2012-11-22 gconesabChargedParticles: Add histograms for DCA and TOF
2012-11-21 mcosentiincluding input file tag to get the correct normalizati...
2012-11-21 mcosentichanges from fzhou
2012-11-21 prsnkoFormula for flattening corrected
2012-11-20 prsnkoCut on minimal distance to bad channel added
2012-11-20 prsnkoCore Dispersion calculation added (instead of Disp2)
2012-11-19 mcosentichanges from fzhou
2012-11-19 mcosentismall change in event selection, enabling MC events
2012-11-19 gconesabfix compilation warning
2012-11-19 gconesabAdd TOF-track related histograms
2012-11-19 gconesabAdd histogram with fraction of energy in cluster with...
2012-11-19 gconesabremove AOD time array trick for old AODs, apply time...
2012-11-15 mcosenticutting out-of-time cells from isolation
2012-11-15 gconesabremove obsolete restriction on aplication of time cuts...
2012-11-14 hqvigstaAdded trigger name to MakeMmixPi0.C hist names and...
2012-11-14 hqvigstaorganized some macros in subdirectories of PHOS_PbPb...
2012-11-14 gconesabAdd histograms lambda0, time difference in clusters...
2012-11-14 gconesab put switch to use mixing of clusters, fix some axis...
2012-11-14 gconesabadd pt spectra histograms for different pile-up event...
2012-11-12 gconesabAdd event selection depending on high energy clusters...
2012-11-12 mcosentichanges from fzhou
2012-11-12 gconesabCorrect filling of histograms in array
2012-11-12 mcosentiincluding track mult to the tree
2012-11-09 gconesabincrease histogram array size
2012-11-09 gconesabAdd pile-up related histograms for different selection...
2012-11-08 mcosentifzhou's changes
2012-11-07 gconesabadd EMC8 configuration
2012-11-07 gconesabadd option to reject or not event with non reconstructe...
2012-11-07 mcosentiincluding histo to check tracks inside the cone
2012-11-05 mcosentiincluding more mc-checks
2012-11-02 mcosentiincluding mc truth in the hnsparse
2012-11-02 hqvigstamoved CAF files to seperate directory
2012-11-01 hqvigstaAdded DrawPi0SpectrumCentralTrigger()
2012-11-01 hqvigstaGenerall cleanup, now compilable.
2012-11-01 hqvigstaChanged how binning is done, more bins, mix of lin...
2012-11-01 hqvigstaMerged changes made by Yuri.
2012-10-31 gconesabadd option of energy and nlm dependent asymmetry cut...
2012-10-31 gconesabadd pile-up related histograms plus other minor fixes
2012-10-31 hqvigstaRemoved dynamic rebinning, and added rejection of very...
2012-10-31 hqvigstafixed bug, directory was not created.
2012-10-31 hqvigstaAdded macro by yuri, DrawPi0Spectrum.C
2012-10-31 hqvigstaAdded support for merging centralitites, and extended...
2012-10-31 hqvigstaAdded flat RP chi2 to QA
2012-10-31 hqvigstamodified Extract QA macros to be complient with new...
2012-10-31 hqvigstaFixes, Additions, and cleanup of macro, MakeMmixPi0.C
2012-10-31 hqvigstaMacro now copies list of run and files to single file
2012-10-31 hqvigstasorted list of runs
2012-10-29 gconesabadd NLM cut for photon cluster selection
2012-10-29 gconesabcorrect the initialization of event centrality cut...
2012-10-28 gconesabfix pile up event studies method
2012-10-27 gconesabcorrect print
2012-10-27 gconesabadd method to study identified pile-up events in events...
2012-10-26 gconesabAdd histograms related to asymmetry, add option of...
2012-10-25 gconesabAdd histograsm for those clusters not identified
2012-10-24 gconesabadd histograms to check new cuts, add switch for some...
2012-10-24 gconesabmove histograms for asymmetry, add one for selected
2012-10-22 gconesabupdate macros after last changes in code
2012-10-22 gconesabadd histograms to check the mass of selected mesons
2012-10-21 gconesabactivate time cut to reject exotics
2012-10-21 gconesabadd histograms and debug prints
2012-10-19 prsnkoFlattening algorithm corrected
2012-10-18 fbockadded material task
2012-10-18 fbockadded material task
2012-10-17 gconesabAdd histograms to check goodness of split energy vs...
2012-10-17 gconesabFix histo title axis name; fix checking of NLM in Pi0EbE
2012-10-17 gconesabadd possibility to apply a cut on NLM for neutral meson...
2012-10-17 hqvigstaAdded ploting of raw distribution
2012-10-17 hqvigstacleanup of macro
2012-10-17 hqvigstaforce directory creation
2012-10-17 kharlovTypo corrected
2012-10-16 kharlovAdapted to LegoTrain with all event types in wagons
2012-10-15 hqvigstaImproved labeling of QA histograms
2012-10-13 gconesabsimplify arguments
2012-10-13 gconesabadd a print to check the selected linearity
2012-10-13 gconesabcorrect some axis labels
2012-10-11 hqvigstaminor consistancy corrections.
2012-10-10 hqvigstamoved FillMerge macro to macro/LEGO dir.
2012-10-10 hqvigstaadded macro for copying LEGO run files from grid
2012-10-10 gconesabadd in isolation task histograms dependent on NLM
2012-10-09 gconesabAdd histograms checking the particle content in cone...
2012-10-09 gconesabAdd histograms checking the cluster energy after split
2012-10-09 mcosentimaking the container name parameterized
2012-10-09 mcosenticoverity fix
2012-10-09 gconesabcoverity, coding
2012-10-08 mcosenticoverity fix
2012-10-08 hqvigstaUpdates to PHOSPi0Flow QA macros
2012-10-08 gconesabcorrect energy cut to fill histograms
2012-10-08 gconesabcorrect filling of energy and time cluster variable
2012-10-08 gconesabcorrect compilation warning
2012-10-08 gconesabadd histograms to check pile up
2012-10-08 mcosenticompleting the change
2012-10-08 mcosentiincluding option to select files to be analysed
2012-10-07 gconesabAdd histogram NLM vs fraction E gen /reco, other fixes
2012-10-07 gconesab minor fixes for previous commit
2012-10-05 gconesabcorrect compilation warning
2012-10-05 gconesabMCUtils: Add method to get assymetry in energy of decay...
2012-10-05 gconesabAdd check on the primary getter on the goodness of...