Incrementing class version.
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGHF / correlationHF / AliAnalysisTaskDxHFECorrelation.cxx
2013-04-18 arossi- pointer checks (coverity 21574, 21575, 21792)
2013-04-08 arossiupdate of DxHFE analysis (Hege, Per-Ivar)
2013-02-28 arossiDxHFE update (Hege)
2013-02-08 arossi- update for electron selection, PID for TOF and TOF...
2013-01-23 arossiupdate of D0-HFE correlation
2013-01-17 arossiadding checks and debugging information
2012-12-14 fprinoCovertiy warnings
2012-11-29 fprinoImplementation of event mixing (Hege)
2012-10-09 prinoadded pointer protection after dynamic casts to fix...
2012-09-18 prino1) Macro compile-DxHFE.C moved to macros subdirectory.
2012-09-11 prinoMC implementations for D0-HFE correlation (Matthias)
2012-07-19 prinoUpdate in D-electon correlation code (Hege, Matthias)
2012-05-05 prinoCode skeleton for D0-electron correlations (Matthias)