Support for HFE analysis added (Matthias)
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGHF / correlationHF / AliHFCorrelator.cxx
2012-11-26 fprinoSupport for HFE analysis added (Matthias)
2012-10-09 prinoFix
2012-10-08 prinoCoverity
2012-09-20 prinoUpdates in D-hadron correlation code (Sandro)
2012-08-29 hristovFixes for the trunk: compilation on Lion (Yves)
2012-08-22 hristovFixes for std:: need with the trunk of Root (Jochen...
2012-07-19 prinoBig fix + updates in D0-h THnSparse (Fabio)
2012-07-11 prinoUpdates: store track filter bit and charge, event pool...
2012-07-10 prinoNew class for steering D-hadron correlation analysis...