Create PROOF-INF.PWGHFcorrelationHF for correlationHF library
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGHF / correlationHF /
2012-07-11 prinoImprovement in event mixing coding for D0-hadron correl...
2012-07-10 prinoNew class for steering D-hadron correlation analysis...
2012-06-21 hristovCompatibility with the Root trunk
2012-06-16 prinoFix
2012-06-13 prinoFix problem with K0 selection + new variable, deltaEta...
2012-06-10 prinoFix to kaon ID (Fabio)
2012-06-07 prinoNew task for D0-hadron correlation + macros (Fabio)
2012-06-07 prinoRemoved debug printout + fix in the AddTask for D*...
2012-06-07 prinoAdded method for rejecting the soft pion for D0 correla...
2012-06-07 prinoFix coverity defects
2012-06-06 prinoFix (Francesco) + updates in check origin (Sandro)
2012-06-01 prinoCode for D*-hadron correlation (Sandro)
2012-05-11 prinoadding steering macros for correlationHF (Matthias)
2012-05-10 prinoadding control histograms to particle selection class
2012-05-10 prinoCoverity
2012-05-09 prinoCoverity
2012-05-05 prinoCode skeleton for D0-electron correlations (Matthias)