Possibility to apply a cut on kaon PID in the 3 prong filtering
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGHF / vertexingHF / AliRDHFCuts.cxx
2012-11-02 fprinoPossibility to apply a cut on kaon PID in the 3 prong...
2012-10-08 prinoCoverity
2012-09-16 prinoPossibility to create a flat centrality distribution...
2012-09-12 prinoUpdated code to configure Bayeisan PID (Rossella)
2012-08-01 prinocleanup of the code for selection of SPD only vertices
2012-07-31 prinoSwitches for SPD vertex and filter bit cut
2012-07-19 prinoFix in the outlier rejection cut
2012-07-09 prinoNew cut on z of SPD vertex to remove outliers
2012-07-03 prinoAplly cut for centrality outliers also in the MC
2012-07-02 prinoPatch for the pointer to AOD event
2012-06-21 prinoAdd printout of selected trigger class name
2012-06-21 hristovCompatibility with the Root trunk
2012-06-12 prinoPossibility to select the Lc resonant channel in the...
2012-06-07 prinoFix for proper intialization to integer values (Zaida)
2012-06-07 prinoProtection against missing PID response object
2012-05-17 prinoPossibility to select 2 triggers in OR (Zaida)
2012-05-10 prinoPatcheds for 2011 data/MC: kill dead SPD staves in...
2012-05-10 prinoRevert wrong commit
2012-05-10 prinoenable keyword substitution, remove deprecated LinkDef...
2012-03-11 prinoSpeed-up code for D meson PID
2012-03-05 prinoPossibility to recompute primary vertex
2012-02-17 prinoModification for running in the PWGHF train + methods...
2012-02-07 daineseSwitching off the TOF Dz cut in AliESDtrackCuts (cannot...
2012-01-23 hristovTransition PWG3 --> PWGHF