Bug fix
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGHF / vertexingHF /
2012-11-30 fprinoMinor modifications to output of D meson v2 macro
2012-11-30 fprinoModify name for one of the containers of D+ CF task
2012-11-23 fprinoUpdated treatment of TOF PID in QA task (Francesco...
2012-11-22 fprinoUpper cut in track p for PID in D* cut class (Alessandro)
2012-11-21 fprinoFix in the projection of histograms in 2 deltaphi bins
2012-11-19 zconesaPossibility to use Raa-beauty as energy loss hypothesis
2012-11-19 zconesaAdd centrality classes
2012-11-19 fprinoModifications in Lc->V0+P analysis (Levente):
2012-11-15 fprinoUpper cut on track momentum for PID
2012-11-14 zconesaAdd fine bin option and fix the pt weight option
2012-11-14 fprinoModified Terminate method for D+ task
2012-11-13 fprinoPossibility to remove the contribution of D meson daugh...
2012-11-08 fprinoUpdated treatment of TOF information + new plots for...
2012-11-05 fprinoUpdated tratment of histograms with priors
2012-11-02 fprinoPossibility to apply a cut on kaon PID in the 3 prong...
2012-10-29 zconesaAdd maximum track P to apply PID (Andrea R.)
2012-10-27 prinoFix in graph usage + updated calculation of stat error...
2012-10-27 zconesaAdd parameter to change the reference multiplicity
2012-10-12 prinoMethods to get the decay length and pointing angle...
2012-10-08 prinoCoverity
2012-10-08 zconesaFixes + ameliorations
2012-10-08 zconesaPossibility to retrieve the sigma and peak uncertainties
2012-10-08 zconesaFixes on the multiple fits stability
2012-10-08 prinoSet values in fIsSelectedCuts and fIsSelectedPID member...
2012-10-08 zconesaFix bining
2012-10-08 zconesaFix D0 mass filling
2012-10-08 zconesaSet properly the limits for projections
2012-10-03 prinoNumber of tracklets used in CF counted in eta range...
2012-09-30 prinoCheck that the PID response is properly set (Rossella)
2012-09-28 prinoFix: event selection should be called for all cut objec...
2012-09-28 prinoupdate for Lc->pK0s (Annalisa)
2012-09-28 prinoCode for computing MC efficiency for Lc->K0s+proton...
2012-09-28 prinoLc->K0sp cut object updates
2012-09-28 prinoUpdated AddTask for Lc->pKpi (Rossella)
2012-09-28 prinoUpdates in Lc->K0sproton data analysis task (Annalisa)
2012-09-27 prinoMethods to get the signal yield integrated over full...
2012-09-27 zconesaUpdate (Rossella)
2012-09-27 zconesaUpdate (Rossella)
2012-09-24 zconesaUpdates
2012-09-24 zconesaUpdates
2012-09-20 zconesaUpdate AddTask (Rossella)
2012-09-19 prinoRemove duplicated code
2012-09-19 zconesaNicer settings for Nch weights
2012-09-19 zconesafix
2012-09-19 prinoUpdates in Lambdac->pKpi selection (Rossella)
2012-09-18 zconesaPossible setting of Nch weights
2012-09-17 prinoFix (Renu)
2012-09-17 zconesaCorrect histo name (Aamer)
2012-09-16 prinoAdd check that D0 candidate passed the filtering as...
2012-09-16 prinoPossibility to create a flat centrality distribution...
2012-09-16 prinoAdd option for usage f multiplicity weights (Renu)
2012-09-16 prinoUpdetaed AddTask for Lc->pKpi (Rossella)
2012-09-12 prinoUpdated code to configure Bayeisan PID (Rossella)
2012-09-03 dainesechanging ptmin for Ds
2012-09-02 dainesefix
2012-09-02 daineseFor ITS upgrade MC
2012-08-29 prinoExtended centrality range for ITS upgrade filtering
2012-08-26 prinoMinor fixes to PID (removed Bayesian* methods, fix...
2012-08-24 prinoDs cut array for older realease
2012-08-23 prinoModified Config for ITS upgrade AOD filtering (Gian...
2012-08-21 prinoFix for number of particle species in PID (Pietro)
2012-08-18 dainesefor ITS upgrade sim
2012-08-09 prinoNew config for PbPb AOD production: swicthed off LS...
2012-08-07 prinoMacro for fit to mass spectra in mult bins (Zaida,...
2012-08-07 prinoFix (Renu)
2012-08-01 prinoPatch to remove global contrained tracks from the calcu...
2012-08-01 prinoRevert commit for AliAODRecoDecayHF
2012-08-01 prinoAdd run list for production LHC12a12 (Renu)
2012-08-01 prinocleanup of the code for selection of SPD only vertices
2012-08-01 prinoAdded histograms for primary vertex QA
2012-08-01 prinoFix in histo binning
2012-08-01 prinoEnable usage of MC vertex also for D+
2012-08-01 prinoUpdated MC pt shape syst unc for D* (Raoul)
2012-07-31 prinoSwitches for SPD vertex and filter bit cut
2012-07-31 prinorebin of histos + setter for ref mult (Renu)
2012-07-31 prinoUpdated ntuple variables
2012-07-30 prinoUpdates for Lc->V0+bachelor analysis (Annalisa)
2012-07-25 prinoMC pt shape error PbPbn 2011 for D+ (Renu)
2012-07-25 prinoUpdate normaliz syst err for 0-7.5% class for all mesons
2012-07-24 prinoFix typo in Ds syst Err (Gian Michele)
2012-07-24 prinoUpdates syst unc for D+ (Elena)
2012-07-24 prinoAdapt v2 analysis macros to new histo names
2012-07-24 prinoAdded histos for systematic checks on EP flatness
2012-07-23 zconesaComment unnecessary printouts (Raoul)
2012-07-23 prinoAdd suffix name also to CF container and THnSparse...
2012-07-23 prinoSet histo name in CF output according to the data conta...
2012-07-23 prinoFix in D* significance oprimiz (Raoul)
2012-07-23 zconesaUpdate names (Raoul)
2012-07-22 zconesaShorten names
2012-07-19 prinoUpdated D+ syst unc (Elena, Renu)
2012-07-19 prinoFix in the outlier rejection cut
2012-07-18 zconesaProper call for Ds systematics
2012-07-17 prinoSystematic errors for Ds PbPb 2011 (Gian Michele)
2012-07-17 prinoUpdated D* syst error for PbPb2011 (Alessandro)
2012-07-16 zconesaUpdates for Raa calculation
2012-07-16 prinoShorten names of D+ containers
2012-07-15 zconesaRefine syst for D0 in the 0-7.5%CC 2011 data (AR)
2012-07-14 zconesaFix for the In/Out of plane correction
2012-07-13 zconesaFlag for In/Out of Plane Analysis
2012-07-13 prinoAdd syst err for D+ (prelim) and adapt drawing method...