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2012-03-01 prinoFix PWG3->PWGHF
2012-03-01 prinoAdded methods to compute generated multiplcity from...
2012-02-28 prinoAddTask for Ds efficiency (Gian Michele)
2012-02-27 prinoTypo fixed (Davide)
2012-02-26 prinoNew class AliVertexingHFUtils included
2012-02-26 prinoAdded method for computing average pt (Giacomo)
2012-02-26 prinoUpdates in filling of trigger and centrality histos...
2012-02-24 prinoNew class for common functions of D2H analyses (not...
2012-02-24 prinoNew config for production of AODs with D meson candidates
2012-02-23 prinoCoverity 19581
2012-02-23 hristovRestored PAR file functionallity: make test-par-all...
2012-02-22 prinoUpdates in AOD.VertexingHF fitlering: single track...
2012-02-22 prinoFix typo (Renu)
2012-02-21 prinoAddTacksDs adapted for running on lego train (Gian...
2012-02-21 prinoAdded method with pp standard cuts 2010 (Gian Michele)
2012-02-21 prinoFix
2012-02-18 prinoMinor updates, code cleanup (Zaida)
2012-02-17 prinoSpeedup Ds task (Gian Michele)
2012-02-17 prinoModification for running in the PWGHF train + methods...
2012-02-16 prinoUpdated strong pid algo for Dplus (Giacomo)
2012-02-16 prinoUpdates syst err for pp low energy (Zaida) and D0 RAA...
2012-02-14 prinoAdd setting for selection but (Gian Michele)
2012-02-13 prinoTemporary modification to disable the 3 prong LS swicth...
2012-02-10 prinoUpdate D* candidate cuts
2012-02-09 prinonew plots (ChiaraB)
2012-02-09 prinoFix typo
2012-02-08 prinoUpdate for using new PWG/FLOW path + usage of xml file...
2012-02-08 prinoCode cleanup
2012-02-07 daineseSwitching off the TOF Dz cut in AliESDtrackCuts (cannot...
2012-02-07 rbailhacCoverity
2012-02-06 prinoFix dos-like end of line character
2012-02-06 prinoUpdates in RAA error calculation (Zaida)
2012-02-06 prinoAdd option for centrality scan (Zaida)
2012-02-06 prinoUpdated normalization syst unc
2012-02-06 prinoUpdated syst for D0 RAA vs. centrality (AndreaR, Davide)
2012-02-06 prinoUpdated MC pt shape syst err for D0 (AndreaR)
2012-02-06 rbailhacAdd class AliHFEdebugTreeTask
2012-02-06 rbailhacAdd class AliHFEdebugTreeTask
2012-02-06 rbailhacCoverity
2012-02-05 prinoUpdated systematic ucnerainties on tracking efficiency...
2012-02-05 prinoUpdates D* syst unc for RAA vs centrality (Alessandro...
2012-02-05 prinoAdded syst unc dor D+ RAA vs. centrality (Renu, Elena)
2012-02-03 prinoUpdates Dstar syst unc (MC pt shape, cut eff
2012-02-03 prinoAdded methods for systematic errors of the RAA vs....
2012-02-03 loizidesfix
2012-02-03 rbailhacUpdate of the hfe package
2012-02-03 prinoUpdated Ds PID information (Gian Michele)
2012-02-03 prinoUpdated D0 syst errors for 2010 PbPb RAA (AndreaR)
2012-02-02 prinoFix against crash of TFile::Open in case of missing...
2012-02-02 prinoUpdates D+ syst err
2012-02-01 prinoUse TFile::Open in all AddTask macros
2012-02-01 hristovFix for compilation of EVE macros: exporting some heade...
2012-01-31 daineseupdate for train (Zaida)
2012-01-29 prinoAdded list of runs for LHC11h (Gian Michele)
2012-01-27 prinoFix compilation warning (Gian Michele)
2012-01-27 prinoUpdate in Ds output ntuple and cuts for PbPb (Gian...
2012-01-25 hristovFix for #90879: Vertexing task crashing in trunk
2012-01-24 prinoMass histogram rebinned before calling AliHFMassFitter...
2012-01-24 rbailhacCoverity
2012-01-24 prinoUpdated stat unc on the Raa (Zaida)
2012-01-23 hristovMoving some macros
2012-01-23 dainesePWG3 to PWGHF
2012-01-23 hristovTransition PWG3 --> PWGHF
2012-01-23 hristovTransition PWG3 --> PWGHF
2012-01-11 hristovNew analysis modules