Fix axis label
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2014-10-17 rbailhacMore TPC PID PbPb 2011
2014-10-17 rbailhacTPC PID 2011 Pb-Pb
2014-10-17 zconesaleftover casts
2014-10-17 ssakaiupdate of HFE v2 TPC-EMCal EP
2014-10-17 zconesafixing casts
2014-10-17 zconesafix variable cast
2014-10-17 zconesafix uninitialized variables
2014-10-16 fprinoCase of Bayesian PID with weights added in the CF ...
2014-10-15 zconesaFix coverity warnings for unused variables, and initial...
2014-10-15 zconesaAdd verbosity (C. Zampolli)
2014-10-15 zconesafix on the V0 daughter label for TMVA analysis (C....
2014-10-15 zconesaAdd flag to switch within the Lc to K0sP CF tasks ...
2014-10-15 zconesaFix compilation error on C++11 (H.Beck)
2014-10-13 zconesaAddTask for Lc TMVA analysis efficiencies (C.Zampolli)
2014-10-11 zconesa(1) Add CBEAMB online triggered events to the list...
2014-10-09 zconesafixing coverity 23947 + introduction of reflection...
2014-10-07 arossiBug fix (correction to last commit) (Sandro)
2014-10-07 ssakaiupdated Eta Correction map of TPC
2014-10-07 fprinoAdd the libraries needed to run the HF QA task
2014-10-07 arossiModifications needed for a more flexible definition...
2014-10-06 zconesaUpdating classes to be able to use the common AliCFVert...
2014-10-03 fprinoCode cleanup in D+ task
2014-10-03 fprinoCode cleanup
2014-10-03 fprinoOption for Bayesian PID for Ds + code cleanup
2014-10-02 fprinoFix for a case of TPC-TOF combination in Bayesian PID
2014-10-02 ssakaiupdated for e-h analysis
2014-09-24 hristovAdiing using std::
2014-09-23 ssakaisome updates for e v2 by TPC+EMCal EP
2014-09-23 rbailhacFix printf
2014-09-22 ebrunaupdates in the code (hisots+MC part, Sandro)
2014-09-22 ssakaiupdated HFE v2 EP task
2014-09-22 rbailhacTPC PID 2011
2014-09-22 rbailhacTPC PID 2011 Pb-Pb
2014-09-20 ssakaiadding histo.
2014-09-19 ssakaichanged ITS cut
2014-09-19 ssakaiupdated on eh config
2014-09-17 ssakaiupdated
2014-09-13 zconesaSet specific flag to decide whether to use the multipli...
2014-09-12 ssakaiupdated
2014-09-11 fprinoUpdated strategy for event mixing
2014-09-10 zconesaAdd histos of the uncorrected multiplicity at different...
2014-09-10 zconesaAdd option to impose that TOF signal is present (C...
2014-09-08 rbailhacfix coverity
2014-09-04 ebrunaChecks on event mixing D* correlations (Sandro)
2014-09-03 zconesatrial to improve the calculation time
2014-08-26 zconesamove comment to AliDebug to optimise verbosity
2014-08-22 ssakaiback old version
2014-08-21 ssakaimodifications
2014-08-21 ssakaiadd a histogram to check MC E/p of electron
2014-08-18 dcaffarrfew changes in configuration VertexingHF for filtering...
2014-08-18 ssakaiadd a trigger selection
2014-08-15 fprinoFix in destructor
2014-08-15 fprinoFix for array dimension (from Andrea Rossi)
2014-08-14 fprinoAdd event mixing option for background estimation in...
2014-08-14 fprinoAdd event mixing option for background estimation in...
2014-08-13 ssakaiupdate for systematic study
2014-08-13 ssakaiadded EMCal QA task
2014-08-12 fprinoAdded protection for null pointer
2014-08-12 fprinoNew function to check if T0VTX trigger was fired (worka...
2014-08-11 fprinoPossibility to set the pt bin width from the AddTaskMac...
2014-08-09 ssakaiupdated for systematic study
2014-08-08 fprinoNew methods to tag hadronic decays in the Kinematics...
2014-08-07 rbailhacFix
2014-08-06 rbailhacUpdate
2014-08-05 ssakaicome back origianl match
2014-08-01 fprinoNew histrogram of generated D mesons in a wider y regio...
2014-07-31 zconesaAdd: 1) correlation plots for events with a D candidate...
2014-07-30 fprinoUpdated PID for D0 at low pt (Christian Mohler, Andrea...
2014-07-30 rbailhacUpdate EMCal pPb
2014-07-25 zconesachange bining (C.Terrevoli)
2014-07-23 zconesaadding histogram of multiplicity vs centrality wo verte...
2014-07-18 rbailhacFix
2014-07-18 ssakaiseveral updates for HFEv2 by TPC-EMCal EP
2014-07-18 zconesaAdd possiblity to use track rotation for background...
2014-07-18 zconesacorrection required after coverity warning fix (M.Figue...
2014-07-18 ssakaiadding some cuts for systematic study
2014-07-16 rbailhacTPC pid 2011
2014-07-16 fprinoFix compilation warnings in Dstar task (A. Grelli)
2014-07-15 fprinoUpdate track cuts and PID fit in HF QA (Chiara Bianchin)
2014-07-15 fprinoUse FilterBit 4/AliAODTrack::kTrkGlobalNoDCA to select...
2014-07-15 zconesafix coverity warnings on unused variables
2014-07-15 rbailhacUpdate TPC pid 2011
2014-07-15 ssakaiadded some cuts to study systematic
2014-07-12 ssakaimodified
2014-07-10 ssakaiupdated of EMCal tasks
2014-07-07 ssakaifixed index out of bounds
2014-07-05 ssakaimodify to use EMC tender
2014-06-28 ssakaiupdate AddTask
2014-06-25 ssakaiupdated EMCal tasks
2014-06-25 zconesa1) in case we are reading MC, the signal mass and varia...
2014-06-24 rgrossoALIROOT-5488 Remove build/include from the include...
2014-06-23 rbailhacCoverity fixes (24290,24282,24273,24252)
2014-06-23 ssakaimodified bin sizes of some histo
2014-06-19 rbailhacCoverity warning during the compilation
2014-06-18 zconesafix compilation warnings
2014-06-18 fprinoFix compilation warnings
2014-06-16 rbailhacCristiane pA
2014-06-11 rbailhacp-Pb macros
2014-06-11 zconesaFix coverity defects 24111 and 23963
2014-06-11 zconesaFix coverity defects 22748 and 23964