add option to run jet v2 task on LHC10h data
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGHF /
2014-07-18 rbailhacFix
2014-07-18 ssakaiseveral updates for HFEv2 by TPC-EMCal EP
2014-07-18 zconesaAdd possiblity to use track rotation for background...
2014-07-18 zconesacorrection required after coverity warning fix (M.Figue...
2014-07-18 ssakaiadding some cuts for systematic study
2014-07-16 rbailhacTPC pid 2011
2014-07-16 fprinoFix compilation warnings in Dstar task (A. Grelli)
2014-07-15 fprinoUpdate track cuts and PID fit in HF QA (Chiara Bianchin)
2014-07-15 fprinoUse FilterBit 4/AliAODTrack::kTrkGlobalNoDCA to select...
2014-07-15 zconesafix coverity warnings on unused variables
2014-07-15 rbailhacUpdate TPC pid 2011
2014-07-15 ssakaiadded some cuts to study systematic
2014-07-12 ssakaimodified
2014-07-10 ssakaiupdated of EMCal tasks
2014-07-07 ssakaifixed index out of bounds
2014-07-05 ssakaimodify to use EMC tender
2014-06-28 ssakaiupdate AddTask
2014-06-25 ssakaiupdated EMCal tasks
2014-06-25 zconesa1) in case we are reading MC, the signal mass and varia...
2014-06-24 rgrossoALIROOT-5488 Remove build/include from the include...
2014-06-23 rbailhacCoverity fixes (24290,24282,24273,24252)
2014-06-23 ssakaimodified bin sizes of some histo
2014-06-19 rbailhacCoverity warning during the compilation
2014-06-18 zconesafix compilation warnings
2014-06-18 fprinoFix compilation warnings
2014-06-16 rbailhacCristiane pA
2014-06-11 rbailhacp-Pb macros
2014-06-11 zconesaFix coverity defects 24111 and 23963
2014-06-11 zconesaFix coverity defects 22748 and 23964
2014-06-11 zconesaremove some warnings and refinement on output histogram...
2014-06-10 zconesamissing initialization
2014-06-10 zconesaUpdates: adding histograms and changing the PID options...
2014-06-05 rbailhacMoving the signal function (synchronizing GSI svn and...
2014-06-05 rbailhacMerge branch 'master' of
2014-06-05 rbailhacUpdate HFE code
2014-06-05 zconesaremove leftover printouts in the TMVA task (C.Zampolli)
2014-06-05 ssakaiadded histograms
2014-06-04 fprinoFix for memory leak
2014-06-04 ssakaiadded histograms to check prolongate track
2014-06-02 ssakaiupdated
2014-05-30 ssakaiupdated for conversion study
2014-05-30 zconesaupdate comments
2014-05-30 zconesaAdd pt weights for lhc12a12, lhc12a12bis, lhc13e2fix
2014-05-30 zconesaCorrect Nch weight getter for pp
2014-05-30 zconesaUpdated comments
2014-05-29 hristovAdding EMCAL to EINCLUDE
2014-05-29 ssakaiupdated EMCal tasks
2014-05-27 ssakaiadded some hist
2014-05-21 zconesaAdd default cuts for pp-2010 vs multiplicity analysis
2014-05-21 zconesaUpdate copy ctor
2014-05-21 zconesaDelete the esdTrackCut object after setting it on the...
2014-05-21 zconesaFixes for possible leaks
2014-05-08 zconesaAdd option for systematics in pPb vs mult.
2014-05-07 fprinoNew flag for ntuple filling in Ds task
2014-05-06 arossiIncrementing class version.
2014-05-06 arossiUpdate of syst. unc. due to background subtraction...
2014-05-06 zconesaUpdate of Tab values and uncertainties
2014-05-06 zconesaUpdates of pPb systematics (pPb crew)
2014-05-06 arossiAdding different ways to extract the systematic uncerta...
2014-05-03 hristovChanges to compile with Root6 on macosx64
2014-05-02 arossiFixing typo (Jitendra)
2014-05-02 arossiAdding description
2014-05-02 arossiRemoving comment
2014-05-02 arossiImproving comments and specifying author of the analyse...
2014-05-02 arossiClasses for:
2014-05-02 arossiValues for correlations in pp collisions for D+ and...
2014-04-30 hristovFixes for wrong use of const causing PW.CAST_TO_QUALIFI...
2014-04-29 zconesaUpdate systematics PbPb 30-50 and QpPb (R.Bala,C.Bedda...
2014-04-29 zconesaCoverity warning fix
2014-04-28 ssakaiupdated for fake converstion study
2014-04-25 zconesaUpdate of 30-50% systematic uncertainties (D.Caffarri)
2014-04-24 zconesaMacro to draw the fraction of feed-down for pPb and...
2014-04-23 rbailhacITSTPCTOF flow analysis in the acceptance of EMCal
2014-04-19 zconesaFix for memory leak
2014-04-19 zconesaProtection for memory leak
2014-04-19 zconesaProtection for memory leak
2014-04-19 zconesaUpdates (C.Zampolli)
2014-04-19 arossiAdding class for dealing with systematic uncertainties...
2014-04-18 fprinoFix for memory leak
2014-04-17 fprinoReduce binning for D+ and Ds correction framework
2014-04-14 zconesaChanging some printouts
2014-04-14 zconesaCoverity fixes: protection and memory leak fix
2014-04-14 fprinoFix for coverity defect
2014-04-11 ssakaiupdated centrality selection in QCSP v2 tasks
2014-04-11 ssakaiupdated centrality selection in QCSP v2 tasks
2014-04-11 rbailhacAndrea
2014-04-10 zconesaOther pt weights for LHC10f6a (5 TeV and 2.76 TeV)
2014-04-10 ssakaifrom Andrea to check 10-20% v2
2014-04-10 zconesaPt weights for LHC10f6a
2014-04-10 zconesaFix typo histogram title
2014-04-09 zconesaAdd correlation plots for V0A and V0M, and a flag to...
2014-04-09 zconesaUpdates of the TMVA task (C.Zampolli, A.Alici)
2014-04-09 zconesaAdd option (flag) to reject candidates with tracks...
2014-04-08 zconesatemporary hijack for the systematic uncertainties of...
2014-04-07 zconesaAdding Tab values for QpPb analysis
2014-04-07 zconesaAdd histogram for centrality estimator fine zoom (D...
2014-04-05 ssakaiupdate EMCal EP v2
2014-04-03 zconesaAdding Tab values for QpPb analysis
2014-04-03 zconesaAdd Ntracklets in |eta|<1 vs centrality estimator
2014-03-31 zconesaChange weight tracklet histo for pPb