minor bugfix
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGHF /
2013-05-25 ssakaiupdated
2013-05-22 fprinoPossibility to retrieve sub-event correlation histos
2013-05-22 ssakaifixed conf. file
2013-05-21 ssakaimodified Histograms name
2013-05-20 ssakaiadded & changed bin size of histograms
2013-05-19 zconesaIncluding: 1) possible Nch weights in MC, 2) usage...
2013-05-16 zconesaAdd candidate phi-eta plots (A.Festanti)
2013-05-16 fprinoAdded TRD triggers in histos
2013-05-16 fprinoAdded high multiplicity triggers in histos
2013-05-16 zconesaAdd histograms (A. Festanti)
2013-05-15 fprinoAdded histo with phi vs. eta distribution of candidates
2013-05-15 ssakaifixed errors
2013-05-15 ssakaifixed errors
2013-05-15 fprinoUpdates in track selection histos (Andrea Festanti)
2013-05-15 zconesaRemove warnings
2013-05-15 zconesaChange default parameter to not subtract D-daughters...
2013-05-15 zconesaProper naming of the containers for LS options (J.Wilki...
2013-05-13 zconesaAdd distributions to study the tracking efficiency...
2013-05-13 ssakaichanged bin sizes of histograms
2013-05-13 ssakaiupdates for TRD HFE in pPb
2013-05-13 zconesaPosibility to use TPC&TOF on the combined PID (R.Romita)
2013-05-13 ssakaifixed coverity errors
2013-05-09 fprinoNew histograms (Andrea Festanti)
2013-05-09 ssakaimodified hisograms
2013-05-09 ssakaiadd histograms
2013-05-09 ssakaiadd EMCal trigger in eh analysis. add hists. in Raa...
2013-05-08 fprinoModification of histo range (Riccardo)
2013-05-08 ssakaiupdated for the photonic background tagging
2013-05-07 zconesaRemove unnecessary printouts
2013-05-06 ssakaiupdated for mass check
2013-05-06 ssakaiupdated to use a finter eta binning and asymmetric...
2013-05-06 ssakaiupdated to use a finter eta binning and asymmetric...
2013-05-02 ssakaiupdate for mass study
2013-04-30 fprinoUpdates in plottinmg macro (ChiaraB)
2013-04-30 fprinoProtection for non-defined output slot
2013-04-30 svnbits#101318: Patch for various problems in AliROOT
2013-04-29 fprinoNew plots in QA plotting macro
2013-04-29 fprinoNew histograms of track impact parameter for different...
2013-04-29 fprinoFixes (Jeremy)
2013-04-29 ssakaimodification to reduce memory
2013-04-29 fprinoUpdate in QA task to correctly recover MClabel for...
2013-04-29 ssakaiupdateds for pPb analysis
2013-04-29 ssakaihadron contamination in pPb
2013-04-29 fprinoCoverity
2013-04-26 ssakaiadded helper functions to normalise spectra by the...
2013-04-25 ssakaiupdates of HFE tasks
2013-04-25 ssakaiupdated non-HFE class
2013-04-24 ssakaiadd functions for an easy access to HFE results in...
2013-04-24 ssakaichanged function names
2013-04-23 fprinoUpdates in Lc-> V0+bachelor (Annalisa)
2013-04-22 fprinoWeights for 0-10 and 10-30 centrality classes included
2013-04-22 ssakaichanged mass cut
2013-04-22 ssakaiadded PIDresponce of EMCal
2013-04-21 ssakaiadd new task QC and SP with TPC-TOF
2013-04-21 ssakaiAddTask and Conf. file of TPC-EMCal EP method
2013-04-21 arossiPossibility to included associated track efficiency...
2013-04-19 fprinoPssibility to use a threshold in the Bayesian PID appro...
2013-04-18 arossiSeveral updates (F. Colamaria)
2013-04-18 arossi- pointer checks (coverity 21574, 21575, 21792)
2013-04-18 ssakaimodified 2 colliding tasks
2013-04-18 ssakaiupdtaes for pPb analysis
2013-04-18 ssakairemoved ^M end of lines
2013-04-18 ssakaiupdated
2013-04-18 ssakairemove ^M at the end of lines
2013-04-17 fprinoFixes for coverity defects
2013-04-17 zconesaevict unnecessary warnings while runing on pp data
2013-04-14 fprinoFix (Jeremy)
2013-04-12 fprinoFixes (Jeremy)
2013-04-12 fprinoNew histos in task to check MC kinematics
2013-04-11 zconesaInitialize Bayesian weights (Jeremy)
2013-04-11 fprinoUpdate in application of weights for Bayesian PID ...
2013-04-11 ssakaiadd some histograms for MC
2013-04-11 ssakaiupdates for TRD trigger
2013-04-10 ssakaiupdate for the TRD trigger data analysis
2013-04-10 ssakaideleting a pointer
2013-04-09 ssakaimodified for ESD analysis
2013-04-09 ssakaifix for the centrality estimator
2013-04-08 arossiupdate of DxHFE analysis (Hege, Per-Ivar)
2013-04-08 ssakaiupdated photonic electron codes
2013-04-07 fprinoOption to use Bayesian PID added for D0 (Jeremy)
2013-04-05 fprinoUpdates in Lc->V0bachelor analysis (Annalisa)
2013-04-05 fprinoFix for ITS nsigma (Annalisa)
2013-04-04 arossiAdding getters (Sandro)
2013-04-02 ssakainew settings for systematic and new stter for MC to...
2013-03-29 arossiInclusion of maps for single track efficiency correctio...
2013-03-28 daineseaAdded ITS stadalone case for low pT
2013-03-27 ssakaimodified coverity errors
2013-03-25 ssakaimodified coverity error
2013-03-25 ssakaimodified
2013-03-25 ssakaimodified
2013-03-25 zconesacoverity fix
2013-03-24 ssakaiupdated
2013-03-21 zconesamissing part
2013-03-21 zconesaFirst version of pPb pass2 good run list
2013-03-21 ssakaiupdated
2013-03-20 ssakaiupdated
2013-03-20 zconesafirst guess of Lc to pKpi syst unc
2013-03-20 fprinoFiner binning for primary vertex histos
2013-03-20 fprinoUpdated syst unc on the efficiency in vs. out
2013-03-19 ssakaiupdated