Change Mult binning scheme
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2013-09-02 fprinoNew methods to identify particles from the injected...
2013-09-02 raverbecFix Coverity defect
2013-09-02 daineseachanged path to resolution files
2013-09-01 zconesaUpdate the analysis good run list for periods LHC10d...
2013-08-30 raverbecfix compiler warning
2013-08-30 raverbecchange in handling of V0 tagged tracks
2013-08-29 ssakaiupdated
2013-08-27 fprinoUpdate array of Lc->V0 cuts in the Config for Pb-Pb...
2013-08-27 ssakaifixed coverity errors
2013-08-26 ssakaiupdated histogrmas
2013-08-26 ssakaiupdates
2013-08-26 ssakaiupdated
2013-08-23 arossiProper way of opening files (Fabio)
2013-08-23 raverbecupdate of hfe package
2013-08-21 dcaffarrAdding 2D histo for trigger vs mult studies. (A. Veen...
2013-08-21 dcaffarrAdding QA of the new centrality estimators for pPb...
2013-08-21 dcaffarrAdding centrality estimators for pPb studies (A. Zaboro...
2013-08-21 raverbecupdate of TRD stuff
2013-08-21 ssakaiadded centrality flattening routine
2013-08-21 raverbecupdated task
2013-08-19 raverbecupdated EMCal task (C. Jahnke)
2013-08-19 arossiReplacing Mult and Zvtx axes with pool index in THnSpar...
2013-08-19 raverbecbugfix for AOD analysis
2013-08-15 ssakaiupdated the task
2013-08-15 raverbecupdate of the configuration
2013-08-15 arossiUpdate
2013-08-15 arossiProper way of opening files
2013-08-15 raverbecupdate of the package
2013-08-15 arossiAdding default constructor and a method to get the...
2013-08-05 arossiprotection against efficiency value=0 (Sandro)
2013-08-05 ssakaiupdated the task
2013-08-01 arossiRestoring fiducial acceptance cut (Sandro)
2013-08-01 arossi2D D meson efficiency correction + updates for running...
2013-08-01 ssakaiupdated
2013-07-29 ssakaiupdated
2013-07-29 arossiCoverity fixes (8443)
2013-07-25 ssakaiupdated for systematic study
2013-07-24 zconesaPossible scan of the rapidity dependence (A.Festanti)
2013-07-23 zconesaFixes on Lc candidate selection
2013-07-23 zconesaProper destructor implementation
2013-07-23 zconesaProper destructor implementation
2013-07-23 zconesaremove unnecessary printouts (moved to debug purposes)
2013-07-22 ssakaicommented unused histograms
2013-07-21 ssakaiupdated
2013-07-20 zconesaFix for uninitialized variables (M.Gheata)
2013-07-19 arossiAdding D meson efficiency maps and Coverity fixes ...
2013-07-18 zconesaupdate variable name (G.Luparello)
2013-07-15 ssakaiadded pile up protection
2013-07-11 ssakaiupdated
2013-07-11 zconesafix BR uncertainty (G. Luparello)
2013-07-10 zconesaFix on D+ PID systematics (R.Russo)
2013-07-08 ssakaiupdated
2013-07-08 zconesaFix for missing variable initialization
2013-07-05 zconesaFix on the PID systematics (A.Festanti)
2013-07-04 ssakaiextended pT range of histograms
2013-07-04 zconesaBayesian method now explicitly looks for the pion rathe...
2013-07-01 dcaffarrUpdate on Dstar MCPtshape Syst (G.Luparello)
2013-07-01 dcaffarrUpdate on MCPtshape syst for D0 (A.Festanti)
2013-07-01 zconesaD0 pPb systematics update (A.Festanti)
2013-07-01 zconesaD*+ pPb systematics update (G.Luparello)
2013-07-01 zconesaD+ pPb systematics (R.Russo)
2013-07-01 zconesachange histogram bining (G.Luparello)
2013-07-01 zconesaadding getters and some infos
2013-06-30 zconesaD* systematics in pPb (G.Luparello)
2013-06-30 zconesaAdd histograms and enlarge the Ntracklets range to...
2013-06-30 zconesaFor pPb analysis, enlarge the range of the Ntracklets...
2013-06-30 zconesaAdd possibility to use weights on the number of Ntracklets
2013-06-30 zconesaDs systematics for pPb (GM.Innocenti)
2013-06-30 zconesaD+ Raa vs Npart systematics (R.Bala, E.Bruna)
2013-06-29 zconesaD0 pPb systematics (A.Festanti) + fix for pPb (ZCdV)
2013-06-29 zconesaAdd methods for 2011 data (D.Caffarri)
2013-06-28 zconesacheck variables initialization
2013-06-27 dcaffarrUpdate systematic class for pPb case
2013-06-27 zconesafix
2013-06-27 zconesapolishing (G.Luparello)
2013-06-27 ssakaiupdates
2013-06-27 zconesafix on cut object class (A.Grelli)
2013-06-27 fprinoEnable usage of pt weights when a weight function is set
2013-06-27 zconesafix on add task (J.Wilkinson)
2013-06-27 zconesachange flow-track-cut paramater name (M.Krzewicki)
2013-06-27 ssakaichanged bin width
2013-06-25 daineseaAdded missing destructor
2013-06-25 dainesearemove two new classes from compilation
2013-06-25 daineseaAdd new tasks for Lc analysis with upgrade (Chiara...
2013-06-25 daineseaAdd new tasks for Lc analysis with upgrade (Chiara...
2013-06-24 fprinoMass limits on calculation of average pt
2013-06-24 fprinoProtection against events with trigger mask =0
2013-06-24 zconesaPossible set of pt weight flag as macro parameter ...
2013-06-24 fprinoProtection agianst events with trigger mask =0
2013-06-23 zconesaUpdates (A.Rossi)
2013-06-21 daineseaConfig for ITS upgrade production
2013-06-21 daineseaupdate
2013-06-20 fprinoFix in histo filling
2013-06-20 arossiEfficiency maps added and many other updates (Sandro)
2013-06-20 ssakaiupdated
2013-06-20 zconesaUpdates (A.Grelli)
2013-06-19 fprinoConfiguration file for LHC11h AOD refiltering
2013-06-18 daineseamoving files
2013-06-18 daineseamoving files
2013-06-18 daineseamoving files