addtask updates from naghmeh
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2014-04-23 rbailhacITSTPCTOF flow analysis in the acceptance of EMCal
2014-04-19 zconesaFix for memory leak
2014-04-19 zconesaProtection for memory leak
2014-04-19 zconesaProtection for memory leak
2014-04-19 zconesaUpdates (C.Zampolli)
2014-04-19 arossiAdding class for dealing with systematic uncertainties...
2014-04-18 fprinoFix for memory leak
2014-04-17 fprinoReduce binning for D+ and Ds correction framework
2014-04-14 zconesaChanging some printouts
2014-04-14 zconesaCoverity fixes: protection and memory leak fix
2014-04-14 fprinoFix for coverity defect
2014-04-11 ssakaiupdated centrality selection in QCSP v2 tasks
2014-04-11 ssakaiupdated centrality selection in QCSP v2 tasks
2014-04-11 rbailhacAndrea
2014-04-10 zconesaOther pt weights for LHC10f6a (5 TeV and 2.76 TeV)
2014-04-10 ssakaifrom Andrea to check 10-20% v2
2014-04-10 zconesaPt weights for LHC10f6a
2014-04-10 zconesaFix typo histogram title
2014-04-09 zconesaAdd correlation plots for V0A and V0M, and a flag to...
2014-04-09 zconesaUpdates of the TMVA task (C.Zampolli, A.Alici)
2014-04-09 zconesaAdd option (flag) to reject candidates with tracks...
2014-04-08 zconesatemporary hijack for the systematic uncertainties of...
2014-04-07 zconesaAdding Tab values for QpPb analysis
2014-04-07 zconesaAdd histogram for centrality estimator fine zoom (D...
2014-04-05 ssakaiupdate EMCal EP v2
2014-04-03 zconesaAdding Tab values for QpPb analysis
2014-04-03 zconesaAdd Ntracklets in |eta|<1 vs centrality estimator
2014-03-31 zconesaChange weight tracklet histo for pPb
2014-03-31 rbailhacCoverity
2014-03-31 ssakaiupdated
2014-03-31 fprinoEnable usage of compatibility band for PID (A. Rossi)
2014-03-31 arossiCoverity fixes: 22615, 22616, 22618, 22619, 22620,...
2014-03-31 fprinoFix for leak
2014-03-28 zconesaAdditional checks on the particle decay modes. Check...
2014-03-27 ssakaiupdates for pPb analysis
2014-03-26 ssakaireapply standard ITS cut
2014-03-25 rbailhacMerge branch 'master' of
2014-03-25 ssakaiupdated to check
2014-03-25 rbailhacBug fix
2014-03-21 rbailhacFix
2014-03-21 fprinoAsymmetric nSigma cuts for TOF
2014-03-20 zconesaReorder parameters
2014-03-20 zconesaAdd possibility of fine Ntracklets bin (bins of 1 unit...
2014-03-20 zconesaAdd possibility of fine Ntracklets bin (bins of 1 unit...
2014-03-20 ssakaiupdated
2014-03-20 rbailhacupdate
2014-03-20 rbailhacCoverity and update
2014-03-20 zconesaAdd possibility of fine Ntracklets bin (bins of 1 unit...
2014-03-20 zconesaAdd method to set the measured primary particle distrib...
2014-03-18 ssakaiupdated for some checks
2014-03-17 zconesaCorrect backward incompatible change (R.Romita)
2014-03-17 fprinoFix for coverity defects
2014-03-14 ssakaicomment printf
2014-03-13 rbailhacUpdate
2014-03-13 ssakaifrom Yvonne
2014-03-13 ssakaiupdated for vertex study
2014-03-12 fprinoFix (AndreaR)
2014-03-12 fprinoUpdate in Lc task (ChiaraZ)
2014-03-12 fprinoTask for Lc->K0s+p with TMVA (Chiara Z.)
2014-03-12 fprinoNew mehtod for tagging Lc candidates from Hijing generator
2014-03-12 rbailhacMerge branch 'master' of
2014-03-12 rbailhacUpdate of the hfe package from gsi svn
2014-03-12 ebrunaadd p conserv at kine level, flag to speed up the analy...
2014-03-11 fprinoUpdated printout in cut and pid clasees
2014-03-10 zconesaCorrect filling histogram
2014-03-10 fprinoFix for coverity defects
2014-03-10 zconesaUpdates: finer mass bin, default cuts per system (Rosse...
2014-03-10 ssakaiupdated for conversion check
2014-03-10 zconesacorrect Filter Bit4 counting
2014-03-10 zconesaProperly recalculate the D0 vertex (G.Luparello)
2014-03-06 zconesaAdd multiplicity histogram for filter-bit-4 tracks
2014-03-06 fprinoProtection for momentum conservation in correction...
2014-03-06 ssakaiupdated for systematic study
2014-03-05 rbailhacYvonne for the TPC-TOF MB pPb analysis
2014-02-28 fprinoAdd efficiency histos in the task for combinatorics...
2014-02-28 arossiAdding HFCJ QA task
2014-02-28 arossiCommon HFCJ QA task for filter bit, track and jet prope...
2014-02-27 zconesaUpdate pPb Ntraklets bins and include Ntrk-zvtx correct...
2014-02-27 zconesaProtection for missing shadowing histograms
2014-02-27 zconesaUpdate on D+ and D* MB pPb systematics (G.Luparello...
2014-02-27 ssakaiupdated for photonic study and checks
2014-02-26 zconesaUpdate D0 pPb MB systematics (A.Festanti)
2014-02-25 zconesapossibility to set externally the reference value for...
2014-02-25 zconesaAdd protection for wrong Ntrk profile correction settings
2014-02-24 rbailhacYvonne's update
2014-02-24 ssakaiupdated for photonic study
2014-02-23 zconesaFix multiplicity bining with VZEROA estimator
2014-02-23 zconesaAdd multiplicity estimators: Ntrk |eta|<0.5, Ntrk ...
2014-02-23 zconesaAdd the possibility to use pPb Ntracklets vs zvtx corre...
2014-02-23 zconesaRemove extraneous nProfiles variable on the class....
2014-02-20 zconesaUpdates for the pPb Ntrk ZVtx corrrections (J.Wilkinson)
2014-02-20 ssakaiupdated to check fake issue
2014-02-19 ebrunasmall changes to D0-h code (Fabio C.)
2014-02-19 ebrunachanges to DStar code (Sandro B.)
2014-02-18 zconesaCheck the SPI7 and SPI8 online trigger names to fill...
2014-02-18 zconesamodifications to run accordingly to the modifications...
2014-02-18 zconesaChange centrality bin defintion (ADC, ZCdV)
2014-02-18 zconesaComment unnecessary printouts (ADC,ZCdV)
2014-02-18 zconesaComment printouts of filling inv mass distributions...
2014-02-17 fprinoFix for coverity defects