changes in AddTask pPb
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2013-06-24 fprinoMass limits on calculation of average pt
2013-06-24 fprinoProtection against events with trigger mask =0
2013-06-24 zconesaPossible set of pt weight flag as macro parameter ...
2013-06-24 fprinoProtection agianst events with trigger mask =0
2013-06-23 zconesaUpdates (A.Rossi)
2013-06-21 daineseaConfig for ITS upgrade production
2013-06-21 daineseaupdate
2013-06-20 fprinoFix in histo filling
2013-06-20 arossiEfficiency maps added and many other updates (Sandro)
2013-06-20 ssakaiupdated
2013-06-20 zconesaUpdates (A.Grelli)
2013-06-19 fprinoConfiguration file for LHC11h AOD refiltering
2013-06-18 daineseamoving files
2013-06-18 daineseamoving files
2013-06-18 daineseamoving files
2013-06-18 daineseamoving files
2013-06-18 daineseamoving files
2013-06-18 daineseamoving files
2013-06-18 daineseaAdded new config under test
2013-06-17 zconesasecond pPb implementation
2013-06-17 arossiUsage of D0 efficiency introduced
2013-06-17 ssakaimodified
2013-06-17 ssakaimodification of Addtask of pA for train
2013-06-17 zconesamodification on the usage of some pid-flags (A.Rossi)
2013-06-16 zconesaFirst add-ons for pPb: 1) Tab (from twiki), and 2)...
2013-06-13 daineseareverting changes commited by mistake
2013-06-13 daineseaadded subdir for upgrade code
2013-06-13 ssakainew EMCal tasks for PA analysis
2013-06-12 ssakaiEta correction for pPb analysis
2013-06-12 zconesachange order in parameter setting (DC, ZCdV)
2013-06-11 ssakaimodified
2013-06-10 ssakaiupdated
2013-06-10 fprinoFix compilation warning
2013-06-10 fprinoAdd histo for Ntracklets in |eta|<1
2013-06-10 ssakaiupdates for next train (v2) and fixed waring (EMCal)
2013-06-07 zconesaAdd the PID QA to the default settings
2013-06-07 ssakaiupdated
2013-06-07 ssakaiupdated to study photonic e reco by using different...
2013-06-07 zconesafix on the total number of multiplicity bins
2013-06-06 ssakaiupdated HFE v2 and e-h codes
2013-06-06 zconesaModification and addition of the distributions for...
2013-06-06 ssakaiupadted TRD
2013-06-06 ssakaiupdated for systematic study of photonic
2013-06-06 zconesaAdd variables and methods to cut on some TPC variables...
2013-06-05 ebrunabugfix: filling correct histogram; extension of argumen...
2013-06-03 zconesasetter of the number-of-sigma for bin counting
2013-06-03 ssakaiupdated
2013-06-03 ssakaiupdated for nonHFE systematic study
2013-06-03 ssakaiupdated for nonHFE reconstruction study
2013-06-03 zconesaCoverity fix
2013-06-03 zconesaUpdates: a) Ntrk vs zvtx plots, b) bin counting in...
2013-06-02 zconesaprotection + extension of Nch weights to 100
2013-06-02 zconesaExtend the measured multiplicity distribution for weigh...
2013-06-01 zconesaChange VZERO multiplicity bining
2013-05-31 fprinoNew histos in task for checking MC production
2013-05-31 ebrunafiner granularity for electron cut studies in D0-HFE...
2013-05-31 ebrunamall bugfixes (Hege)
2013-05-31 ebrunarun-single-task update: simplify merge mode, option...
2013-05-30 ssakaiupdated for Non-HFE systemaitc study
2013-05-30 zconesaAdd Lc to 3prong case
2013-05-30 zconesaAdding: 1) switch for usage of 3 different multiplicity...
2013-05-30 zconesaIncluding: 1) external setter of MC option and proper...
2013-05-29 zconesachange to the selection logic in the simple Bayesian...
2013-05-29 fprinoFix in histogram binning
2013-05-27 ssakaiUpdates for TRD HFE analysis
2013-05-27 ssakaiupdated for invariant mass study of TPC+TOF
2013-05-27 ssakaiupdates for studying the uncertainties
2013-05-27 zconesaSet list owner
2013-05-25 ssakaiupdated
2013-05-22 fprinoPossibility to retrieve sub-event correlation histos
2013-05-22 ssakaifixed conf. file
2013-05-21 ssakaimodified Histograms name
2013-05-20 ssakaiadded & changed bin size of histograms
2013-05-19 zconesaIncluding: 1) possible Nch weights in MC, 2) usage...
2013-05-16 zconesaAdd candidate phi-eta plots (A.Festanti)
2013-05-16 fprinoAdded TRD triggers in histos
2013-05-16 fprinoAdded high multiplicity triggers in histos
2013-05-16 zconesaAdd histograms (A. Festanti)
2013-05-15 fprinoAdded histo with phi vs. eta distribution of candidates
2013-05-15 ssakaifixed errors
2013-05-15 ssakaifixed errors
2013-05-15 fprinoUpdates in track selection histos (Andrea Festanti)
2013-05-15 zconesaRemove warnings
2013-05-15 zconesaChange default parameter to not subtract D-daughters...
2013-05-15 zconesaProper naming of the containers for LS options (J.Wilki...
2013-05-13 zconesaAdd distributions to study the tracking efficiency...
2013-05-13 ssakaichanged bin sizes of histograms
2013-05-13 ssakaiupdates for TRD HFE in pPb
2013-05-13 zconesaPosibility to use TPC&TOF on the combined PID (R.Romita)
2013-05-13 ssakaifixed coverity errors
2013-05-09 fprinoNew histograms (Andrea Festanti)
2013-05-09 ssakaimodified hisograms
2013-05-09 ssakaiadd histograms
2013-05-09 ssakaiadd EMCal trigger in eh analysis. add hists. in Raa...
2013-05-08 fprinoModification of histo range (Riccardo)
2013-05-08 ssakaiupdated for the photonic background tagging
2013-05-07 zconesaRemove unnecessary printouts
2013-05-06 ssakaiupdated for mass check
2013-05-06 ssakaiupdated to use a finter eta binning and asymmetric...
2013-05-06 ssakaiupdated to use a finter eta binning and asymmetric...