Added data driven estimate for leading particle efficiency + coverity fixes (M. Verweij)
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGHF /
2012-06-18 ssakainew config for systematic study TPC+EMCal
2012-06-18 ssakainew task for systematic study
2012-06-17 ssakaimodified MC particle selection
2012-06-16 prinoUse centrality classes of 2011 PbPb data (Davide)
2012-06-16 prinoFix
2012-06-15 rbailhacUpdate
2012-06-15 rbailhacUpdate
2012-06-15 rbailhacUpdate
2012-06-15 prinoUpdates (ChiaraB) + Fix of compilation probelm in clang...
2012-06-15 ssakaimodified compilation warning
2012-06-14 prinoBig fix + possibility to set the centrality bin
2012-06-13 ssakaiadded some MC info
2012-06-13 prinoFix problem with K0 selection + new variable, deltaEta...
2012-06-12 prinoPossibility to select the Lc resonant channel in the...
2012-06-12 prinoFix typo
2012-06-11 prinoNew histogram for D vs. multiplicity studies (Aamer)
2012-06-11 ssakaiupdates cuts
2012-06-11 ssakaisome updates
2012-06-11 rbailhacUpdate
2012-06-10 prinoFix to kaon ID (Fabio)
2012-06-10 ssakainew config for eh analysis
2012-06-10 ssakainew add task PbPb for train
2012-06-10 ssakaiupdated for PbPb analysis
2012-06-08 rbailhacUpdate
2012-06-08 rbailhacFix
2012-06-08 rbailhacConfiguration
2012-06-08 rbailhacUpdate code
2012-06-07 prinoFix for proper intialization to integer values (Zaida)
2012-06-07 prinoProtection against missing PID response object
2012-06-07 prinoInclude D0-hadron correlation task in compilation
2012-06-07 prinoNew task for D0-hadron correlation + macros (Fabio)
2012-06-07 prinoRemoved debug printout + fix in the AddTask for D*...
2012-06-07 prinoAdded method for rejecting the soft pion for D0 correla...
2012-06-07 prinoUpdated destructor of D+ task
2012-06-07 ssakaiupdated for MC
2012-06-07 ssakaiupdated for MC
2012-06-07 ssakaiupadted for MC
2012-06-07 ssakaiUpdated MC study
2012-06-07 prinoUpdates in PID code and QA (ChiaraB, Francesco, Pietro...
2012-06-07 prinoFix coverity defects
2012-06-06 prinoFix (Francesco) + updates in check origin (Sandro)
2012-06-06 prinoAdded daughter moments in ntuple
2012-06-06 prinoPossibility to use multiplcity as weight in the correct...
2012-06-05 prinoNew histos to separate prompt and feeddown D mesons
2012-06-04 prinoHistogram of generated multiplcity for INEL>0 events
2012-06-04 ssakaiupdated for train
2012-06-04 prinoPossibility to get the TPC event plane resolution from...
2012-06-03 ssakaiadded a cut selection
2012-06-03 ssakaiadded a cut selection
2012-06-03 ssakaiincluded MC info
2012-06-01 prinoCode for D*-hadron correlation (Sandro)
2012-05-31 ssakaiupdated
2012-05-30 ssakaiupdated for train
2012-05-30 ssakaiupdated for train
2012-05-30 ssakaiupdated
2012-05-29 prinoNew histos for nSigma PID for MC case (ChiaraB)
2012-05-29 ssakaiupdated
2012-05-29 ssakaiupdated
2012-05-29 rbailhacFix for AOD
2012-05-29 rbailhacBug fix for aod
2012-05-29 prinoNew configuration file for AOD filtering for ITS upgrad...
2012-05-25 hristovModifications in CMake* files to export all required...
2012-05-24 prinoUpdated D0 cuts (AndreaR)
2012-05-24 rbailhacUpdate
2012-05-23 prinoCorrect formula for the error on significance
2012-05-23 prinoNew histos in HF QA task + rejection of tracks wiht...
2012-05-22 rbailhacCoverity and Elienos
2012-05-21 rbailhacHFE task for lego train 2011
2012-05-21 rbailhacUpdate
2012-05-20 prinostore ntuple in same file as histos (Renu)
2012-05-20 ssakaifixed coverity error
2012-05-19 ssakaiadd new task
2012-05-19 ssakainew macro for EMCal electron
2012-05-19 ssakainew task macro for EMCal electron analysis
2012-05-19 ssakainew task for EMCal electron
2012-05-18 rbailhacUpdate
2012-05-17 ssakaifixed coverity error
2012-05-17 prinoPossibility to select 2 triggers in OR (Zaida)
2012-05-16 prinoUpdated treatment of D0/D0bar mass assumption (Carlos)
2012-05-14 ssakaiupdated
2012-05-14 ssakaifix the coverity and update
2012-05-14 ssakaimodified for AOD
2012-05-11 prinokAll instead of kCandidate selection in D vs. multiplic...
2012-05-11 prinoadding steering macros for correlationHF (Matthias)
2012-05-10 prinoSwap D0/Dobar hypothesis for reflections (Carlos)
2012-05-10 prinoUpdated PID information in D+ ntuple (Giacomo)
2012-05-10 ssakaiupdated
2012-05-10 prinoadding control histograms to particle selection class
2012-05-10 prinoPatcheds for 2011 data/MC: kill dead SPD staves in...
2012-05-10 rbailhacNext try
2012-05-10 ssakaiupdated
2012-05-10 prinoRevert wrong commit
2012-05-10 prinoUpdated QA histograms for single tracks (ChiaraB)
2012-05-10 prinoRevert wrong commit
2012-05-10 prinoenable keyword substitution, remove deprecated LinkDef...
2012-05-10 prinoCoverity
2012-05-10 rbailhacLast fix
2012-05-10 rbailhacreturn value
2012-05-10 rbailhacFix of the config
2012-05-09 rbailhacCoverity