coverity fixes
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGJE / AliAnalysisTaskJetCore.cxx
2012-06-22 kleinbcoverity fixes
2012-06-22 hristovCompatibility with the Root trunk
2012-06-21 morschJet analysis update
2012-06-21 hristovCompatibility with the Root trunk
2012-06-18 morschUpdates Leticia
2012-06-18 morschUpdates Leticia
2012-06-12 morschUpdate for jet analysis
2012-05-31 morschUpdates
2012-05-24 morschUpdates Leticia
2012-05-06 kleinbadded Info needed for the recoil spectra (L. Cunqueiro
2012-04-30 morschJet shape analysis update.
2012-04-19 morschUpdates from Leticia
2012-04-16 kleinbfix covertiy
2012-04-12 kleinbenable reading from input AODs and output AODs at the...
2012-04-10 kleinbchanged some binning, new class on dijets and asyymetry...
2012-04-03 kleinbreading centrality from AOD input (L. Cunqueiro)
2012-03-19 kleinbreduce binning
2012-03-14 kleinbcoverity fix (forward NULL)
2012-03-13 kleinbbug fix
2012-03-12 kleinbcoverity fix
2012-03-09 kleinb jet shapes&Jet-track correlations for jets depending...
2012-03-03 kleinbcoverity fixes
2012-03-02 kleinbadded jet trigger selection and jet hadron correlation
2012-02-24 kleinbUpdates for train running (L. Cunqueiro)
2012-02-16 kleinbchanged binning, vertex range, leading, subleading
2012-02-07 kleinbclean up old and unused tasks, necessary corrections...
2012-01-25 kleinbfix warnings
2012-01-25 hristovTransition PWG4/JetTaske -> PWGJE