add detector response jet mass task
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGJE / CMakelibPWGJEEMCALJetTasks.pkg
2014-08-03 mverweijadd detector response jet mass task
2014-07-30 mverweijadd jet shape G(R) analysis class
2014-07-29 mvlClean up some compiler warnings
2014-07-11 hristovCompilation with Root6
2014-06-24 rgrossoALIROOT-5488 Remove build/include from the include...
2014-06-22 mverweijAdding FJ3 functionality:
2014-06-13 agrigorafixing the installation for FJ_includes.h
2014-06-11 rbertens change cmake and preprocessor definitions for transiti...
2014-06-09 mverweijadd Andy's JetHF task to cmake files
2014-05-21 fkrizekh-Jet recoil spectra task in EMCal framework; initial...
2014-05-16 mverweijfix typo in axis labels
2014-03-27 mvlAdd FASTJET package definition/finding macro for genera...
2014-03-27 mvlRemove fastjet include files; do not build libFASTJETAN...
2014-03-13 mvlAdd FASTJET package definition/finding macro for genera...
2014-03-13 mvlRemove fastjet include files; do not build libFASTJETAN...
2014-02-24 mverweijadd jet mass response task
2014-02-24 mverweijAdd EPpid task to LinkDef + cosmetics
2014-02-24 cnattrasAdding EMCal jet pid hadron correlation task for Joel
2014-02-17 mverweijupdates from Christine for TriggerQA. New class for...
2014-02-17 mverweijadd delta-pT jet embedding task
2014-02-06 mverweijadd task to merge to track branches
2014-01-18 loizidesMoved Hadroni Correction task to PWG/EMCAL as it does...
2014-01-09 loizidesAnalysis task from Rongrong on h-jet dphi
2013-11-29 loizidesFrom Marta:
2013-10-22 hristovCorrected EINCLUDE
2013-10-15 loizidesRemoved depricated analysis framework, ie renamed
2013-10-14 loizidesPatch provided by Adrian (slightly reworked by Constantin).
2013-08-23 mvlForgot linkdef+cmakelist in prev commit
2013-07-31 loizidesFrom Salvatore
2013-07-26 loizidesFrom Redmer: Task to be used to calculate rho relative...
2013-07-11 mvlNew task to check bad towers (Marta)
2013-07-04 loizidesDijet user code (Marta)
2013-07-01 loizidesFrom Jiri:
2013-06-30 loizidesFrom Redmer:
2013-06-24 loizidesstandalone jet finder class (Ruediger)
2013-06-12 loizidesjet framework from Marta/Salvatore
2013-06-10 loizidesfrom Marta
2013-05-07 loizidesfrom Ruediger
2013-05-01 loizidestask from rongrong
2013-04-04 loizidesrho for sparse systems from megan
2013-03-18 loizideshad corr qa task from Rosi
2013-03-14 loizidesTask to study dependence of rho on vn (Redmer Bertens)
2013-02-28 loizidesUpdate from Salvatore
2013-02-18 morschUpdates
2013-02-13 loizidesup from Ruediger
2013-02-07 loizidescl task
2013-02-06 loizidesupdate from megan
2013-02-01 loizidesemcal ppb ana
2013-01-26 loizidesUpdate from Salvatore for full jet embedding
2013-01-20 loizidesupdates from Salvatore/Ruediger
2013-01-19 loizidesupdates from salvatore
2012-09-27 morschUpdates
2012-09-03 loizidesChanges from Salvatore:
2012-08-08 kleinbAdded tasks for full jet analysis in pp (R. Ma)
2012-08-05 loizidesmove EMCALJetTasks from PWGGA to PWGJE