fill the tree only with central events
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGJE / EMCALJetTasks / UserTasks / AliAnalysisTaskEmcalQGTagging.cxx
2014-12-04 lcunqueifill the tree only with central events
2014-11-29 lcunqueiStore the pythia weight in a branch
2014-11-22 lcunqueiPythia Event Weight modifications
2014-11-15 lcunqueicalculate jet shapes for the true jet in kSubDeriv...
2014-11-15 lcunqueiChanged task flags and running options
2014-11-13 lcunqueiAdded event printout
2014-10-22 hristovAdding using std::... (Root6)
2014-10-17 lcunqueiprotecting agains events with no partoninfo
2014-10-16 lcunqueipTthreshold in the tagging task
2014-10-09 dcaffarrIntroduction of PartonInfo object to trace the original...