o First Version of TRDnSigma implementation (Xianguo) o still requires some catching...
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGJE / FlavourJetTasks /
2014-06-24 cbianchireduce and set THnSparse axes
2014-06-05 cbianchiadd axis emc acc, improve AddTask
2014-05-03 hristovChanges to compile with Root6 on macosx64
2014-04-16 cbianchifix init missing p array
2014-04-10 cbianchiRecalc ptJet for Missing daugh
2014-04-06 cbianchiAllow Jet only histos in DCorr task
2014-04-06 cbianchirun Jet Standalone
2014-03-27 cbianchifix conflicts and Libs
2014-03-27 cbianchiUse std output and MC trigger
2014-03-14 cbianchifix conflicts and Libs
2014-03-14 cbianchiUse std output and MC trigger
2014-03-11 cbianchiUserExec becomes Run
2014-03-10 cbianchiUserExec becomes Run
2014-03-06 cbianchiKinematic D and fixes for MC
2014-02-26 cbianchifix and change in hsDphiz
2014-02-25 cbianchiRemove temporary task
2014-02-20 cbianchifix coverity
2014-02-14 cbianchifix typo and MC in Add Flavour tasks
2014-02-12 cbianchibug fix swap axes
2014-02-12 cbianchiAdd ExchangeContainer and Fix bug Clear TClonesArray
2014-02-11 cbianchifix mem leak from TClonesArray
2014-02-10 mvlAdd combined HF vertexing+Jet task (temp fix for issue...
2014-02-03 mvlRemove spurious file
2014-02-03 bianchinAdd standalone candidate thnsparse
2014-02-03 bianchinAdapt to framework modifications
2014-01-15 hristovMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-01-15 hristovFix for end-of-line style
2014-01-15 hristovCorrected end-of-line behavior
2014-01-15 Chiara Bianchinnew histograms for debugging
2014-01-15 hristovChanged and of line style
2014-01-13 loizidesfrom chiara
2014-01-08 loizidesFrom Chiara
2014-01-07 Mateusz PloskonChange of behavior. Instead of issuing AliFatal the...
2013-12-11 Mateusz PloskonCoverity fix - issue related to /PWGHF/vertexingHF...
2013-11-25 loizidesTypo (Chiara)
2013-11-14 loizidesup from Chiara
2013-11-10 loizidesFrom Chiara
2013-11-06 loizidesUpdates from Chiara for flavor tagging on reco and...
2013-10-15 loizidesRemoved depricated analysis framework, ie renamed
2013-10-01 mvlFix std namespace
2013-08-07 mploskonUpdates from Chiara
2013-08-07 mploskondos2unix
2013-06-17 hristov#101707: Fix inclussion of <vector> and <iostream>...
2013-05-06 mploskonRevised code with Chiara and Xiaoming in sync.
2013-04-29 mploskonInitial commit of the tasks for the flavor jet analysis...