change method name
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGJE / StrangenessInJets /
2014-09-16 azimmermpT correlation plots binning increased
2014-09-03 kleinbFixing compiler warnings for unused variables
2014-08-29 azimmermmoved some TLists to members of class
2014-08-25 azimmermfhn binning decreased, removed NJ events from fhnOCs
2014-08-09 azimmermselection criterion of RC and OCs fixed
2014-08-08 azimmermuncommented RCBias THnSparse
2014-08-05 azimmermbugfix in init nSelJets for NJ events
2014-08-04 azimmermbugfix in init nSelJets for NJ events
2014-07-30 azimmermbugfix in filling of NJ and OC histos
2014-07-17 azimmermadded normalisation histos RC,MCC,OC,NJ, removed unused...
2014-07-02 azimmermbugfix: Lambda and ALambda Hijing and Inject histos...
2014-06-26 azimmermcommented out two unused variables in GetMedianCluster...
2014-06-23 mvlOne more compilation warning
2014-06-23 mvlFix compilation warnings; unused variables
2014-06-21 azimmermnon-jet-events TH2F replaced by THnSparse
2014-06-18 azimmermbugfix IsRCinJC, init for isRCoutJC, implementation...
2014-06-17 azimmermadded jetArea Cut in FF task, moved from TH3F to THnSpa...
2014-05-26 azimmermadjust container name for cut variations
2014-05-13 azimmermadded histos for JC eff. reweighting
2014-05-03 vkuceraAdded histograms for the centrality bias.
2014-04-29 azimmermswapped histo axis for fh2NJ, added debug statements...
2014-04-28 azimmermadd non jet histos for UE estimate
2014-04-26 azimmermreduced histo binning
2014-04-24 azimmermprotection on MedianCluster method for pp added, histos...
2014-04-23 vkuceraFixed bug in iIndexMed.
2014-04-22 azimmermmedian cluster method now on event basis, median eta...
2014-04-20 azimmermmodified histo list, add jet eta cut and change to...
2014-04-20 vkuceraCentrality binning reduced to one bin 0-10 %. pt_V0...
2014-04-17 azimmermdebug statements added.
2014-04-16 azimmermbugfix AOD Output AddTask macro
2014-04-14 azimmermbugfix AddTask macro
2014-04-12 azimmermTesting the patch
2014-04-07 mvlCoverity and compilation fixes
2014-04-07 vkuceraImproved creation of output names in AddTask macro...
2014-04-06 mvlUpdate of JetChem task from Alice Zimmermann
2014-04-06 mvlMove JetChem task to StrangenessInJets
2014-04-03 mvlAdd copyright notice
2014-04-03 mvlNew task for V0s in jets from Vit Kucera