Fixes for coverity.
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGJE / UserTasks /
2014-07-11 bhess- Added DCA distribution histos for accepted jet tracks
2014-07-09 bhess- Added special multiplicity estimator for pp
2014-07-09 bhess- Removed obsolete histo (tracksNotUserForSigGen) ...
2014-07-09 bhess- Fixed problems with axes and processing flags (shared...
2014-07-09 bhess- Fixed compiler warnings/errors
2014-07-09 bhess- Added QA for shared clusters
2014-07-07 lcunqueiImproved binning
2014-06-28 lcunqueismall bug on rebinning
2014-06-26 lcunqueiNew bins for ptTrue
2014-06-24 lcunqueiAdd extra binning for embedding index
2014-06-16 lcunqueiminor rebinning and jet axis semaring histos
2014-06-08 lcunqueibinning and pthard info
2014-06-02 lcunqueiGet Extra Tracks from Embedding
2014-05-28 lcunqueiTesting the patch
2014-05-26 lcunqueiUpdates
2014-05-24 hristovStatic cast needed by C++11
2014-05-22 lcunqueiNew antenna radiation task
2014-05-15 bhess- Safer initialisation of V0 mother index (but should...
2014-05-08 bhess- Added monitoring output to check jetPt dependence...
2014-05-03 hristovChanges to compile with Root6 on macosx64
2014-04-30 hristovFixes for wrong use of const causing PW.CAST_TO_QUALIFI...
2014-04-29 vajzermFix Coverity defects 22571-22574
2014-04-25 jklein- update jet-proton correlation task, additional histog...
2014-04-21 jklein- bugfixes for jet-proton correlation task
2014-04-20 jklein- adapt histogram labels to conventions
2014-04-19 jklein- change histogram binning - add configuration setters...
2014-04-18 vajzermpp jet spectra with pileup patch
2014-04-18 jklein- change TestFilterMask -> TestFilterBit for associates...
2014-04-15 mvlFix integer bin numbering
2014-04-15 jklein- add methods for task configuration - coverity fixes...
2014-04-15 bhess- Changed estimation of eta systematics - Fixed bug...
2014-04-14 mvlFix for Coverity message about const simple type functi...
2014-04-14 mvlFix coverity warning with const simple type argument...
2014-04-13 mvlFrom Xianguo: Add more histos for secondaries
2014-04-02 jklein- allow for hybrid track cuts - include third order...
2014-03-11 kleinbChanges by Jochen
2014-03-11 bhess- Proper handling of tuneOnData mask for TPC PID respon...
2014-03-10 kleinbChanges by Jochen
2014-03-03 kleinbChanges from Jochen
2014-02-27 bhess- Removed TOF electron exclusion (el contamination...
2014-02-19 bhess- Added loose rejection of light nuclei - Better treatm...
2014-02-06 bhess- Added threshold for sigma systematics - Changed pT...
2014-01-30 bhess- Added threshold for spline systematics and different...
2014-01-27 bhess- Changed TOF PID cuts
2014-01-27 bhess- Adapted incl/excl cuts for TOF ID
2014-01-27 bhess- AliAnalysisTaskPIDV0base: GetVertexIsOk has now optio...
2014-01-24 bhess- Added TOF el exclusion cut for TOF selection - Change...
2014-01-24 bhess- Added TOF mode to PrintSystematicSettings
2014-01-21 mvlCoverity fixes: meaningless 'const' modifier
2014-01-17 agrigoraend-of-line normalization
2014-01-17 agrigoraend-of-line normalization
2014-01-16 mvlCoverity fixes (remove const for simple types)
2014-01-09 Christian Klein... Pleasmall bug related to zero inclusive jet PID tasks -
2014-01-02 Marco van LeeuwenNew code for PID fragmentation functions from Xian-Guo
2013-12-18 Christian Klein... Changed fastjet includes to forward declarations for...
2013-12-18 Christian Klein... changed init of global consts
2013-12-17 hristov Fix for Coverity defect 21419
2013-12-09 Marco van LeeuwenAdded switch for noCut, geoCut, nclCut (default ncl...
2013-12-05 Marco van LeeuwenMoved initialisation of pointer (to PIDtasks) array...
2013-12-02 kleinb- Added following dimensions to pT resolution output...
2013-12-02 kleinb- Next round of coverity fixes (related to "const")
2013-11-29 kleinb- Added geometrical track cut (can be switched on/off
2013-11-27 kleinb- Added efficiency step kStepRecWithRecCutsPrimaries
2013-11-15 kleinb- Coverity fixes
2013-11-13 kleinbUpdates from Filip
2013-11-12 kleinbfixed compiler warnings (B. Hess)
2013-11-12 kleinbInitial Tasks and macros for PIDed Fragmentation Functi...
2013-10-28 morschMissing initialisation.
2013-10-14 kleinb- update track cuts
2013-10-10 kleinb- separate EMC7 and EMC8 triggers by class name
2013-10-03 mvlFrom Jochen:
2013-04-17 kleinbcoverity fixes
2013-04-08 kleinbadded jet proton correlation (J. Klein)
2013-03-26 kleinbupdates to TRD trigger analysis
2013-03-15 kleinbInitial analysis task for TRD jet triggered data (J...
2013-03-12 kleinbExtract rho and sigma from FastJet (M. Zimmermann)
2013-02-25 morschUpdates
2013-02-18 morschUpdates
2013-01-31 morschUpdates
2013-01-08 kleinbcode updates (Marta) + various coverity fixes
2012-12-06 kleinbcosmetic changes and clean up
2012-12-03 kleinbfixed Warnings
2012-11-12 kleinbAdding Jet Shape User task (M. Poghosyan)
2012-08-27 kleinbsome clean up
2012-08-23 kleinbfixed setters for external histos, added Clone (M....
2012-08-21 kleinbundo some changes (M. Zimmermann)
2012-08-21 kleinbminor fixes, added std:: to vector (D. Sakata)
2012-08-08 kleinbremoved un-initialised and unused histo (M. Zimmermann)
2012-08-04 kleinbreduce memory footprint (M. Zimmermann)
2012-07-30 kleinbmodified the task to use Branches which are generated...
2012-07-23 kleinbupdates on track cuts (D. Sakata)
2012-07-06 kleinbupdates from Dousatsu
2012-07-02 kleinbupdates for pp train, detector corrections (D. Sakata)
2012-06-25 kleinbfix closing brackets
2012-06-25 kleinbUpdates for train running
2012-06-22 kleinbcoverity fixes
2012-06-21 hristovCompatibility with the Root trunk
2012-06-18 kleinbAdding option for fixed cone (M. Zimmermann)
2012-06-17 kleinbfixed usage of hybrid tracks
2012-06-12 kleinbadding HBOM task for back extrapolation of deltapt...