more centrality bins
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGJE /
2013-12-02 kleinb- Added following dimensions to pT resolution output...
2013-12-02 kleinb- Next round of coverity fixes (related to "const")
2013-11-29 kleinb- Added geometrical track cut (can be switched on/off
2013-11-29 loizidesFrom Marta:
2013-11-28 mvlFixes for QA train from Marta
2013-11-28 loizidesFrom Marta:
2013-11-27 loizidesfrom Chris
2013-11-27 loizidesupdate from Ruediger
2013-11-27 kleinb- Added efficiency step kStepRecWithRecCutsPrimaries
2013-11-25 loizidesTypo (Chiara)
2013-11-21 loizidesfrom Chris
2013-11-21 loizidesFrom Marta
2013-11-19 loizidesUpdate on track QA macro (Marta)
2013-11-15 kleinb- Coverity fixes
2013-11-14 loizidesup from Chiara
2013-11-14 loizidesup from Chris
2013-11-13 loizidesfrom Megan
2013-11-13 loizidesfix from Ruben
2013-11-13 kleinbUpdates from Filip
2013-11-12 kleinbfixed compiler warnings (B. Hess)
2013-11-12 kleinbInitial Tasks and macros for PIDed Fragmentation Functi...
2013-11-10 loizidesFrom Chiara
2013-11-06 mvlCoverity/compile warning (from Filip)
2013-11-06 loizidesUpdates from Chiara for flavor tagging on reco and...
2013-11-06 loizidesUpdates to include flavor tagging (Chiara)
2013-11-01 loizidesimplement qc6
2013-10-31 mvlRemove some of the bkg calc alterantives; add switch...
2013-10-28 morschMissing initialisation.
2013-10-22 loizidesUse pt_scheme by default
2013-10-22 hristovCorrected EINCLUDE
2013-10-22 loizidescleanup
2013-10-22 loizidesUse TArrayI
2013-10-21 mvlUpdates from Marta
2013-10-21 loizidescode debug flag (Ruediger)
2013-10-18 mvlUpdates from Filip
2013-10-17 mvlFix for addtask macros and new baseclasses (from Redmer)
2013-10-17 loizideslhc12g
2013-10-17 loizidesfix
2013-10-17 loizidesFrom Marta
2013-10-15 loizidesRemoved depricated analysis framework, ie renamed
2013-10-14 loizidesPatch provided by Adrian (slightly reworked by Constantin).
2013-10-14 kleinb- update track cuts
2013-10-10 kleinb- separate EMC7 and EMC8 triggers by class name
2013-10-10 mvl- matching: fixed: a) delete jet array for each event...
2013-10-10 mvlAdd code for full-charged response (from Filip)
2013-10-09 kleinb fixing error messages, detecting input data type
2013-10-08 mvlAdd QA plots for time cuts + code cleanup (from Chris)
2013-10-06 loizidesFrom Salvatore
2013-10-05 loizidesfix from Ruediger to actually return the jet mass
2013-10-04 kleinbUpdates From Oliver
2013-10-03 mvlFrom Jochen:
2013-10-03 loizidesFrom Chris
2013-10-01 mvlFix std namespace
2013-10-01 loizidesBe able to set recombination scheme (Ruediger)
2013-09-27 loizidesfix
2013-09-26 mvlAdd QA histos for fcross and NEF (from Chris)
2013-09-26 mvlBug fixes (some outliers in central events) (from Redmer)
2013-09-24 loizidesPossibility to set a minimum number of embedded events...
2013-09-23 mvlFixed typo in addtask and renamed histograms (from...
2013-09-20 loizidesIMPORTANT fix to delete jet array in any case (Salvatore)
2013-09-20 loizidesPrintout when input is not found
2013-09-20 loizidesnew cuts on energy fraction
2013-09-20 mvlAdded detector response matrix (from Redmer)
2013-09-20 kleinbFixes for strangness correction and incoming protons...
2013-09-19 mvlOptimized binning of delta pt histograms (from Redmer)
2013-09-19 loizidesfrom marta
2013-09-19 loizidesPropagate to 440 in case of ESD
2013-09-19 loizidesFrom Chris: Added possibility to cut on NEF
2013-09-19 loizidesAliAnalysisTaskEmcalJetDev: make jet container getters...
2013-09-17 loizidesFrom Chris
2013-09-16 mvlTypo fix: fSourceRho --> fTargetRho (detected by Coverity)
2013-09-15 mvlUpdates to jet QA task + minor things in the dijet...
2013-09-13 mvlRevert 440cm extrapol in AddTaskJetPreparation; acciden...
2013-09-13 mvlUpdate to jet matching algorithm (from Redmer)
2013-09-13 mvlUpdates to dijet analysis task (from Marta)
2013-09-10 mvlFrom Redmer:
2013-09-09 mvlAdded flag for running on pythia jets (from Redmer)
2013-09-08 loizidesFrom Marta and Redmer:
2013-09-06 mvlTransition to new base class (from Redmer)
2013-09-06 loizidesAllow cut on z for leading jet (Marta)
2013-09-04 loizidesFrom Marta
2013-09-04 loizidesTransition to new base class (Salvatore/Marta).
2013-09-03 mvlsmall fix
2013-09-03 mvlExample macro to run jet finder on AOD (using JETAN)
2013-09-03 loizidesfrom Marta
2013-09-02 loizidesfrom chris
2013-08-31 loizidesintegration of Redmer's rho task. (from Marta)
2013-08-29 loizidesUse of AliEmcalParticle with new dev classes
2013-08-28 mvlBugfix for track QA on AOD (from Marta)
2013-08-27 mvlmatching constituents within matched jets (from Redmer)
2013-08-27 loizidesfrom chris
2013-08-26 loizidesfrom Marta
2013-08-26 mvlUpdate of AddTask macro for trackQA; flasg for differen...
2013-08-23 mvlForgot linkdef+cmakelist in prev commit
2013-08-23 mvlAdd matching task for embedded jets (from Redmer)
2013-08-22 mvlAdd leading fragment histos (Oliver)
2013-08-22 loizidesintegration of local rho into framework. From Rosi...
2013-08-19 loizidesfrom ruediger
2013-08-19 loizidesupdate from salvatore
2013-08-17 loizidesfrom chris