Pi0 peak band adjusted to 2013 period
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGJE /
2014-09-03 saiolaFix typo
2014-09-03 kleinbFixing compiler warnings for unused variables
2014-09-03 mverweijsetter to assume pion mass for clusters
2014-09-02 mverweijinclude neutral constituents in rho_m calculation
2014-09-02 mverweijAdd task to calculate rho_m scale factor. Based on...
2014-09-02 mverweijallow defining a fraction of particles as neutral
2014-09-02 mverweijsetter to force fIsMCPart (useful when generating toy...
2014-09-02 mverweijuse containers for counting tracks and clusters (only...
2014-09-02 mverweijuse containers for loops and counting
2014-09-02 mverweijGet number of particles and clusters from containers
2014-09-02 mverweijchange histo filling fhnMassResponse
2014-09-02 mverweijupdates jet mass detector response
2014-09-02 mverweijcheck number of constituents
2014-09-02 saiolaIncrease pt hard bin entry counter
2014-09-02 saiolaBug fix
2014-09-02 saiolaMore performance improvements
2014-09-02 bhess- Added VZERO multiplicity estimator for pp with dedica...
2014-09-02 bhess- Forward z vertex cut to analysis utils class
2014-09-02 bhess- List variable not available for lego train. Passing...
2014-09-02 saiolaStability and performance improvements
2014-09-01 mverweijalso fix emcal acceptance for 2012&2013 in ExecOnce()
2014-09-01 mverweijdon't use masked small SM for 2012 and 2013 data
2014-09-01 mverweijchange default acceptance option
2014-09-01 mvlFrom Adrian: Add helper functions to calculate z and xi
2014-08-31 mvlAdd stack->Reset()
2014-08-29 azimmermmoved some TLists to members of class
2014-08-29 anoliveiEtaPhi correction after Jet BackSub
2014-08-28 hristovMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-08-28 hristovusing std::...
2014-08-28 hristovusing std::...
2014-08-27 aohlsonpreparing jet v2 task for train run
2014-08-27 mfasel- Fix boundaries for bin labels
2014-08-26 mfasel- Add histogramms for EMCal triggers for the cases...
2014-08-26 mverweijupdate histos
2014-08-26 mfaselOverload second find method from TObject
2014-08-26 mfaselFix coverity defects
2014-08-25 azimmermfhn binning decreased, removed NJ events from fhnOCs
2014-08-25 bhess- Changed default values for "do*" flags - Added functi...
2014-08-25 bhess- V0base: Implemented different vertex cut: also accept...
2014-08-25 bhess- Added histo with type of vertex for accepted events
2014-08-25 mverweijfix indenting
2014-08-22 jmazerchanged binning for event pool, added more trigger...
2014-08-21 mvlFix small memory leak: delete EmcalJet objects from...
2014-08-20 jklein- add protection against retrieval of Q-vector contribu...
2014-08-20 lcunqueiAdding new set of jet shapes
2014-08-16 jklein- update of jet-proton correlation task
2014-08-16 jmazerAdded more QA histos, fixed merging of Labels, added...
2014-08-15 mfasel- Add THnSparse for correlation of different trigger...
2014-08-13 mfaselFix double
2014-08-13 mfaselSwitch axes during filling the event counter
2014-08-13 mfaselUse common output file
2014-08-13 hristovUsing static_cast
2014-08-12 saiolaRemove hard-coded number of centrality bins
2014-08-11 rhaakeUpdate by Markus Fasel (Markus.Fasel@cern.ch)
2014-08-11 jklein- update list of libraries with those for the EMCAL...
2014-08-11 jklein- adding jet v2 task using EMCAL jet framework
2014-08-09 azimmermselection criterion of RC and OCs fixed
2014-08-09 cyaldoAdded histograms for event centrality vs ZNA vs leading...
2014-08-08 azimmermuncommented RCBias THnSparse
2014-08-07 mfaselChange binning
2014-08-06 rhaakeCharged jets (pPb): Changed histogram range
2014-08-06 rbertens remove accidental cout
2014-08-06 rhaakeCharged jets (pPb): Fixes and improvements
2014-08-05 mverweijfix typo
2014-08-05 mverweijnew analysis task from Markus
2014-08-05 rhaakeCharged jets (pPb): Trackcut updates
2014-08-05 azimmermbugfix in init nSelJets for NJ events
2014-08-04 rbertens add correlation of event plane, leading jet histos
2014-08-04 mverweijadd task to manager
2014-08-04 azimmermbugfix in init nSelJets for NJ events
2014-08-03 mverweijdon't run physics selection when MC
2014-08-03 mverweijadd detector response jet mass task
2014-08-03 mverweijchange binning histos
2014-08-01 dkeijdenSeveral typos in TrackQA and HybridTrackEfficiency...
2014-07-31 rbertens reverted commit 092db0d78a7a4058bb5893bf8110127f6fa3bfe1
2014-07-31 rbertens suppress unmergeable output to run jet v2 mc task...
2014-07-31 mvlSwitch to AliGenPythia for more flexibility (tunes...
2014-07-31 rbertens add options for on-the-fly analysis of toy mc jet...
2014-07-30 mverweijmake compile in case of FJ2
2014-07-30 mverweijupdate GetJetMasS() function
2014-07-30 mverweijAdd jet mass to tagged jet correlation
2014-07-30 mverweijupdate GR analysis task
2014-07-30 mverweijaccept also neutral particles + add eta,phi histo
2014-07-30 mverweijupdates to AliEmcalJet, AliEmcalJetTask and AliFJWrappe...
2014-07-30 mverweijadd GR for jet derivative method
2014-07-30 mverweijadd jet shape G(R) analysis class
2014-07-30 azimmermbugfix in filling of NJ and OC histos
2014-07-30 dkeijdenAdded Event Plane dependence in PhiCorrelations code...
2014-07-30 rbertens added info on evaluatation on weighted merging of...
2014-07-30 rbertens fix compiler warning
2014-07-30 jmazeradded flavour tagging for Andy, fixed pp-bug, added...
2014-07-29 rbertens add calibrated combined vzero EP for LHC10h data
2014-07-29 mvlFurther fixes for compiler warnings etc
2014-07-29 mvlClean up some compiler warnings
2014-07-29 mvlAdd V0 in jet code from Xiaoming
2014-07-28 cbianchiAdd deltaR vs pt D ptj
2014-07-28 saiolaSecond signature for AddTaskEmcalJetSample that takes...
2014-07-28 bhess- Don't change binning of multiplicity, if not stored...
2014-07-28 bhess- Added track filter mask to task name - Added some...
2014-07-28 bhess- Added scatter plot for jet pT versus reference multip...