Added loop for extraction of clusters really attached to its track.
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGJE /
2013-07-26 loizidesFrom Redmer: Task to be used to calculate rho relative...
2013-07-25 loizidesFrom Redmer:
2013-07-24 loizidesFrom Salvatore:
2013-07-19 loizidesfrom Salvatore
2013-07-18 loizidesfrom Marta
2013-07-17 loizidesFrom Marta
2013-07-17 loizidesFrom Salvatore:
2013-07-16 mvlZero pointer check after cast (Coverity)
2013-07-15 kleinbadd cut on ITS refit
2013-07-13 mvlUpdates from Chris
2013-07-11 mvlNew task to check bad towers (Marta)
2013-07-11 mvlDiJet analysis updates (Marta)
2013-07-08 mvlAdd setters for trigger pt bins (Rongrong)
2013-07-08 mvlextend pt range for histos (Marta)
2013-07-08 mvlAdd flag to select hybrids with ITS reffit (Leticia)
2013-07-07 mvlUpdates DiJetResponseTask (Marta)
2013-07-04 loizidesFrom Megan:
2013-07-04 loizidesMore getters and minor fixes (Marta)
2013-07-04 loizidesDijet user code (Marta)
2013-07-04 loizidesid
2013-07-04 loizidesDijet user code (Marta)
2013-07-04 loizidesDijet user code (Marta)
2013-07-04 loizidesCoverty (Redmer)
2013-07-02 loizidesfrom redmer
2013-07-02 loizidesfrom Chris
2013-07-01 loizidesfix printout
2013-07-01 loizidesFrom Jiri:
2013-06-30 kleinbenable QA running for pPb on the lego train
2013-06-30 loizidesFrom Redmer:
2013-06-27 loizidesFrom Salvatore
2013-06-26 loizidesadded jet trigger patch maker
2013-06-26 loizidesfrom Redmer
2013-06-24 mvl1) additional interface methods for AliAnalysisTaskjetF...
2013-06-24 loizidesfrom Marta:
2013-06-24 loizidesnew SM not activate/masked (from Marta)
2013-06-24 loizidesCosmetics
2013-06-24 loizidesstandalone jet finder class (Ruediger)
2013-06-24 loizidesmore mem (Megan)
2013-06-19 kleinbchanged pt threshold
2013-06-19 mvlAdd getters for jet flow analysis (Redmer)
2013-06-18 loizidesfrom redmer
2013-06-17 hristov#101707: Fix inclussion of <vector> and <iostream>...
2013-06-17 loizidescoverty (salvatore)
2013-06-17 loizidesparticle density settable (salvatore
2013-06-17 loizidesfrom redmer
2013-06-14 mvlsmall update to jet cuts (in eta) to accommodate runnin...
2013-06-13 loizidesfrom marta
2013-06-13 loizidesfrom ruediger
2013-06-13 kleinbbug fixes to establish consistent
2013-06-12 loizidesjet framework from Marta/Salvatore
2013-06-12 loizidesjet framework from Marta/Salvatore
2013-06-12 loizidesFrom Marta
2013-06-12 loizidesconsistently figure out track cuts (from Ruediger)
2013-06-10 loizidesfix warnings
2013-06-10 loizidesfrom Marta
2013-06-10 loizidesGeneralizing to exclude 0 if needed (from Salvatore...
2013-06-06 mvlTypo fix
2013-06-06 mvlUpdate to store the number of multiple triggers in...
2013-06-06 mvlCleaned up deprecated code and added helper functions...
2013-05-31 loizidescoverty fixes (Salvatore)
2013-05-31 loizidescoverty fixes (Salvatore)
2013-05-30 mvlFix range of random generator to pick trigger particle
2013-05-27 kleinbcoverity fix
2013-05-25 loizidesfrom ruediger
2013-05-23 mvlUpdate to subtract fixed values of v2,3 (Redmer)
2013-05-23 loizidesfrom Megan
2013-05-23 loizidesfrom ruediger
2013-05-23 kleinbNew trigger selection scheme (F. Krizek
2013-05-23 kleinbImprove association of heavy flavor MC jets (L. Feldkamp)
2013-05-23 loizidesup from Salvatore
2013-05-22 loizidesnew histos for embedding (Salvatore)
2013-05-22 loizidesfrom Salvatore
2013-05-22 loizidesfrom Redmer
2013-05-19 loizidesFrom Salvatore:
2013-05-16 mvlWhitespace
2013-05-16 morsch- AliAnalysisTaskSAQA: new QA histograms
2013-05-16 mvlFix type of fRPAngle --> Float_t
2013-05-16 loizidesfrom Ruediger
2013-05-15 mvlSome changes so that I can do all the different approac...
2013-05-15 mvlReduce memory usage (Redmer)
2013-05-13 morschUpdates Leticia
2013-05-10 loizidesfix from Redmer
2013-05-10 loizidesFrom Salvatore
2013-05-09 mvlFix to apply jet cuts before passing to flow package...
2013-05-09 loizidesFrom Salvatore:
2013-05-07 loizidesfrom Ruediger
2013-05-07 loizidesfrom Ruediger
2013-05-07 loizidesfrom Ruediger
2013-05-07 kleinbupdated macro settings
2013-05-06 mploskonPar file creation for FlavourJetTasks - Xiaoming
2013-05-06 mploskonRevised code with Chiara and Xiaoming in sync.
2013-05-03 mvlAdditional update for running with flow packages (Redmer)
2013-05-02 kleinbResponse: rearrangement of filling histos
2013-05-02 mvlAdditional option for systematic variations of centrali...
2013-05-02 mvlChanges to enable using recentered VZERO event planes...
2013-05-02 mvlChanges to enable using recentered VZERO event planes...
2013-05-01 loizidesFix for Legotrain
2013-05-01 loizidesreverted accidental commit
2013-05-01 loizidestask from rongrong
2013-04-30 svnbits#101318: Patch for various problems in AliROOT